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BBC Scotland targets Salmond as anti-Russian hysteria grows – Towards Indyref2…

BBC Scotland targets Salmond as anti-Russian hysteria grows

Alex Salmond’s show on RT has been targeted by BBC Scotland as anti-Russian hysteria grows following the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter.

The former First Minister has become the focus of attention in recent days with both Reporting Scotland and Good Morning Scotland making political attacks on his talk show the subject of major news items.

In a series of tweets earlier today, BBC Scotland reporter Nick Eardley described the talk-show as “controversial”.

Eardley listed some of the guests to that day’s edition of the show and posted a quote from Mr Salmond denying he had ever been told what to say by RT.

The BBC Scotland reporter however refused to answer a question posed on social media asking if he himself had been told to comment on that day’s edition of Salmond’s show by his own BBC bosses.

Mr Salmond was also the subject of news headlines on Good Morning Scotland, which described RT as a “state funded broadcaster”.  Despite RT being considered a legitimate news brodcaster by Ofcom, BBC Scotland – which is a Westminster funded channel governed by London – continues to report descriptions of the RT channel as “a Russian propaganda channel” and a “Kremlin-funded news channel”.

Appearing on Good Morning Scotland this morning, pro-Union commentator Alex Massie accused Mr Salmond of being a “Kremlin shill”.  The attack echoed comments by Ruth Davidson who has accused the former SNP leader of “taking the Kremlin’s rouble”.

In a statement, Mr Salmond said: “By definition RT has not been a propaganda station because it is regulated under a UK licence by Ofcom.

“Yes it has had breaches of the Ofcom code, but so have Sky, ITV and the BBC.”

The targetting of Alex Salmond by BBC Scotland follows a pattern by the broadcaster which goes back several years.

During the 2014 Indyref, the then First Minister was the subject of a smear campaign, widely promoted by the BBC, following an article in which he made comments about Vladimir Putin.  Mr Salmond had argued that there were aspects of the Russian President’s leadership that could be admired.

The SNP leader’s interview with GQ magazine followed news that then Prime Minister David Cameron had pled with the Russian leader to intervene in the Scottish independence referendum.

The Tory leader feared Scots were moving towards voting Yes and allegedly urged Putin to issue a statement in support of ‘larger states’ remaining intact.

Shortly after the story emerged, BBC presenter Andrew Marr secured an interview with Putin in which the subject of Scottish independence was raised and the Russian President was invited to send a message.

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17 thoughts on “BBC Scotland targets Salmond as anti-Russian hysteria grows

  1. Susan Smith

    I turned it off as soon as Alex Massie started speaking, even though I wasn’t at all surprised at what he was saying . I didn’t bother to listen to what would be the equally biased Lib Dem interviewee.

    1. Alasdair Macdonald

      The LibDem, Mr Lembit Opik, gave a robust refutation of Mr Massie’s blustering and vacuous attack. He substantially supported the position set out by Mr Salmond. Indeed, I thought Mr Opik had a clear ‘win’ in the exchange. I also thought Mr Gary Robertson moderated the exchanges pretty well.

  2. Lochside

    I wonder which inner MI5/6 sanctum this plot was cooked up in? The whole Russian nerve agent bullshit story is being used to formulate a pound shop Falklands’ Brit pack patriotic frenzy. Allowing all the sleight of hand by May and her acolytes to be continued with the Brexit balls up whilst the scurvy traitorous media crew aim their ire at AS.

    The complete amnesia displayed about statements such as ‘taking the rouble’ and ‘State controlled propaganda’ by the same rat pack illustrates their blatant hypocrisy and deletion of any similarity in Boris Jerkoff and Ruth Davidsonski’ links with Russian oligarths. Truly we are now living in’ 1984′ with yesterday’s news being deleted and altered to the ongoing Airstrip One’s ruling party’s daily changing narrative.

  3. Big Jock

    I have two theories on this.

    Firstly I suspect that this is a decoy to take peoples minds of the looming Brexit disaster. It could be that May is trying to realign the UK with the EU. This will be a way of demonstrating the folly of leaving the EU. Is she going to back away from Brexit and call halt? Notice she mentions on European soil, unusual for a Britain this Britain that party!

    The other theory is that there might be resignation coming and therefore a new election, possibly in June. They will be trying to damage the Labour support as they knew that Corbyn would react in the way he has. So he can be tarred as a traitor etc.blah blah….

    Either way the whole thing is so invented that it’s quite cringe inducing. I am very very disappointed with Nicola’s reaction. It’s like she is scared of her own shadow these days….don’t rock the boat whatever you do. In fact I am now becoming increasingly frustrated that 2 years after the Brexit vote we are still waiting on the Scottish government actually making a decision.

    Something tells me that Nicola is going to make a compromise and it will feel like a betrayal. Of course I could be completely wrong about all of these thoughts much like the UK government.

    1. Dan Huil

      “Something tells me that Nicola is going to make a compromise and it will feel like a betrayal. Of course I could be completely wrong…”

      I believe you’re wrong about a compromise, Big Jock. I believe the FM is letting the rabid britnats blow themselves out over their anti-Russian hysteria.

      The britnat media, like the Westminster government, is desperately ignoring the brexit disaster, along with the constitutional implications.

      They can all run but they can’t hide. The brexit disaster is coming and the so-called united kingdom continues to disintegrate.

  4. Alasdair Macdonald

    Like Lochside and Big Jock, I am very suspicious about this Russia story and the amount of emphasis it is getting on all of the mainstream media. There are far too many assertions(lies?) we are being asked to take ar face value. The whole thing smacks to me of what is called ‘throwing a dead cat on the table’. I think it has something to do with diverting focus away from Brexit, from the real story behind the so called economic recovery, or something. To be frank, I am not sure what it is about.

    Mr Corbyn’s response was consistent with the kind of thing he has been saying regarding international disputes for many years, and, it is, in my opinion, a sensible statement. But, it has provided an opportunity to attack him, both from the Tory side and from within his own party.

    With regard to the FM, she, too, is at a crucial stage in the negotiations with Westminster and the transfer of powers from Brussels. She, and the Welsh Government are right to keep pressing on with the ‘power grab’ argument – and power grab is what it is. However, she, too, has to walk a fine line regarding her response to the poisoning of a UK resident. Irrespective of Mr Skripal’s background and history, there is a concern about the safety of a resident (however louche and nasty) and of a police officer and other UK citizens. She has to support things which protect the safety of us all and not open the independence movement to the charge or ‘treason’ or ‘unpatriotic’. The concepts of treason and lack of patriotism are, of course, risible, but, they are potent with some sections of the population, including some of tthose whom we need to persuade – ‘the switherers’. Note how focussed the attack has been on Mr Dalmond and RT.

    Politics can be a very nasty business, especially when there are issues of power involved and there are some who, cynically, do not mind seeing a few deaths.

    Salisbury is very close to Porton Down, which is a global centre of expertise in chemical warfare. I am certain, if ‘novichoks’ whatever they might be, actually exist, then there will be detailed knowledge of them amongst Porton Down staff. How could a Russian agent bring such a nerve agent into the UK. Perhaps in the diplomatic staff, but also perhaps from some Porton Down personnel.

    This is one where we, like the FM, might have to remain fairly quiet and wait to see how things evolve.

    1. CapnAndy.

      You’re quite correct. As I’ve posted elsewhere, much of the rhetoric appears to be scripted. The one that annoys me is “Military Grade Nerve Agent”. Given the supposed amount of contamination in Salisbury, the Skripals would be dead, the police officer would be dead and a large proportion of the Salisbury population would be dead.

  5. Mark Rowantree

    I don’t believe that this situation was caused by the Government of the UK. Nonetheless, like Governments everywhere they’ll seek to gain the greates political leverage they can out of it.
    It would be a rather strange move by the Russian State which as a result of many years of practise undoubtedly has considerably less prosaic methods of removing its opponents.
    I suspect that we will in all likelihood learn the truth in around 30 years or so when all the main characters have shuffled of this mortal coil.
    I must admit my natural reaction is to disbelieve whatever version comes out of Whitehall or Fleet Street and once again a British Prime Ministers words fail to fill me with confidence.
    Like Tony Blair before her, Theresa Mays main argument seems to be trust me I’m the British Prime Minister. You’ll forgive me if that line of reasoning doesn’t exactly assuage my doubts.
    I’m not claiming innocence on the part of Russia, but to date there has not been a shred of evidence produced that would make even a prima facia case stand up. Instead as Alex Thompson famously said of the BBC In 2014 the entire media apparatus of the British state has found Putin guilty and is anxious that sentence be carried out swiftly.
    Of course in practical terms there’ very little Britain can do that will have any serious impact on Russia. The looming spectre of Brexit makes it exceedingly unlikely that concerted international action will be put in place: other than of course moral support which cost nothing and usually has a similar effect.
    No I reckon after a couple of months of respite from disastrous Brexit headlines things will calm down to business as usual.
    Which is exactly how the Brits like it.

  6. John Meffen

    The big problem here is that RT is doing exactly what the BBC World Service does outside of the UK. Of course nobody calls it propaganda anymore, it is now called ‘Soft Power’.

    On the FCO part of the UK Govmnt Website it is explicit

    “BBCWS is a public corporation of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.”


    And here is a 2 year old Guardian article from the last time their funding was set out [largely from the FCO]


  7. Robert Graham

    George Galloway picked holes in this whole dramatic fairy tail and posted it on u/tube , a ” B ” rated hollywood movie plot that the director has failed to spot the hiccups in the Continuity of the whole dama ,
    Governments tell lies to get the population on board with their more devious plans , this goes back years , and for some reason always works but this time the Ruse ain’t quite going according to plan people are indeed questioning the official story .

  8. Alasdair Macdonald

    The other ‘Russian’ story which is substantially unexplored by BBC Scotland – although Mr Brian Taylor mentioned it in his blog – is the amount of money donated by Russian ‘oligarchs’ to the Conservative Party and, specifically, the association of THE COLONEL with this. When asked about the £20k ‘paid’ for Ms Davidson by a wealthy emigre Russian at a fund raising event, she said that she was not present at the ‘do’, but had heard of the payment.

    That suffices as an explanation for BBC Scotland.

  9. gregor

    BBC/western Establishment has been bombarding the public with unprecedented levels of Russia BAD! propaganda for the last couple of years.

    This new episode is off-the-scale and a total embarrassment to civilisation.

    The event has indicators of a reckless and desperate malicious false flag psyop. Interestingly, BBC security experts (extreme xenophobic Russophobes/tinpot conspiracy theorists/deep-state script readers) will not entertain such legitimate notions.

    I think this saga has some connection to the ongoing deep-state coup d’état (and US election rigging cover-up) being waged against Trump/US democracy (and has produced zero credible/verifiable evidence of Trump/Russia collusion).

    Bad Actors require a Russia BAD! more than ever.

  10. gregor

    Another interesting development today: Abused prisoner, Julian Assange’s ability to communicate shut-down – no visitors permitted. Assange isn’t allowed to have a voice or an opinion over the Skripal event (while 20 other states & Fakestream media can convict ‘guility until proven innocent’).

    In other news – Craig Murray’s blog is facing unprecedented cyber attack (ever since he started questioning the Skripal event and ripping holes in the official Fakestream narrative).

    Meanwhile, no pleb comment allowed over the said event at BBC state broadcaster Fake News factory. Hmm…



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