BBC Scotland can’t be anything *but* corrupt

In June last year I wrote an article titled ‘The BBC has re-launched Better Together’.

The article followed the EU Referendum where we learned that Scotland was to be dragged out of the EU against the will of the Scottish people.

Below is a short excerpt from the article.

Anger at the prospect of Scotland being stripped of its EU membership has led to increased support for independence.  If momentum is not arrested, then demands for indyref2 will see the end of the Union within two years.

Whilst there has been virtually no political resistance to what is an organic rise in support for independence, there has of course been some opposition.  The BBC has stepped into the Unionist vacuum and slowly started warming up the Better Together engine.

It was clear to me then that the state broadcaster would resurrect its role from the 2014 independence referendum campaign.   The reason was simple.  BBC Scotland is institutionally incapable of doing otherwise.  It has to defend the Union.  That is its purpose.

On Wednesday I witnessed further evidence of this institutionalised corruption when hitherto unremarkable trade figures suddenly became a story of national importance.

Statistics that would never be considered worthy of repeating beyond the early morning business slot on Radio Scotland were magically propelled into the journalistic stratosphere.

On the face of it nothing more than a bizarre choice of top story.  Indeed it appeared at first glance to be a good news, if rather dull, economy story.  That changed when the thrust of the item became clear.

Below is the first sentence from the online article that appeared as the main news item early Wednesday.

Scotland’s trade with the rest of the UK continues to be worth four times more than its exports to the EU, according to Scottish government figures.

The ‘four times more’ line is classic Unionist rhetoric.  It’s trotted out every time the issue of Brexit is raised.  The aim of course is to hoodwink Scots into believing they must choose between trade with the EU or trade with the rest of the UK.

The line was repeated throughout the day on BBC Scotland.  Below is one of many news bulletins on Radio Scotland that day.


The story was introduced as the main item on that night’s Reporting Scotland.

This wasn’t a benign economy story at all.  It was a carefully crafted propaganda piece styled to bolster claims from Unionists concerned that Brexit will boost support for Scottish independence.

By headlining the unremarkable fact that Scotland sends more exports to the rest of the UK than it does to the EU, viewers were invited to believe it was somehow significant in terms of the current situation relating to Brexit and Indyref2.

BBC Scotland was subliminally influencing the public.  The broadcaster was sending a message.  The message was that leaving the EU will be less damaging to Scotland’s trade than independence.

Indeed Reporting Scotland presenter Jackie Bird admitted that the story was only leading the flagship news programme because of the current political situation.  “These annual figures wouldn’t normally lead our programme” she told the ever predictable business [political] correspondent Douglas Fraser.  Oh, did you notice how Douglas managed to portray Theresa May as fighting on behalf of Scotland by going to the USA to “get a good trade deal”?  That’s also classic Unionist rhetoric.

Jackie Bird acknowledged what most independence supporters already knew.  The choice of that evening’s lead story was purely political.  That’s why the trade figures were artificially boosted to the top of the news agenda and why BBC Scotland reporters kept comparing Scotland’s EU trade with rUK trade.

It wasn’t about educating the electorate [Why was the Oil & Gas sector stripped out of the stats?].  It was about steering them.  It was designed to complement Unionist rhetoric and make vacuous claims appear to have substance.

Even the ludicrous claim from Unionists that the UK operates a ‘Single Market’ is being repeated by BBC Scotland reporters.  Below is a short clip of political correspondent Andrew Kerr from Thursday morning’s Good Morning Scotland.


BBC Scotland will continue to do this.  The station follows an agenda as a train follows the rail on which it traverses.  It can’t deviate.  It is institutionally corrupt.

It remains our biggest opponent in the quest for independence.  I have said it before … it is not ours … it is theirs.

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12 thoughts on “BBC Scotland can’t be anything *but* corrupt

  1. bringiton

    Hasn’t stopped Union HQ from walking away from it’s biggest trading partner.
    As usual,that sort of thing is only a problem for Scotland.

  2. Sandy

    I like Peter Bell’s approach of challenging Unionists to explain why, exactly, that trade would stop or reduce if Scotland became independent.

    I also agree with @bringiton. Its worth pointing out the inconsistency between the view that Brexit, where the UK walks away from its largest trading partner, will be just peachy while Scotland doing the same thing will be a complete disaster. If you believe walking away from your largest trade partnership is going to be tragic, surely you wouldn’t want to remain shackled to a country intent on doing exactly that?

    If this is the best they’ve got, they’ve got nothing.

  3. Andy McKirdy

    Can’t say anymore on this subject without having the veins in my neck bulge and steam come out my ears!!!!!
    Can anyone tell me how much tax revenue did the UK treasury get from oil sales in 2015/16???

    1. Gordon

      Supposedly £60million and if you believe that then you won’t believe what Norway made for a similar amount of oil,,,,,,,,,, £16billion.
      Ah, the broad shoulders of the UK working fine.
      Same with the Hans Chrisian Andersen GERS figures. £15billion of debt, the secret is not to break it down and reveal that £9bilion is interest on the UK debt of £1.8trillion.
      Question really is this,,, ,,, How can your next door neighbour charge you for his whopping credit card debt?
      Answers please?

  4. Roddy Scott

    So the BBC has got its unionist wheels in motion yet again, Liebor is in cahoots with the Scottish Tories, the ‘Fear Party’ is reassembling for yet another campaign.
    Did we expect anything less to happen?

    If it is good enough for the Gander, then it is good enough for the Goose. rUK cannot follow one direction and then tell us to go in the other.
    Westminster is solely there to benefit the profiteers and sycophants that make up the Conservative government. They bleed the country dry at every opportunity and to be shot of the whole nest of snakes that they are is the best thing that could happen

    The BBC forgot to mention how much Scottish exports to the rest of the world brings in or is that irrelevant? Once again it is rUK for the rUK.

  5. Cadogan Enright

    I am sure i have seen an examination of these figures where it was shown most ‘exports’ to England or rUK were re exported elsewhere with oil and whiskey featuring most prominently , resulting in the EU being Scotlands most important market

  6. Big Jock

    Missing point is why there is no Eu export port in Scotland. Scots firms forced to send goods to England first. How many goods are actually destined for England. Why would England say that it can get good trade deals with Eu after Brexit that excluded indi Scotland in the Eu. This is not even political it’s downright lying excrement!

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  8. Clydebuilt

    Why does the SNP approach the BBC passively. As GAP points out they are our main obstacle to Independence.
    Could argue that the SNP’s approach so far has been successful…… Alternatively could say that with a further reduction in the BBC’s reputation we might already be an independent nation…….

    Many nationalists would like the SNP to take some action that would undermine the broadcasters reputation. What would this action be, is it achievable, and what would be tge cost.

    Perhaps answering the BBC’s partial questions demonstrating that they are wrong and putting our case …… Is the best use we can make of the BBC. Until Indy they ain’t going away.

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