Catalonia UK spokesman urges EU leaders ‘Stand up for European Citizens’

The Chief Representative of the Government of Catalonia to the United Kingdom has urged European leaders to intervene in the growing crisis, insisting the issue is not an internal one for Spain alone.

Sergi Marcén has called on the European Commission to do more as tensions threaten to escalate after the imprisonment of two of Catalonia’s most high-profile pro-independence leaders.

The Catalan government representative insisted that Catalonians, as European citizens, must have their rights protected.

Speaking on Good Morning Scotland, Marcén said: “How much more Catalan blood, how many more Catalan political prisoners do we need to see before the EU and the democratic countries stand up for the rights of European citizens.”

He added: “At this moment we need international mediation and we need to sit around a table and talk with the other party.

“It is important to remember that we are European Citizens, this is not an internal matter, it is a European matter, we believe in human rights.”


The comments follow demonstrations in Catalonia after presidents of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Òmnium Cultural (ÒC), the two biggest pro-independence grassroots organisations in Catalonia, were jailed by a Spanish judge.

Hundreds of thousands of people took to the street in a candle-light vigil and demanded the release of the two men.

Marcén also reiterated the Catalan government’s offer of talks with no preconditions, something that has been ignored outright by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.  Madrid has threatened to seize control of the autonomous region if Catalan President Carles Puigdemont refuses to reverse last week’s suspended declaration of independence.

In the October 1st referendum Catalans voted by over 90% in favour of independence.  However Spain refuses to recognise the legitimacy of the ballot, insisting it was not legal.  Violence marred the vote with Spanish state police attacking voters with rubber bullets and batons.

Marcén also signalled the Catalan government would consider holding another legally binding referendum, citing the Scottish independence referendum of 2014 as a model.

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10 thoughts on “Catalonia UK spokesman urges EU leaders ‘Stand up for European Citizens’

  1. William Ross

    Mr Marcen, like every other Europhile has been conned by the EU mirage. The rights of “European citizens” are worthless. There may be “European citizens” but there is no EU democracy because there is no European people, only European peoples.

    The case of Catalonia is tragic but Greece is a much greater tragedy and a much worse story for the EU. At least the masked thugs in Barcelona are merely the agents of an EU member state. Greece was brutalised by the heartless bean counters of the EU Commission, European Central Bank and the IMF ( those brilliant experts). Hundreds of Greeks have committed suicide and thousands are living in cardboard boxes.

    It is shameful that Scottish nationalists should pursue their blind love affair with people like Juncker, Barnier and Verhofstadt.

    1. Ian Clark

      In the absence of a qualifying word like ‘some’ or ‘many’, the implication is that ‘all’ or ‘almost all’ Scottish nationalists are uncritically pro the EU. What is your evidence for this?

    2. grizebard

      Another cheap attempt by a well-known EUrophobe to capitalise on a real democratic crisis. Shameful ambulance chaser!

      What you always carefully omit is the inconvenient (for you) fact that the people of Catalonia, like the people of Greece (whose problems are far more complex than your infantile analyses allow) are both keen and willing to remain as citizens of the EU.

      And just to further contradict your trickery, it’s the EU to whom the representatives of Catalonia are appealing right now.

      But obviously you would rather cast them all out into the wilderness merely to appease your dogmatic right-wing isolationist phobias.

  2. William Ross


    I believe that up to 40% of nationalists are pro-Leave but I was referring to our hierarchy and those people who write articles.


    1. Ian Clark

      William, could you try to choose your words more carefully in future?

      At the time of the EU referendum I had considerable reservations about the SNP leadership being almost unanimously pro EU. Like you, I am sceptical of the idea that the EU is primarily a force for good in the lives of many citizens in the states which are members of the EU.

      However I almost dismissed you immediately as an anti Scottish independence Britnat troll because your inaccurate last paragraph bore little connection to the pertinent paragraphs which preceded it. Trolls I don’t waste words on. Well, not until I am certain that is what they are.

  3. William Ross


    Many thanks. Sorry if I sounded like a Britnat! Certainly not true. My garden has never recovered for Indyref1!

    But many ( not all!) Scottish nationalists do have a blind love affair with the EU.



  4. bringiton

    I think the problem we have in Spain,and elsewhere,is that there doesn’t appear to be a mechanism for EU citizens rights to be enforced outwith state structures.
    EU Citizens cannot take state actors to court for violations of their rights,which are supposedly enshrined in European laws.
    Leaving it up to individual states to enforce and even support these rights,clearly doesn’t work so it is a question of where do we go from here?
    This can only work when individual states accept or are “encouraged” to accept that they are accountable to European courts for their actions.
    What happened in Catalunya is completely unacceptable for those who support democratic principles and if the EU seeks to move forward,there must be an accounting.
    Otherwise,the European project is finished.

  5. grizebard

    Thank goodness. A measured and fair comment on the situation, without a trace of axe-grinding.

    The EU does exemplify standards in more than mere goods and services, so if it is to thrive it must find an effective way to deal with challenges to basic human rights (such as self-determination) within its borders.

    Sadly, it is the very people who hate the EU as some kind of tyrannical bogey man, and who have striven over the years to shackle its powers, who are now hottest in condemning the EU as powerless. Go figure!

  6. William Ross


    You are quite wrong in your observation. The point is that you have been conned about the EU. People like Alyn Smith call it a “project” or ” gathering”. That is a shocking misrepresentation. The EU is a weak chaotic confederation. Read Guy Verhofstadt`s book
    ” Europe`s Last Chance” Verhofstadt`s view is very logical. There is only one way to solve the EU`s problem: become a United States of Europe.

    The rights of current EU citizens are worthless. The Parliament is a complete joke. The parties meaningless and unknown beyond Brussels. This is a fake country.

    No nationalist should be supporting this chaos.

    No its not a bogeyman. It is an elitist cabal which works through faceless bureaucrats in suites. Another kind of German racket!

    At least the League of Nations attempted to condemn injustice.


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