BBC Scotland reporter criticised over ‘Back May’ article promo tweet

A BBC Scotland reporter has been criticised on social media after using his twitter account to promote a newspaper article backing Theresa May.

Nick Eardley, who is BBC Scotland’s Westminster correspondent, retweeted a link to a Daily Mail article written by two Scottish Tory MPs.

The article, written by Tory MPs Alister Jack and Paul Masterton, urged backing for Theresa May’s Brexit plan. Both MPs had been on the opposite sides of the Brexit debate.

In his tweet, Eardley wrote: “Scotland’s answer to Anna Soubry and Jacob Rees Mogg (well sort of…) team up to back the PM on Chequers agreement”

The promo tweet by Eardley was also retweeted by the official BBC Scotland News twitter account.

The tweet prompted a jovial reply from one of the authors. Tory MP Masterton responded: “Hahahahaha Alister will love that”.

However there was a less than humerous response from other users of social media who contrasted the promotion of the Scottish Tory article with what many claim has been a failure to pursue people like Ruth Davidson over issues such as ‘Dark Money’.

One user wrote: “Tory MPs & Davidson getting easy run pushing stuff out unchallenged using obliging media … a blurbfest … its like ‘free leaflets’ in an election, avoids expenses scandals when media do it for them. May’s plan doesn’t meet EU’s requirements, or Moggs.”

Another said: “And why are you regurgitating this. Not sure this is journalism more cut and paste, perhaps you could ask some tories some actual questions ? Where did the £319k come from?”

The episode follows criticism of BBC Scotland for what many view as a refusal by the broadcaster to scrutinise the Scottish Conservative Party and its leader Ruth Davidson.

There was anger this week when Davidson was allowed a free platform to attack the SNP despite having refused to be interviewed on the so-called ‘Dark Money’ issue involving hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations to her party.

BBC Scotland refused to cover the issue for almost seven days before eventually caving in to pressure after it was raised in the House of Commons by SNP MP Ian Blackford.


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3 thoughts on “BBC Scotland reporter criticised over ‘Back May’ article promo tweet

  1. John

    Social media , the platform that reaches places the State Bŕoadcaster finds hard to duck and dive from , but like all Tory boys Eardley with his Scottish Tory pals will laugh any criticism off .
    The thing that should bother licence payers is that they are paying for this employee of the BBC to spout his personal opinions , not what he is employed for ! .

  2. Daniel Watson

    Eardsley is not worried, the BBC have given him assurances that they have his back covered.

  3. Robert Graham

    Way past time for the Scottish Government to call out the BBC in Scotland , the tactic of trying to be reasonable and giving this subversive propaganda government funded organisation the benefit of the doubt has worked out well hasn’t it ? .

    The last few weeks has shown this BBC in Scotland are activly censoring and manipulating any news that shows this fantasy mythical Union in a bad light, they are deceiving the electorate in Scotland ,

    They constantly find fault with every single service run by the Scottish government while conveniently ignoring the mess and chaos this Tory government are causing south of the border , the endless mess previous unionist administrations are totally ignored ,PFI – Edinburgh Trams – the Parliament building itself .

    A organisation beyond any repair , every singe employee of the BBC in Scotland must be made aware in the event of a independence thats their last day of employment , and any and all claims for wrongful dismissal should be directed to their employer The British state .

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