An open letter to Ruth Davidson MSP

Dear Ruth, after weeks of silence I was surprised to see you in a television interview this Sunday when you claimed “people said we were not going to get a deal on EU nationals, and we have”.

There is no deal on EU nationals Ruth – if there were one, we would know. What we do know is that of all EU nationals who applied for permanent residence since the vote to leave the European Union in June 2016, 30 per cent had their applications rejected by the Home Office. If you had read some of their stories – one in Edinburgh, a French mother married to an ex-marine living here for 24 years and asked by the Home Office to leave after Brexit – if you were concentrating on your day job, you would know, Ruth.

There are so many of us left in limbo that “In Limbo” is now a book of testimonies from EU citizens across the UK. If you hadn’t blocked me on Twitter, you would know, Ruth. If you had bothered to meet us, the three million EU citizens living here in the UK, you would know, Ruth.

No excuses for not knowing, Ruth Davidson, that in your own city of Edinburgh EU citizens with other migrants were out demonstrating about how your own UK Government is busy mistreating them, separating families, filling detention centres and removing the rights of people like me. I was out in Aberdeen with my grandchildren celebrating the contribution migrants, all migrants, make to our city. I’m proud to be a migrant and I thank everyone who came to proudly stand with us on Saturday all across the UK in the “One Day Without Us” event.

Ruth, I wonder if you really can claim you don’t know what is happening to us. I think you do, but you don’t want to admit that we have become an inhumane and xenophobic country. Some blame Brexit. I blame Theresa May and I blame you.

Christian Allard

French citizen living in Scotland for more than 30 years, former MSP for the North East of Scotland, Aberdeen City Councillor for Torry and Ferryhill

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3 thoughts on “An open letter to Ruth Davidson MSP

  1. Clydebuilt

    Excellent article Christian! I didn’t know half the facts.

    OT . . Call KayE topic . . Rubbishing the Scottish Government’s budget. . . . two expert guests . . . Struan Stevenson and Andy MacIver . . . .

    Tories to the MAX. An example of Bias to come!

  2. Robert Graham

    a prerequisite of all unionists is the ability to lie without blushing .

    after all who in the media is going to call them out ? – Rhetorical Question .

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