Brexit: “Urgent answers needed” on powers, farming, fisheries and environment say Scottish Govt ministers

Guarantees over future powers and the protection of European funding and market access are needed urgently, Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing said.

At a meeting between the UK Secretary of State Andrea Leadsom and devolved administrations, Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham and Minister for UK Negotiations Michael Russell repeatedly pressed for all areas of EU powers within devolved competence to be passed straight to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

They also asked for clarity on how the UK Government sees Brexit impacting on key areas including:

  • Protection of funding that currently benefits the Scottish rural economy, including through the Common Agricultural Policy and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
  • Tariff free access to the single market
  • Guarantees on the rights of EU nationals to remain and future access to the European workforce
  • Guarantees that permanent access to our fishing waters will not be negotiated away
  • The future of environmental protection and regulation.

Mr Ewing said:

“European funding and powers are vital to our rural economy and we need urgent and binding guarantees from the UK Government on what will happen after Brexit. Following repeated requests, I have again pressed the Secretary of State for clarity that EU powers will pass straight to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“I have also asked the UK Government to guarantee that Scotland will continue to receive funding at least at current levels provided from Europe.

“Many of our farmers and food producers want to know that they will continue to have access to the single market without tariffs or other barriers and access to much needed EU workers. While our fishermen rightly want to ensure access to our waters isn’t negotiated away.

“l raised all these matters today and I will continue to call for urgent progress on the answers our rural communities and economy need.”

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said:

“European legislation and regulation offers vital protection for our environment and I have been pressing the UK Government to ensure this will transfer in full after Brexit, without any dilution of standards either on exit or as a result of subsequent trade deals.  A healthy natural environment is central to Scotland’s economy, our health, landscape and our way of life and must be given its place in negotiations.

“I have also once again highlighted the need of many, including our research institutes, to have clarity on the long term rights of EU nationals to live and work in Scotland and on future access to EU workers – given how vital those from other European nations are to our research community.

“It is crucial that the UK Government honours its commitment to joint working and to take seriously the right for the Scottish Government to play a full role in decision making and negotiations of these key issues.”

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3 thoughts on “Brexit: “Urgent answers needed” on powers, farming, fisheries and environment say Scottish Govt ministers

  1. bringiton

    We need to be absolutely clear that England’s Tories do not believe in sharing power or pooling resources and have been a consistent opponent of devolved governance.
    They believe in the absolute sovereignty of England’s parliament which most of the time means the Tory party and treat anyone else with disdain and contempt.
    Any repatriation of powers,at least imortant ones,will be to London and not Edinburgh.
    They will,of course,have to do a bit of tweaking to the Scotland bill but as we now know,they can do what they like to Scotland when they like and under the present constitutional arrangements,we have no say.
    Those who advocate waiting for the outcome of Brexit negotiations before taking action either have their heads in the sand or perhaps some skin in retaining the England’s union game.
    Scots should have learned the lessons from our previous campaign.
    Without independence,we get nothing and our resources continue to be plundered by the London treasury.

    1. Robert Graham

      I really wonder if the misguided people who voted “NO” in 2014 are aware of the consequences of their actions in handing a rabid right wing Tory party their future , i expect most will as usual stick their head in the sand and deny all knowledge of whats happening because of them , the harm these folk had visited upon all of us is there for all to see and its not getting any better.
      As for the Tory supporting farmers and fishermen tough shit chaps we tried to warn you , its not our fault you are stupid . Mayday will pish on you just the same as the rest of us , oh dear no umbrella , that would have been Independence that you spurned .

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