EXCLUSIVE: Ofcom refuses to investigate BBC Scotland complaints

The independent broadcasting watchdog Ofcom has refused to investigate a string of complaints against BBC Scotland, Indyref2 can reveal.

Correspondence seen by this site shows that Ofcom refused to investigate multiple complaints against the broadcaster, despite overwhelming evidence that breaches had occured.

Complaints ignored by the watchdog include the Jenny Marra fake news story which saw false claims by the Labour MP dominate news that day.

Marra had claimed a former NHS official had received a secret payout of over £300,000 after leaving her job.  BBC Scotland headlined the claim and a camera crew was despatched to confront First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The story was later shown to be completely fake.

Another complaint centred on a Radio Scotland interview conducted by regular BBC Scotland guest pundit Penny Taylor.  The interview, on a subject Ms Taylor had personal involvement in, resulted in a string of anti-SNP news bulletins being broadcast by the radio station.


the most recent complaint to be ignored by the watchdog involved a row over primary 1 assessments.  Despite the Scottish parliament voting on a motion to halt the assessments, BBC Scotland reporters and presenters repeatedly claimed MSPs had voted to scrap the assessments.

Other complaints included the use of the term ‘SNP Government’ by BBC Scotland reporters when covering controversial issues and policies and the misrepresentation of interviews by flagship news programme Reporting Scotland.

Quizzed on the status of the complaints, Ofcom would only state that the complaints “were not pursued as these did not raise issues warranting investigation.”

The refusal to investigate what many people would regard as blatant breaches by BBC Scotland, and deliberate attempts to mislead, will fuel suspicion that Ofcom is as institutionally corrupt as the broadcaster it is supposed to regulate.

The suggestion that Ofcom is systematically turning a blind eye to the goings on at Pacific Quay comes days after flagship programme Question Time was accused of regularly planting a known British Nationalist in its audience.

The broadcaster has also come under fire after it omitted the SNP logo from an edition of Newsnight which carried the logos of every other political party, including UKIP, in a special Brexit programme.

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