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Being branded – Towards Indyref2…

Being branded

Tory ministers consider ‘branding’ UK Government services in Scotland with the union flag

funded_02The British establishment tried something like this before. During the first referendum campaign they thought it would be a good idea to stick labels on stuff declaring “Funded by UK Government” alongside the compulsory union flag. That didn’t work out too well, as I recall. Social media was immediately flooded with images of nuclear weapons, bombed cities, unelected lords and other obscenities pointing out that these too are “Funded by UK Government”. Or, to put it another way, paid for with taxes levied on the people of Scotland who had comprehensively and repeatedly rejected the politicians making these spending choices.

Now, they’re planning on persuading us of the merits of the union by burying us under a mountain of union flags and trumpeting reminders of how powers that should reside with Scotland’s democratically elected parliament are being withheld by the Westminster elite. It’s not too hard to figure out what the response will be from those who do not meekly accept the superiority of the British state. Those who adhere to the noble principle of popular sovereignty and reject the pernicious notion that sovereignty is rightly vested in a bunch of British politicians. The response may not be what the architects of this cunning plan hope for.

If they imagine people in Scotland are going to respond with gratitude to all these reminders of the “services” provided by the UK Government then they are sadly deluded. It is likely that the response will be rather more resentful than appreciative. Few will be so naive as to fall for the idea of the British state as Scotland’s benefactor. Few will delight in having “Britishness” rammed down their throats in this way. Many will find it irksome and offensive.

funded_04People will, indeed, be reminded that Scotland has two governments. But, inevitably, they will also be reminded that only one of those governments is ours. Only one of those governments is elected by the people of Scotland. Only one of those governments reflects the aspirations and priorities of the people of Scotland. Anything that encourages the people of Scotland to compare and contrast their own government with the one in Westminster can only be good for the cause of bringing all of our government home.

Let the UK Government plaster Scotland with union flags! The most significant effect of this clumsy, artless propaganda will surely be a more widespread realisation that the union flag does not represent a nation or a people, but a political ideology – the odious ideology of British nationalism.

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5 thoughts on “Being branded

  1. Papadox

    “Funded by UK government” financed by SCOTTISH TAXES, less handling charges applied and retained
    by Engerland.

  2. David MacGille-Mhuire

    Minus, amongst other costs, legal fees to fund the defense briefs for rampaging English fans overseas.

    Any chance of a rebate if only for that?

  3. Ealasaid

    The Union flag they use these days has very little of Scotland in it. The blue they use is dark navy blue verging on black at times. The Scottish flag is sky blue as it represents crossing white clouds against a blue sky, seen after an ancient battle. Perhaps they prefer the colour of the night sky in order to represent the setting of the sun on their Empire. 🙂

  4. alasdairB

    A rebranding of the UK State in Scotland will be nothing more than a quick Botox fix on the ageing face of Britannia. It will fool no one and bound to fail; just as the previous rebranding exercises in Scotland were abject failures for British Steel, British Coal, British Shipbuilders, British Leyland, British Rail, North British Locomotives.

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