BBC shut down pro-Indy blogger’s Youtube account because he posted footage of himself being interviewed

A pro-independence blogger has revealed that the BBC had his Youtube account shut down after he published footage of a BBC interview … featuring himself.

Stuart Campbell revealed the information after being supplied with a link to the actual video the BBC had complained about.

The video contained footage of the blogger appearing on the Sunday Politics Scotland programme.  The link was supplied by Youtube after the blogger sought clarification following the sudden de-activation of his Youtube account.

He said: “New email from YouTube – it now appears the BBC only objected to ONE of these 60 most recent videos.”

He later added: “Oh my God I’ve just worked out which one it was. It was this one: Which is to say, THE ONE WHERE THE BBC INTERVIEWED *ME*.

“The BBC have made YouTube kill my entire channel because I posted a BBC interview with myself.”

The revelation is the latest twist in the row that has gripped social media and resulted in widespread newspaper coverage.  Confirmation that the BBC was behind the closing down of the pro-independence blogger’s youtube account emerged on Sunday when the broadcaster gave a statement to The National newspaper.

The BBC said: “Whenever we receive complaints about large volumes of our material being posted or used without authorisation we look to take action to protect our copyright.

“This action is normally limited to asking for individual videos to be removed and the BBC did not ask or demand for these whole channels to be taken down. That was a decision for YouTube alone.

“We act irrespective of the political views of the infringing YouTube channels and have taken action against the use of our material by individuals or organisations from across the political spectrum.

“There is a standard process in place if these channels wish to challenge the take down orders and we will consider any representations carefully.”

The statement served only to further infuriate pro-independence users of social media, many of whom insisted the BBC action had been politically motivated.  Campbell’s Youtube account was one of two pro-independence accounts targetted by the BBC.

The episode has enraged pro-Yes users of social media with many claiming to have cancelled their TV licences.  Others have demanded a resumption of Indyref protests that took place outside the BBC’s Glasgow HQ prior to the September 2014 vote.

It is understood Campbell has issued a counter complaint via Youtube in order to have his account restored.

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5 thoughts on “BBC shut down pro-Indy blogger’s Youtube account because he posted footage of himself being interviewed

  1. Robert Graham

    Complaints a large number received ?, who exactly from ? was there malicious intent involved ?

    No previous warnings of any copyright infringements before the whole channel was without any warning shut down , the speed and method of this misjudged ham fisted assault on one section and only one section of political opinion leads to government involvement ,

    A third party complaint is immediately acted on by u/tube , do the BBC now run and vet everything on u/tube

    When governments fear the People we have democracy .
    When people fear the government we have Tyranny ,

    Judge for yourself which applies in this case it isn’t difficult .

  2. gregor

    There is no viable justification for such corrupt and sinister manipulations of Scottish public discourse/The historical archive and attacks against the pillars of free democratic society, and politically motivated neo-partisan discrimination against highly valued public figures/Alternative media platforms, in terms of their contributions and efforts in helping better inform and educate the public about relevant and important societal issues.

    Publicly unaccountable Stalinist BBC deviant is a disgrace.

  3. Jon

    No coverage of this attack on Wings Over Scotland in today’s National. This should be a front page article.

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