BBC Scotland’s Political Editor says ‘Scotland isolated’ and FM ‘under pressure’ over Power Grab

BBC Scotland’s Political Editor Brian Taylor has controversially claimed that Scotland is “isolated” over the issue of the Westminster Power Grab.

The veteran reporter also claimed the Scottish government was under pressure to reach an agreement with its UK counterpart after the Welsh government accepted UK government proposals over devolved powers.

Taylor made the remarks during a broadcast discussion of First Minister’s Question’s that had just taken place.  Speaking to two journalist pundits, Taylor remarked on the position of the Labour run Welsh administration and said: “It really has isolated Scotland.”

The BBC Scotland reporter added: “But it does put pressure on the Scottish government doesn’t it. Pressure that Nicola Sturgeon seemed very determined to resist.”

The comments from Taylor follow similar claims read out by BBC Scotland news readers and reporters.  The broadcasts have led to claims that BBC Scotland, which is supposed to remain impartial, is adopting a partisan stance over the issue.

The televised discussion followed First Minister’s Questions which witnessed Ruth Davidson bring up the subject of the Power Grab.  The Scottish Conservative leader attacked First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and accused her of putting her party before the nation.

However Nicola Sturgeon hit back and pointed out that to accept the proposals of the UK Govt would effectively be handing over power to London, for up to seven years, in areas currently devolved to Edinburgh.

One back bench SNP MSP spelled out the reality of what Westminster was seeking to do by pointing out that consent would be deemed to have been given even if every MSP in the Scottish Parliament objected to a UK Govt proposal.

The issue has witnessed a change in tone from BBC Scotland in recent days.  Last month several BBC Scotland presenters and media commentators insisted the issue was boring and the public weren’t interested.

The issue has instead sparked into life and now looks likely to dominate political coverage in Scotland over the next few weeks.

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9 thoughts on “BBC Scotland’s Political Editor says ‘Scotland isolated’ and FM ‘under pressure’ over Power Grab

  1. millie

    Agree with all in the article. BBC Newsdrive is also ramping it up.

    ** Please please link (new) Phantom Power’s video ‘The Power grab’ to the article, and share widely.

    I showed the video to my neighbours and their jaws dropped – they had no idea what was at stake with clause 11.

    They do not use the internet, and the 2 minute video opened their eyes. They want to show it to their son tonight – I can’t overstate the impact of the video.

      1. millie

        Wee ginger dug has linked to it at the top of this article.

        and this is the youtube version.

        Brian Taylor et al – (BBC) – keep reporting that the public doesn’t seem to be interested in the ‘power grab’ issue, and that it’s just about things like food labelling. The bottom line is that people are not being informed at all about the repercussions for Holyrood and Scotland by agreeing to clause 11.

        The BBC is intentionally keeping the public in the dark.

  2. Robert Graham

    Anything that Hunt says is Lies he knows it and so do we . So take your ample frame and do some work on it Brian it’s not good for your health , go away and look after yourself son by the looks of it at this rate if you continue you won’t be here long .

    That’s not trying to be nasty or sarcastic that guy has real health issues .

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