Another Reporting Scotland blackout

Last week Reporting Scotland dropped a highly significant story which undermined Scottish Conservative claims over post-Brexit fishing access to UK waters.

A clear example of bias through omission or a lack of resource?  Independence supporters would insist it was the former.

This weekend an equally bizarre piece of editing has caused consternation amongst Yessers.

In an interview given to BBC Scotland reporter Nick Eardley, former SNP MP Michelle Thomson invited SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon to apologise for the treatment she [Thomson] endured at the hands of the party.  Thomson had been forced to resign the party whip after being linked to a police investigation into mortgage fraud.

The SNP MP also criticised media coverage of the episode, and singled out the BBC.

The former MP invited the BBC to apologise for its part in what she described as “sinister” reporting.

The clip in question can be heard below.


The interview contained criticism of two organisations and two requests for an apology.  Yet when that day’s Reporting Scotland aired only one was highlighted.

Missing from the Reporting Scotland item was the criticism of the broadcaster.  There was no suggestion whatsoever that Michelle Thomson had invited the BBC to apologise for its own conduct.  The omission mirrored news bulletins earlier that day on Radio Scotland.


The only way viewers would have been aware of Michelle Thomson’s criticism of the BBC, and the wider media, would be if they had listened to the 28 minute radio interview played that morning.  Even then they would have had to have waited 25 minutes for the segment in question.

Few average punters will listen to a 28 minute political interview.  It’s reproduced below if you want to give it a go.


Most people will happily sit through a 150 second Reporting Scotland easily digestible item replete with highly-suggestive graphics.

Viewers trust the BBC.  Why would the corporation want to draw attention to anything that might erode that trust?


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10 thoughts on “Another Reporting Scotland blackout

  1. Robert Graham

    Good to see the new management rectifying mistakes of the past .

    This just draws attention to everything else they are up to , will the media , the scottish media report this Aye in yer dreams , we have a mountain to climb but they cant hide everything .

  2. manandboy

    BBC news and current affairs in Scotland seeks to poison the minds of the Scottish electorate.
    They remind me of those gamekeepers on grouse estates who put poison down for eagles, red kites, sea eagles, buzzards, and other raptors.
    Same type of people.

  3. bringiton

    Imagine if RT got it’s Scottish broadcasting license from the Kremlin and was accountable only to a ficticious organisation in Moscow controlled by the FSB.
    Would you trust them to act in Scotland’s interests?

  4. Jason Smoothpiece

    The serious problem we have with the state broadcaster is a large number of people believe what is delivered.

    The same applies to the so called newspapers ordinary folk simply accept what is printed.

    The NO campaign continues.

    Are we all wearing our anti BBC badges?

  5. bringiton

    How long would the BBC and most of the English press last if they were attacking the Westminster establishment in the way they do to the Scottish government?
    I suspect we would suddenly find that OFCOM has the ability to put them out of business and would.

  6. Gregor

    BBC (‘Flagship’ journalistic institution?) and industry regulator should, at a bare minimum, possess the competence and professionalism to proactively recognise such gutter-level non-journalism, and take the necessary action to mitigate such extremely inaccurate, misleading and slanderous – ‘Fake News’.

    What is most disturbing and utterly unacceptable, is that they have done absolutely nothing to address the issue/s, at all – in fact they are persisting with their twisted and sinister narrative.

    Rogue state broadcaster BBC is enemy of journalism & ethics, and ‘the people’ of the civilized world. OFCOM are not fit-for-purpose.

    No wonder public trust in the mainstream media establishment is at an all time low…

  7. philip maughan

    On tonight’s Reporting Scotland (7.8.17) they are still reporting Michelle Thomson’s criticism of the SNP but have now added a wee bit on the end saying that MT was also critical of ‘the media’s coverage’ No names offered.

  8. Iain Crosbie

    As a young person brought up during the Cold War, I thought it was obvious that a state controlled mouthpiece such as Pravda could not be trusted.
    It has taken until the last 3-4 years for me to realise that the BBC play the same game. The scales have fallen from my eyes. I was naive but I now know better.

  9. Toni Glaster

    Fuck me sideways, is this wee gang of plumber, taxi drivers and unemployed lorry drivers still greeting about the BBC? Go find jobs, you losers

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