BBC’s Nick Eardley hits out after being acccused of playing down opposition ‘Power Grab’ backing for Scots Govt

A BBC Scotland reporter has become embroiled in an online row after appearing to play down Holyrood opposition support for the Scottish government’s ‘Power Grab’ stance.

Nick Eardley attracted scorn when, following news that three out of Holyrood’s four opposition party leaders announced they backed Nicola Sturgeon’s Power Grab stance, he posted a tweet apparently downplaying the news.

Eardley reported: “Scottish Government gets some backing over Brexit powers stalemate”

The reporter was immediately taken to task by users of social media who took issue with what they believed was his attempt to play down the significance of the news.  Many asked why he had chosen to phrase his tweet in such a benign fashion.

One person tweeted: “For goodness sake Nick, “some” backing?!? So, the Geens, Labour & the Lib Dems backing the @scotgov is merely “some”? … really?? The backing is clearly ‘overwhelming’! What is it with you @BBCScotlandNews reporters & journalist neutrality & integrity?”

Others contrasted the tweet with the eagerness with which BBC Scotland reported Nicola Sturgeon had been “isolated” and “under pressure” over her stance.

One said: “How is this “some backing”? The facts….every political party in Scotland, except Ruth Davidson’s Tories. Time that you interviewed Davidson to explain her party’s ‘isolation’ on not wanting to protect Scots Parliament from UK Govt’s obvious ‘Power Grab’ ”

Eardley was also taken to task by SNP MP Peter Grant who tweeted: “When every party except the Tories supports the Scottish Government’s position, the BBC can still only call it “some” backing.”

The MP’s tweet was described as “daft” by the BBC Scotland reporter.

MP Grant added: “Come on Nick. If it had been the other way round would the BBC have restricted their comments to “some” opposition to SNP plans? No chance.”

However the BBC reporter hit back, saying: “Yes. Idea this shows some sort of conspiracy is for the birds.”

The SNP MP replied: “Only one of us has used the word “conspiracy” in this thread. Or is every criticism an accusation of conspiracy?”

Eardley’s claim that the BBC would be consistent in its reporting of the issue was undermined when the news of backing for the Scottish government failed to make it onto that evening’s Reporting Scotland.  The failure to report the significant development was in stark contrast to the previous week when BBC Scotland reporters claimed the Scottish government was “under pressure” and “isolated”.


Senior BBC Scotland reporters have also tried to play down the Power Grab issue by presenting it as a technicality of no significance and one which the public is not interested in.

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11 thoughts on “BBC’s Nick Eardley hits out after being acccused of playing down opposition ‘Power Grab’ backing for Scots Govt

  1. Broadbield

    Their defence is pathetic. These hacks are so embedded in the BBC system that they have lost all sense of impartiality, truth and objectivity and don’t understand what real journalism is. As we keep seeing they never tackle their darling Ruth and expose her failings. They are modern-day Lord Haw Haws – propagandists.

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    BritNat Broadcasting Corporation obeying its Royal Charter:

    6: Public purpose of the BBC

    (4). …….help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.

    By telling the truth about The Continuity Bill, Brexit and what the withholding of returning powers from Holyrood means to Scottish agriculture, fisheries, food standards, fracking etc. etc.

    The BBC would be undermining the ‘cohesion’ of the UK by enlightening the politically unaware that Independence is the only way for Scotland to fully get what it voted for (not what Westminster decides/thinks is best for us).

  3. Robert Graham

    We aint as dumb as you look son , we all know you are playing your part to the best of your ability , and a very questionable ability at that ,what does it take to be a talking head anyway ? oh i remember Connections and a deep dislike of anything the SNP do .

    We will remember all the ones who f/kd us over at the BBC and to hell with the South African truth and reconciliation guff , march them all to the border and lets see the wellcome they get from their friends in the south .

  4. Big Jock

    Thing is whenever you point out their bias. Their defence is always the same:” Some kind of conspiracy is absurd”.

    It means they always win the argument because they claim the people complaining are delusional and seeing things in their heads. It doesn’t matter how much evidence we chuck at them. The truth is they have an agenda against the SNP and independence. We know it , they know it but they are getting away with it by throwing the accusation back at the complainers.

    So what can we do that really is the question. If we keeping pointing it out they will continue with the don’t be silly retorts.

    The way they allow Davidson to disappear at bad moments and re-appear at opportune moments is as clear as the nose on your face. Ruth defended the rape clause, allows Orangemen and racists as councillors, is isolated in Holyrood over the power grab. Nicola would have been hounded out of office for these crimes.

    We are dealing with a BBC which is acting in the interests of the Tory party and Brexit. They are acting against Scotland as a nation. The Tories own the media and they always have.

    I just feel we will never win the bias argument because it’s deliberate, sinister and backed by the UK government.

  5. Andrew McSherry

    Is it possible to sue the BBC for not agreeing to its charter or subpoena internal documents ? This is beyond embarrassing.

    There really needs to be a public Inquiry into this. This coverage would make Fox News blush.

    1. Clydebuilt

      The establishment the BBC protects, exempted the organisation from having to respond to FOI’s.

  6. gary cullen

    lets hope if and when we are successful in gaining our independence there will be a second vote and that vote should be to outlaw and ban and remove the BBC and their workforce from ever broadcasting another piece of propaganda in Scotland ,I say that now in the hope that the BBC will change their tune and begin to do the right thing they are actually paid for by the public purse or the public will demand their closure in Scotland

  7. Jack whelan

    Yes The truth is, and these people know it ,is that they are in essence fighting for their jobs as they know when Scotland become independent, the BBC will cease to be up here. They are obviously being put under severe pressure by their London bosses to do everything in their power to stop a referendum, and if not, to discredit every move the SNP makes. as it will affect their finances drastically and leave them in dire straits financially, which in turn would impinge on the ability to perform. The money in license fees from Scotland total about £360 million pounds and they send about £150 million back to Scotland .One aspect of most journalist is a total lack of integrity and character .They in most cases must take their orders from above, and the moguls that run their trash press/media outlets, or they think they have no future within that Co.
    When the time comes i will be glad to see the back of all of these charlatans.

  8. David Sillars

    Why do we say Ruth Davidson’s Tories, when it fact it is the Tories’ Ruth Davidson.
    The former form implies Davidson has control of the party’s policy, which given her past machinations, is not the case.

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