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Brexit – Yet *more* stories missing from Reporting Scotland – Towards Indyref2…

Brexit – Yet *more* stories missing from Reporting Scotland

What can you say about Reporting Scotland?  A national disappointment is probably the most polite thing.  Ah well … let’s see what it’s been up to now.

BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme is very selective with stories it covers in relation to Brexit.  The pending national disaster is the independence referendum in reverse.  Negative Brexit is pushed down the priority list or ignored altogether.

Ignored you say?  Let me show you what I mean.  Take a look at the clip below.  It’s from BBC Scotland’s early morning news programme from Wednesday October 11th.

It’s the first item.  Scotland’s Brexit minister is appearing in front of Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee.  The appearance hasn’t happened yet, but it’s sure to result in newsworthy statements.  Reporting Scotland will cover it … won’t it?

Half an hour after the item above aired, the following news appeared on the Scottish Government news site.

I had a look at the story.  It listed a host of Scottish based companies each of which had expressed concern about the impacts of Brexit.  There was little doubt that this was a significant story.

Two strong Brexit stories.  I waited for the flagship tea-time Reporting Scotland.  It duly arrived at the scheduled time of 18:30.  It did indeed have a Brexit item.

That was it.  Mike Russell’s appearance before the Scottish Affairs Committee was nowhere to be seen.  The warning from Scottish businesses had also gone AWOL.

How did a nondescript answer from Theresa May on the Common Fisheries Policy make it as a major news item whilst the other two didn’t?  Aren’t the concerns of Scottish companies worthy of reporting?  Isn’t the appearance of a Scottish Government minister in front of the Scottish Affairs Committee worthy of mention on BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme?

During the snap general election I had an exchange with Nick Eardley.  I argued that Reporting Scotland had a fixation with fishing when it came to Brexit and was using the sector as a proxy against the pro-EU SNP in target constituencies.  My opinion was dismissed by the young reporter who went on to all but prove my point.

Whatever the truth of the matter, there’s little doubt that two strong stories were ignored on Wednesday.  Reporting Scotland instead chose a bland item that contained literally no new information on an issue Reporting Scotland has covered numerous times.

Oh, BBC Scotland eventually covered the Brexit warning from Scottish companies.  It appeared on the main online news page well after Reporting Scotland had aired.  The story was ninth in order of priority.

Oh, if you want to know what was said at the Scottish Affairs Committee, you can view the proceedings here.


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10 thoughts on “Brexit – Yet *more* stories missing from Reporting Scotland

  1. Robert Graham

    This stuff dosent happen by accident , and the idea people in this government propaganda department dont sit down and discuss what the days message will be , is franky laughable ,this argument is usually presented as a way to deflect criticism and stop any further questions .
    when they get found out as in the brexit guff ,they cant hide whats going on because we have other reliable sources of information .

  2. Big Jock

    I heard Gary Robertson define what Mike Russell MSP was doing to protect Devolution as :”Trench Warfare”. Which indicates that both sides are stubborn and bloody minded. It’s mental that our own Scottish media presenters aren’t on the side of their own nation. There is impartiality and then there is downright anti Scottishness.

    He is trying to protect Scotland not the SNP or his own job. The BBC in Scotland should at least agree that he is acting for the whole of Holyrood and Scotland. This is not a trench that the SNP are digging. This is about right and wrong. WM is acting outwith the principle of devolution with their power grab.

    We are asked to trust them that they will eventually release the powers to Holyrood after Brexit has been finalised. What government ever bought a deal based on trust? It has to be based on legality and that needs written legal agreements signed off by Holyrood.

    The WM government are not trustworthy. They are economic and social vandals. They are parasitic and feckless.

  3. Aonghus

    I see no purpose in tuning in to state broadcaster BBC Scotland.

    These journalists, by serving the state, are only doing their job – which is to affect to highlight Scotland and her interests while in fact ‘low-lighting’ Scotland and deleting things which contradict the British nationalist paradigm.

    Their job is to be provincial. That’s what they’re good at. No idea if they could do a measured channel, because they’ve been so long as they are.

    I ignore their broadcasts because they ignore us; they refuse to provide a professional service to the nation.

  4. Col

    I was speaking to someone dealing with the BBC in Scotland who told me that they had to phone someone in London to turn lights on and off at Pacific Quay. Also to open and close blinds. The person at the other end of the phone was getting so many calls a day they had to find another solution. Sounds crazy I know but it just came up in conversation.
    No doubt they are in touch with someone in London too when deciding what propaganda to pump out to the masses. Creepy lot, will fit right in this Halloween 🦇.

  5. Iain MacEchern

    Each of us should contact the BBC and stop our TV licence payments. It’s actually not that difficult and it hits the BBC where it hurts. It also has the advantage of lowering your blood pressure when you can no longer watch the establishment propaganda. The internet allows us to see/hear the news from a variety of sources, and life without Eastenders is really not a problem.

  6. Gordon Benton

    Very difficult to understand why Scotland does not have a dozen TV channels when you find all round the world, small nations, regions and even cities with their own. If it is so difficult to get past Westminster’s and the English Establishment’s censorship, why hasn’t an enterprising Scottish group bought themselves a pirate ship and broadcast from beyond legal limits?

  7. Bibbit

    BBC Scotland has put all its Brexit ‘eggs into one basket’ a fishing basket.

    This is fantastically short sighted and dangerous because when the rampant English nationalists running Brexit and who could not care less about Scottish fishing, sell off Scottish fishing rights, the BBC in Scotland will have boxed themselves into a corner.

    Or as my granny would have said, give the fools at BBC Scotland enough rope as they are surely going to hang themselves.

    I’m stocking up on my popcorn to watch Eardley, Bird, Campbell, and the god awful toodle o the noo Brian what’s his name, tie themselves in (fishing) knots when their LOndon masters sell Scotland down the river again.

    Tick tock.

  8. millie

    Today I have listened to BBC Scotland GMS, and Sunday Politics Scotland – It is obvious that BBC Scotland is not interested in Brexit – and its damage to Scotland – It has no interest in investigating the UK Government’s unpublished document that shows Scotland will be worst hit by Brexit.

    It has no interest in covering Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s stance on Brexit.

    It has no interest in investigating the Sectarian and racist element within Ruth Davidson’s Councillors.

    It has no interest in covering Nicola Sturgeon’s visits to Dublin or Iceland.

    The BBC in Scotland is after the SNP – Operation “destroy the SNP” is underway. It is truly shocking. They are not even trying to be subtle anymore – It is blatant.

    I very rarely have access to the internet at the moment – And can confirm without doubt that as long as BBC Scotland is pumping out their version of what we hear into our homes – we will NEVER have Independence.

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