BBC Scotland and Indyref2 ‘obsession’

newspapers-obsessionWhat is obsession?  Is it the constant pursuit of perfection, the following of a football team or the unshakeable holding on to your principles?

If you are Ruth Davidson [or the Unionist media] then ‘obsession’ is the refusal to stop arguing for what you believe in.

Ruth is a Unionist and, by her own logic, is obsessed with Scotland remaining in the Union.  Ruth believes the SNP should stop campaigning for independence.  The Scottish government, according to Ruth, can only be obsessed with that which meets with the approval of Ruth Davidson.

Ruth of course once disapproved of any new powers for the Scottish parliament beyond that prompted by the Calman Commission.  Ruth changed her mind when she realised that Scotland had moved on and the trinkets prompted by Calman weren’t going to be enough to satisfy the majority of Scots who wanted either full independence or Devolution Max.

Ruth now disapproves of the draft bill for a possible indyref2.  She disapproves of Scots being offered the opportunity to remain a member of the European Union should independence be the only possible escape route from Brexit.  In short, Ruth Davidson is demanding the SNP remove the possibility of a second independence referendum during the lifetime of this parliament, and in doing so ditch a key manifesto commitment.

Ruth is being helped in this anti-democratic quest by the BBC.  The corporation has embraced a particularly idiotic and insulting piece of political rhetoric uttered by the Scottish Conservative leader.  Ruth Davidson has accused Nicola Sturgeon of obsessing over independence and of failing to do her day job.

bbc-obsessed2The claim that the SNP is ‘obsessed’ by independence to the extent that it is failing to carry out its governmental responsibilities is risible.

The amount of legislation brought forward by this SNP administration is incredible.  Indeed the media never tires of headlining Unionist attacks on controversial policies such as Named Person, Minimum Pricing and Curriculum for Excellence.

But the ‘should get on with the day job’ line is gaining traction because a corrupt media needs it to gain traction.  Not only that, but we are now being told that the extensive legislative programme announced by Nicola Sturgeon on Tuesday was due in part to pressure caused by Ruth Davidson’s attacks.

Listen to the following clip of BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor discussing Ruth Davidson’s ridiculous claim.


Taylor repeated the claim that evening on Reporting Scotland, as you can see below.

The narrative continued into the following day as this short clip from Good Morning Scotland shows.


The idea that any or all of the Scottish government’s legislative programme was prompted by Ruth Davidson’s ‘get on with the day job’ attack line is nonsensical.  For an experienced political reporter of the calibre of Brian Taylor to even suggest it genuinely beggars belief.

Indeed a cleverly produced short video of the debate that followed Nicola Sturgeon’s legislation announcement shows clearly, that far from the SNP obsessing over independence and indyref2, it was the Unionist opposition that would not let the subject go.

But the ‘SNP obsession’ line is the one the BBC, along with most of the pro-Union media, wants to run.  The claim featured prominently in interviews and news bulletins on Wednesday’s Good Morning Scotland.

As ever this pro-Union manufactured piece of propaganda was the subject of the moronic morning phone-in with Kaye Adams.  The short clip below is how Adams introduced her show.


The show, when it finally aired, was predictably dreadful.  The poorly informed and politically bigoted jostled with one another in a mud-fight of ignorance.  The clip below is not untypical of the kind of views that are expressed by some pro-Union contributors – ex Sunday Herald editor Richard Walker makes a valiant attempt at explaining the situation … to no avail.


The claim by BBC Scotland presenters that the SNP is ‘obsessing’ over independence to the detriment of ‘the day job’ is of course nonsense.  What is being described as ‘obsession’ is the long standing goal of the party.  If the SNP drops its goal of independence it ceases to exist.  Supporters will desert it in their droves.

The parallel claim that Nicola Sturgeon is obsessing over Indyref2 is equally inaccurate.  What the First Minister is doing is preparing for an eventuality – a contingency plan if you like.  Nicola Sturgeon is doing as she said she would immediately after the Brexit result.  She is exploring every single option in order to ensure Scotland’s interests are not damaged.

As Richard Walker explained to Kaye Adams, seeking to ensure Scotland is protected from the Brexit fallout is part of the First Minister’s day job.  Nicola Sturgeon would have been failing in her duty as First Minister had she not included a second independence referendum as an option.

Indeed she has also offered to work alongside Conservative Ministers in an attempt at avoiding the damaging impact of Brexit.  This though places Ruth Davidson in an invidious position.  What is the leader of the Conservative party in Scotland doing in order to ameliorate Brexit damage?

Davidson has thus far offered nothing beyond urging Scots to meekly accept the UK-wide result of the EU referendum.  She has absolutely nothing constructive to offer beyond uber-Unionism.  To Davidson, Scotland’s desire to remain in the European Union counts for nothing if we are outvoted by the rest of the UK.

Don’t forget that Ruth Davidson also claimed a No vote in the independence referendum was the only way to ensure Scotland remained a member of the EU.  She has faced very little in terms of pressure over this clear falsehood.

There is an indisputable fact resulting from the Brexit vote as Nicola outlined in a speech in July.  The UK that Scotland voted to stay in in 2014 no longer exists.  The game has changed.  It is this reality that the Unionist media are desperate to try to gloss over.

The reason Davidson and her ilk are running the ‘SNP Obsession’ line is in order to distract from Brexit.  Davidson’s party at Westminster are all over the place.  There is no clear plan.  Nobody knows what Brexit means.

Nicola Sturgeon is putting in contingency plans, one of which includes the option of a second independence referendum.  The irony is that it is Davidson’s own party that could kill indyref2 off for the decade they covet.  Theresa May need only agree to Nicola Sturgeon’s five requests, which includes access to the single market and free travel, to take indyref2 off the table.

But she can’t do that, because May herself has no idea what Brexit means and what the UK will seek or, more likely, end up with.  This was cruelly exposed by Angus Robertson during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday when the Prime Minister failed to answer the direct question which was whether May herself wanted the UK to remain in the single market.

corbyn-aideCompounding the Scottish Unionist discomfort further are reports that an aide to Jeremy Corbyn had said Labour doesn’t want to stay in the ‘damaging’ EU single market.

Unionists are all over the place on the issue of Brexit.  Ruth is obsessed with diverting from that fact.

BBC Scotland will continue to present diversionary nonsense statements as ‘news’ whilst ignoring the very real news which is the bungled confusion that is Brexit.  When the reality of Brexit eventually bites, the SNP’s ‘obsession’ with Indyref2 will be comparable with passengers on the Titanic ‘obsessing’ over a lifeboat.

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11 thoughts on “BBC Scotland and Indyref2 ‘obsession’

  1. donald anderson

    She only got away with it so long because she appeared to be intelligent when compared with Labour. Now the difference is not worth arguing about and she has become just as offensive.

  2. William Bryan

    The propaganda war has never let up.I worry about the people that believe what they are told by the media.Can they not see the evidence before their own eyes.

    1. Isabella Malcolm

      Totally agree William, the number of people who have told me that Nicola should ‘do her job’ is frightening and they are not interested in discussing why they think or believe that. It is the papers and that is enough for them.

      1. William Bryan

        She is doing her day job a damn site better than than the UK gov. Q Who else has some sort of working plan, A that is a big No one.

  3. Scott Cameron

    You forgot to mention that Ruth’s party were abjectly against the principle of a Scottish Parliament at the very outset, and pulled a u-turn when they realised they’d have more representation at Holyrood than at WM.

  4. Jas

    I’ve supported the idea and cause of Independence since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. My late Dad had been involved in the movement since the days of Oliver Brown and Wendy Wood. He knew and worked with both. He passed on his political beliefs and aspirations to me – the knowledge that Westminster can never serve Scotland honestly or democratically. Once your eyes are opened to this state of affairs there is no chance of ever seeing things any other way. Like many others I remember when the SNP were treated as a political joke and not losing a deposit was measured as a decent result.

    But in all those years I don’t recall any of us ever madly ‘obsessing’ about independence. Yes, we believed firmly in the democratic ideal of self-government but to ‘obsess’ would have driven most of us crazy because politics is a long game. If anything we learned to have patience, knowing that our cause would be an uphill struggle against the prevailing Brit establishment who control many ideological levers. In this sense the independence cause is in fact anti-establishment and revolutionary.

    And this revolution is brought about by intelligent, gradual persuasion not obsession. Slowly but surely, down the years, more and more people are having their eyes opened to Scotland’s sorry situation. Independence feels closer than ever and the SNP are now playing a canny game with the Brit establishment. But it could still take some years before we get over the line. I believe that democracy, in the end, will always win out. No matter how much dirt Unionists throw at us, they cannot stem the democratic tide once it takes hold, even if the process can feel a little too slow sometimes.

  5. millie

    The BBC is obsessed with the ‘independence’ narrative. It is also trying to ‘sell’ Brexit to Scottish listeners to smooth the path for Westminster’s wishes with regard to Brexit..

    The BBC also seems to be making up stories, before contacting the treasury- See the change at the bottom of ‘page 2’ in this article from BBC-

  6. Jockanese Wind Talker

    The BBC gets £200 Million in licence fee payments from Scotland, most of which is not spent in or for Scotland by the broadcaster.

    They know they will lose this revenue from an Independent Scotland.

    An organisation with that much to lose will never be impartial (despite what the BBC claim).

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