BBC Scotland reporter ridiculed after claiming Ruth Davidson won election

A BBC Scotland reporter has been ridiculed on social media after claiming the Scottish Conservatives won the general election in Scotland.

Brian Taylor, who is BBC Scotland’s political editor, was appearing on the flagship news programme Reporting Scotland when he was asked about Ruth Davidson’s general election campaign. The Scottish Conservative leader gained plaudits after steering her party to thirteen seats north of the border.

Responding, Taylor told programme host Jackie Bird: “Right now the Scottish Tory group at Westminster feel a bit like ‘Team Ruth’.

“Because they fought a different campaign in Scotland on different issues and they had a different outcome … clue … they won, rather than losing which happened to the party south of the border.”

The result of the general election in Scotland saw the SNP win comfortably. Despite losing 21 seats, Nicola Sturgeon’s party on 35 seats emerged well ahead of Davidson’s Tories who finished with 13.

Users of social media site twitter reacted to his claim by heaping derision on Taylor. One user poked fun at the BBC reporter saying: “Great analysis – everything correct bar the facts”

Another asked sarcastically: “She won what????????”

One poster highlighted the Ruth davidson’s electoral record at Holyrood and Westminster: “She has never led Tories to victory in Scotland. 13/59 MPs in Westminster and 31/129 (all but 7 as ‘list’ not FPTP) MSPs in Holyrood.”

Taylor’s bizarre analysis follows dubious claims made by the BBC’s Scotland editor Sarah Smith. Smith, the daughter of the former Labour Leader John Smith, claimed the result of the general election in Scotland proved Scottish voters did not want a second independence referendum.

In an article for the BBC, Smith said: “It’s almost impossible for the [SNP] to now argue that the people of Scotland want another Scottish referendum when 60% of the electorate voted for parties which have vowed to block another vote on independence.”

The coverage of both the election campaign and its aftermath has further fuelled anger towards the London controlled broadcaster amongst independence supporters.  Many openly boast that they no longer pay the TV licence.

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34 thoughts on “BBC Scotland reporter ridiculed after claiming Ruth Davidson won election

  1. seanair

    How much does that fat twat Taylor earn?
    I would like to think that John Smith would be ashamed of his daughter.

  2. David

    I think what Brian Taylor may have meant was that the the Tories won in Scotland because they went into the Scottish part of the GE with one seat and they came out the other end with thirteen. They lost in the rest of the UK because they came out of the election with less seats than they had at the start.

    I could maybe excuse and account for this particular piece by recognising that the English language can be very flexible and open to different interpretations. Brian Taylor’s choices, words and emphasis is, however, open to question and maybe hints at the real values, opinions and thought processes of this supposedly or theoretically neutral messenger.

    A less flexible use of our English language would have had to conclude that the Tories won in England because they still had the biggest number of seats after the counting was done. That same scenario, largest number of seats but less than previously, also applies to the SNP in Scotland. There is only room for one winner in Scotland and one winner in England and one winner in the UK. If you concentrate fully on this aspect then SNP won Scotland, Tories won England, Tories won the UK and Labour won nothing.

    It’s a funny old world.

    1. stewartb

      David, let’s go with just one word to describe Mr Taylor’s reporting – ‘wrong’!

      The big question for Mr Taylor, a highly experienced professional, is ‘why?’

    2. J R Tomlin

      They come in a poor second, even if it is an improvement over past elections. Had he said there was a dramatic improvement in their results or something like that it would have been true and fine. They did not ‘win’. It is that simple.

    3. Grant

      Completely agree. Brian Taylor has been misinterpreted here. He basically says the tories were the ‘winners’ in this election but he was not implying they actually won, just that their vote went up and overall their vote increased most relative to other parties’ increase in vote.

      He’s a decent fellow, perhaps his reporting language should have been clearer

      1. Stuart

        Grant, David. Totally agree. Brian Taylor is one of the most balanced politica reporters out there. If you listen to him normally, you may even get the feeling he is of independent mind!

        1. Tom Mc Guire

          Think NS quite likes him but his boss is a nasty piece of work who dislikes NS and is looking for gongs and a move down south.

    4. Robert Stark

      David, completely agree. Even as a supporter of independence I am getting tired of the constant hysteria surrounding every utterance that doesn’t meet SNP supporters’ approval. It only serves to obscure the fact that the BBC does indeed tend to be biased against the independence cause.

  3. Abulhaq

    A concerted media war by unionist broadcasters is being waged against independence and the SNP. The ITV ‘national’ news this evening was pregnant with the ‘Scots are turning their backs on independence’ stuff including an interview with a woman who claimed to have voted SNP all her life, was against Brexit but now voted Con. Unionist. Illogical! Probably a plant. Similarly a guy making gin and concerned about his markets also voted for the Brexit Tories. Again illogical, and again the smell of a plant. The Empire is indeed striking back…we must too

    1. Neilly

      Indeed, we should stop running with the pro unionist media narrative. We have our mandate from 2016, our parliament has voted for a Referendum and we have just had our second best ever election, we have more MP’s than the rest of the unionists together. We lost seats, more than expected but then our expectations were too high after 2015 and things have equalled out a bit. Support for Independence still stands around 45% and 57% would rather an Indepencent Scotland within the EU than a dependent Scotland within the uk. SNP should start talking up Independence again, unapolegetically. Hold a press conference, let them know the bbc and others within our press are an undemocratic joke. Tell them when we’re holding the Referendum, dont ask. Tell them as well if we hold a snap GE then we will declare Indy if we win a majority.

    2. Alex Beveridge

      Your first sentence encapsulated it exactly Abulhaq. And it will only increase in its intensity as we approach the second Scottish Independence Referendum.

  4. TheStrach

    Whatever the result of the election they were always going to paint it as a SNP and independence loss. However, this is just beyond belief that they are blatantly saying black is white. The lies and propaganda continue unabated. Nothing will change until we achieve our independence.

    1. Sid crowe

      Correct. But I guess the unionists are just plan scared of change so we have a long way to go.

  5. Dan Huil

    You might know what I’m about to say… Don’t pay the bbc tax. Let idiot britnats pay for britnat propaganda. Honestly, refusing to pay the tax doesn’t hurt one wee bit; in fact it’s very liberating.

  6. Col

    Sick of saying this but we need a campaign of non payment headed by a high profile person. We need thousands of people to stand outside of the BBC and demand they are shut down for good. I don’t think people realise just how serious this is. We are not living in a democracy anymore. This is the conclusion that must sink in to people’s heads. Even fair minded unionists will agree that the BBC in Scotland is ultra unionist.

  7. niall


  8. Tom Banigan

    I no longer watch the BBC, or as I call it, the Biased Bullshit Corporation, hopefully in an Indy Scotland, it will be scrapped.

  9. bringiton

    The SNP are Scotland’s biggest party,at Holyrood and Westminster,yet we see pictures of Ruth Davidson (leader of a minority party in Scotland) sitting round the Westminster cabinet table and stories of dark deals being done by the Tories in dark secret rooms with the DUP (they don’t like the daylight).
    Scotland is governed by minority parties,who are unaccountable to the Scottish electorate.
    The democratic deficit has never been more clear but you won’t read about it in HM press.

  10. Abulhaq

    Independence has so far been a paper tiger…we must now let the real one out of the cage, red in tooth and claw. Scotland Expects!

    1. Mitch

      Have to agree! The people who make our Party Political Broadcasts should be sacked. Instead of using them to make strong and valid points.. they do the opposite. What was that last one before the election? It was like a silent movie. Disgusted. What a waste.

  11. Bibbit

    SNP should draw attention to this and ask BBC to explain why it is broadcasting fake news.

    Instead SNP lie down and take their beating like a whipped cur.

    Not a vote winner look, SNP.

    SNP has to grow a spine against the BBC coterie of Taylor, Bird (let’s call it devomax), Smith, Glenn & Brewer. Even refuse to be interviewed by any of them but ask for another reporter to interview them who does not broadcast lies.

    Of course, is there any reporter within Pacific Quay who is professionally impartial?

    1. Weechid

      Now that he isn’t an MP couldn’t they appoint Alex Salmond as a media spokesperson and have him on TV every time there is a panel shoe, debate, discussion or whatever and let him be as outspoken as he can now afford to be? MSM can’t be allowed to continue with their lies or we are sunk.

  12. Brian

    A lie, if told often enough, and publicly enough, soon becomes truth in the eyes of the masses.

  13. Margaret sims

    It’s about time it was made clear that the snp is not the independence movement,many indy supporters are labour supporters etc.

  14. Will Clarke

    Come on people are we so sensitive we are jumping on this. Of course the BBC is biased but lets not jump on a form of words that are not actually an issue at all. Most of the comments in this thread do nothing to advance the argument of how Scotland is viewed by the media and in fact show a hysteria in the national question here that is not at all helpful.
    The comments made by David in my view show the actual truth, we do not need to make up imaginary ones.

    1. Jas

      Are you suggesting that the BBC is not biased? That the recent leader debates on TV were not orchestrated to ambush the FM? That there were no Tory plants in the audience ready with questions intended to damage the FM, based on lies and distortions, which had nothing to do with Westminster policies? That the BBC gives the SNP a fair hearing?

      People on the Yes side are angry at the way the media continue to negatively report on the SNP while refusing to report on the more sinister aspects of the so-called Tory revival and their expedient collusion with a party linked to terrorism!

      Or are you quite happy that the future is Orange?

  15. m boyd

    Have a look at the election result in N Ireland pro Unionist parties lost overall. The BBC certainly won’t be trumpeting that.

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