BBC Bias Documentary – A final push

youtubeTowards the end of last year I launched an appeal aimed at raising funds for the purpose of filming a documentary based on the book by GA Ponsonby ‘London Calling – How the BBC stole the Referendum’.

The appeal raised almost three quarters of the £20,000 target.  The cash raised allowed me to start my project, filming for which was completed earlier this month.

The project is now in its editing and production phase – the final lap.  As you read this I am busy editing the footage we have filmed and constructing a narrative and shape for the finished documentary.

I have been fortunate to have received help from several talented individuals.  Time and effort has been donated for small fees, or free of charge.  That said, there is still a considerable amount of technical and creative work still to be carried out in order to create the professional and polished finished product this project deserves.

The documentary will require the services of professionals to ensure it is of the highest standard.  Although I can keep costs to a minimum, it will still require some further donations from supporters in order to cover these final costs.

I have therefore decided to launch this top-up appeal, in the hope that we can find the £5000 shortfall from the initial appeal. The short trailer below is a ROUGH EDIT of one of the scenes in the film, giving supporters an idea of what is coming. I now hope to complete the project by late June, if not before.

With a second independence referendum now almost certain, this documentary will be key to ensuring the power of the BBC is curtailed.

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Many thanks
Alan Knight

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