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BBC Scotland to become ‘more Scottish’ as viewing numbers plummet north of border – Towards Indyref2…

BBC Scotland to become ‘more Scottish’ as viewing numbers plummet north of border

BBC Scotland needs to become “a lot more Scottish” as trust in the broadcaster dips to worrying new levels, according to a leaked internal document.

The memo has revealed bosses are planning a new makeover as they bid to arrest a drop in viewer numbers and, as one senior figure says “a worrying decline in trust in our political output”.

The confidential document warns that unless something is done, more and more people may turn away from the BBC in Scotland and leave a vaccum that will be filled by “the online cybernats behind sites such as Wings Over Scotland and Wee Ginger Dog (sic)”.

According to the document, plans being considered include more traditional Scottish style music serving as the title scores to news and current affairs programmes as well as introducing more identifiable colloquial Scots terms in news broadcasts.

However a suggestion that the blue and white of the saltire replace the traditional red, white and blue on the flagship news programme Reporting Scotland was rejected with concerns that the saltire was “too nationalistic”.

Bosses are though considering a purple tartan-themed backdrop, reminiscent of the Scottish thistle, be adopted.

Presenters from UK network programmes will be encouraged to show “empathy” with Scottish viewers by wearing something recognisably Scottish when presenting items with a Scottish theme.

Other ideas being considered include a brand new current affairs show which would see what is claimed to be “the best of Scotland’s alternative media scene” produce and present current affairs content.

The document states: “The 2014 independence referendum saw the arrival of what some people term ‘the alternative media’.

“As a public service broadcaster we need to acknowledge the significant talent that emerged within this sector and create a platform upon which their views can be expressed.”

The document listed Bella Caledonia, Common Space and Scotland in Union as the three most popular alternative media sites.  Those from the pro-independence side being considered as suitable to participate in the new show’s production include Cat Boyd, Angela Haggerty, Jim Sillars, Darren McGarvey [aka Loki] and Mike Small.

Those from the pro-Union media expected to feature include former Labour MP Margaret Curran, former head of news at BBC Scotland John Boothman and ex-Tony Blair aide John McTernan.

According to the document, “Bella Caledonia, Common Space and Scotland in Union are the most trusted and popular amongst their respective supporters.

“It is only right that contributors to the programme be chosen from these outlets.”

On the format of the show, the document said: “The show will not take on the format of debate, but rather will allow each side the opportunity to produce a half-hour TV show containing content they believe will best reflects the views of their side in the constitutional debate.”

A pilot show has already been produced which featured Scottish rapper Loki presenting the week’s political news stories in the form of a rap song.  The show, which also featured an item on the ’emerging force of Scottish politics – RISE’, was described by one source who had seen it as “edgy and radical”.

The BBC document warns against allowing the “more extreme elements” from the online Yes community from being allowed to participate, and names “Stuart Campbell, GA Ponsonby and our own former colleague Derek Bateman” as individuals whose participation “might tarnish the BBC Scotland brand”.

Commenting on the proposals, media commentator GA Ponsonby said: “BBC Scotland is already a joke in Scotland.  These plans for ‘Brigadoon Broadcasting’ will merely confirm it.”

This story was, of course, an April fool. Indyref2 would like to do more news pieces. Feel free to make a contribution towards this goal.

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45 thoughts on “BBC Scotland to become ‘more Scottish’ as viewing numbers plummet north of border

  1. Davey B.

    This story is also in The Sunday Post. It shows desperation at Pacific Quay. A bit of tartan won’t gloss over the problems I’m afraid.

  2. Andy Cap

    I no longer watch BBC Scotland news. The addition of ‘Scotch’ music and a new colour scheme ain’t gonna change my mind.

    As for the new programme. The least said the better.

  3. Ian

    You note that the key aim here is to be more ‘trusted’, not actually report the facts or actual impartiality. Be more trusted..so the appropriate state (UK) message is delivered to the gulliable.. So the usual ‘stay in your box’, too poor, too small and too stupid message. Trust us! We’re the Beeb..Aunt Beeb..comfortable.. Safe.. It’s all murder, doom and gloom out there..

  4. Bernard Savage

    I take it this an April Fool. BBC Shortbread couldn’t be any more cringeworthy than it is now. As my Mum used to say – dae they think oor heids button up at the back?

  5. Davos

    The notion of BBC Scotland becoming ‘more Scottish’ by banners and soundbites is as attractive as being offered ‘devo-max’ or a quasi ‘federal’ status: essentially meaningless.

  6. Luigi

    Let me get this right: The BBC wants to be perceived as being more Scottish, yet it remains paranoid that a blue and white colour scheme because it would be “too nationalistic”?

    “Too nationalistic”. Let that sink in.

    If a blue and white colour scheme is deemed unsafe, what exactly are you suggesting? Another white heather club? A Great North British Shortbread Bake-off? Hoots Mon, let’s get kilted up.

    Good luck with that. 🙂

  7. son of perth

    So on this new show, from the supposed pro independence side, BBC Cringeland propose to give us Cat Boyd who will no doubt tell us to vote Labour, Jim Sillars who will no doubt attack the SNP, Loki who will probably do both etc, etc. If the BBC think that is going to convince us they are being even handed they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    Night after night of anti SNP/independence garbage on BBC Scotland and day after day of pro Tory, pro Brexit bias on the BBC as a whole is what we get and what we will continue to get.

    Stick it BBC Jockland!

    1. Iain Lawson

      I think the point is that it could well be true, the BBC audience is collapsing, the level of distrust continues to soar so April the first or not it is totally believable.

  8. Clydebuilt

    Brilliant . . . . Common space, Bella Caledonia, Cat Boyd, Haggerdly, Mike Small Yup that’s the go to Nationalists the BBC prefer.

    Didn’t know April 1st counts if it falls on a Sunday. . . Shows what I know.

  9. Joe Hastie

    Step back and watch your demise. If you lot at Biased Broadcasting Con think these measures will fool the Scottish people, You seriously need to think again, HARD

  10. Alasdair Macdonald

    A nicely judged spoof, which had me going for a while, until I remembered the date!

    Thanks for the laugh to start off a cauld Sunday morning!!

  11. John mcillaney

    Whether this is an April fools joke or not makes absolutely no difference as it would be designed to keep the jocks in the box! There are many ways to place propaganda on our screens and the only way to avoid them is to under no circumstances watch BBC or STV news channels! We know they are UNIONIST channels so why would you want your daily dose of them.

  12. Peter A Bell

    “The document listed Bella Caledonia, Common Space and Scotland in Union as the three most popular alternative media sites. Those from the pro-independence side being considered as suitable to participate in the new show’s production include Cat Boyd, Angela Haggerty, Jim Sillars, Darren McGarvey [aka Loki] and Mike Small.”

    There’s the April Fool giveaway!

  13. Robert Graham

    Well played we all like a good All Fools Day- Laugh – The only thing missing was in conjunction with R T and Alex Salmond .

  14. son of perth

    Oops! Fell for that one. Forgot it was 1st of April. However, in my defence, BBC Cringeland are so bad I didn’t think the story was that unlikely.

  15. Vince Orchiston

    I’m sorry BBC Scotland but your thought police British State propaganda media machine has very much had it’s day .The people of Scotland have finally woken up to the fact ( Thanks to Social Media) that they have been lied to,manipulated and conned for years. Since 2014 the political awareness of the Scottish public has grown and grown and once that awareness is activated it doesn’t go away .Your every move , word and nuance in your News reports (If you could call it news in the true sense of the word)is being scrutinised like never before by a now politically aware public. I’m afraid the trust we once had in you is broken beyond repair and your days in Scotland are numbered. No amount of Tartan is going to cover your treachery.

  16. Robert Galloway

    It is the 1st of April?? The only plus comment I can give to The Biased Broadcasting Corporation, Are most of the time good Drama,Travel and Wild life programs,there my interest ends,(that could purchased if so wanted.). Forget reloading your Tory and Labour propaganda machine, long out of date,false news,there is NO equality between Scotland and England,there never has been,Britain is NOT repeat NOT a country,sending cloth ears up to Scotland to fool the country. We get more interest and Scottish input on ALBA,our languages and culture previously ignored,false promises,false news does not wash it.

    1. Bobp

      Robert ,channel 265 ‘ freeview “planet knowledge ” all the history, travel, science, documentaries you’ll need.brilliant.

  17. liz

    This has got to be an April Fools, although it’s so close to the truth as to be a possibility.

    You’ve probably given Donalda an idea- God help us all, Loki, !!!!!

  18. kininvie

    You really shouldn’t have published that April Fool disclaimer. People need to hone their fake news instincts – and the story is so wonderfully close to the bone that many may have been caught out (as the comments show).

  19. Arthur Martin

    Tee Hee, the more I read, the more I thought this must be a wind-up. Then the penny dropped, its April 1st!
    Thankfully I read this after the disclaimer was printed, but it just goes to show, never take anything at face value. The first two or three paragraphs were suckering me in just as intended, exactly the same way the MSM works.

  20. Luigi

    Good April Fool. Had me going for a while. The fact that it was ridiculous but actually believable – says quite a bit about the BBC methinks. 🙂

  21. gregor

    This April fool finely indicates the depths of depravity to which BBC has sunk in Scotland (and probably elsewhere).

    A sustainable BBC should be taking note.

  22. Walter Hamilton

    Yes, they would not wish to lose their propaganda outlet to real news, Oor Eck’s show, Wings over Scotland, and the likes.

  23. Big Jock

    The saddest sight I have ever seen is a kilted man waiving a Union Jack. I saw it in the winter Olympics. That image to me sums up the BBC in Scotland.

    They just don’t know what Scotland actually is.

  24. Dave oh what

    Curran ? McTernan ? ……you must be ‘avvin a larf, BBC.
    Oh, wait….purply backdrop etc …..mmmmm…..aye bit, nah nah nah, min.

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