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Anti-SNP ‘Rolls-Royce smear’ forces philanthropist to reveal identity – Towards Indyref2…

Anti-SNP ‘Rolls-Royce smear’ forces philanthropist to reveal identity

A smear, widely believed to have been pushed by the media in order to harm the SNP as the party prepared to hold its June conference, has forced a philanthropic businessman to reveal his identity.

Boyd Tunnock [pictured] has revealed that he is the man who donated a Rolls-Royce car to the City of Glasgow.

The millionaire owner of Tunnocks said he was surprised at the reaction his gift had caused and confirmed he himself had asked that his identity be kept secret.

In a statement, the busnessman said: “I have to say I’ve been a bit surprised by the reaction to this.

“Glasgow always had a Rolls-Royce and I was able to give mine to the city so I thought, why not?

“I really wanted this to be a good thing. I didn’t want any credit for it so I asked the city to keep my name quiet, but I’m quite happy for people to know it’s me.”

Mr Tunnock’s statement followed days of politically inspired smear attacks on the SNP group in Glasgow after news of the donation was revealed.  The attacks, from Labour and Conservative politicians came in the same week the SNP held its June conference.

The attacks were seized on by BBC Scotland with the issue featuring in broadcasts and in online articles.

Statements from Labour MP Paul Sweeney formed the basis for headlines on June 6th.

Despite the attacks, the gift does not transgress rules on donations and will in fact save Glasgow Council much needed public cash.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “It’s important to remember this is a donation which has not cost the council anything and in fact will save money.

“It would clearly not be appropriate to buy a car such as this but having received it as a donation there will be occasions when it is appropriate to use it.”

After receiving the car on Tuesday, Lord Provost Eva Bolander said: “I want Glasgow to show its best face to the world and this gift will help us do that.

“It’s a show-stopping car and a tremendous asset.”


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8 thoughts on “Anti-SNP ‘Rolls-Royce smear’ forces philanthropist to reveal identity

  1. Davy

    Has their ever been a Nation so ill-served by its own media and its own political opposition.

    Thank the lord the heart of Scotland, its people, has opened their eyes and no longer will be deceived by such “quizmasters”.

  2. john

    Clutching at straws , it’s a sign of desperation that the Scottish media and opposition parties can’t see this as an asset to the city but only as an SNP baaad story .The car was given graciously , free of charge , with two years maintenance thrown in .
    One good thing about all this vile publicity is that Boyd Tunnock may now have a clearer idea of what Unionism means in Scotland , it means no matter what good you try to do for your own Scottish people you will be shouted down by a biased media and a desperate Union . Let’s hope it gives Mr Tunnock food for thought , and come the next referendum he will not get involved in any way ! .

  3. Robert Graham

    Good on Mr Tunnock a fine gesture, and probably a real eye opener to the petty vindictive spiteful behaviour of the Unionist parties and their media,

    Any other country in the world would welcome a genuine gift like this, but not in Scotland a country inhabited by small minded backward looking fools .

    England and the English are not the problem its the cretinous supporters of this useless union that are holding the rest of the country back ,

    Egg on red faces all round, the troubling part is how stupid they were to vent their scorn and bile without thinking , if ever a own goal was witnessed this was it ,

    I guess we won’t hear anything more about this , no apology will be offered and the perpetrators will slither back under the rocks they came from lying in wait for the next opportunity , Mabye its time for the SNP to start some mischief start setting some traps for these willing fools .

  4. Independent Woman

    I remember the official Glasgow car when I was a child (decades ago) and Glasgow was under Labour administration. It was big and black and had the G0 numberplate. But that was under Labour and so it was alright.

    Might a kind philanthropist consider buying the proud city of Glasgow a tandem bike so that the Provost can be transported to official duties without causing all this stushie?

  5. Clydebuilt

    Did Boyd Tunnock go public to save the Yoons from digging an even bigger hole for themselves.

  6. Bibbit

    Notice too how the ‘smear’ stories immediately ended when it was published the donor was a unionist. I suspect if the donor had been say, Alan Cummings, Sean Connery or the nice SNP couple who won the lottery, (and are routinely denigrated by MSM) this most bizarre of ‘smears’ would still be running.

    And the reason it is so bizarre is that the Labour Council for decades had their own Rolls Royce, bought out of public funds, just so Labour High Heid Yins could swan around town, caring not a jot or very little for the poverty it swanned past.

    Don’t do as Labour do, do as Labour tells you.

  7. Jason Smoothpiece

    They have no credibility they are being laughed at they are arseholes.

    Apologies for the bad language but sometimes it seems appropriate.

    Mr Tunnock is a wealthy man he gives to various good causes he did not deserve the heat created by the Unionists in this situation.

    It is difficult to see any benefit to Mr Tunnock in this case.

    Let us not forget the last time Glasgow had a Rolls Royce it was bought and paid for by the ratepayers of Glasgow.

    Under Labour of course.

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