Amber Rudd, said to be Ruth Davidson’s ‘pick of the Cabinet’, resigns as Home Secretary

Amber Rudd has resigned as Home Secretary after documents cast doubt on her claim there were no targets to repatriate immigrants.

Ms Rudd, who was due to make a statement in the House of Commons on Monday, was under growing pressure to quit over the Windrush scandal.

Her decision to step down follows the emergence of Home Office records that appeared to disprove her claims to have had no knowledge of removals targets.

On Sunday, the Guardian newspaper published a letter sent to Theresa May, in which Ms Rudd set out her “ambitious but deliverable” aim to deport 10% more illegal immigrants over the “next few years.”

The resignation is a blow for Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson who is reported to have viewed Ms Rudd as “the pick of the current Cabinet”.  The MSP, who announced she was pregnant last week, is said to have held a secret meeting with Rudd last year which fuelled speculation of a leadership challenge against Theresa May.

Ms Rudd’s decision to resign follows calls from several SNP MPs for her to stand down.  On Friday Joanna Cherry MP tweeted: “In terms of the ministerial code Amber Rudd must resign now. This is what I called for on Monday. On behalf of @theSNP I renew that call. Home Secretary’s position is untenable. High price for carrying on @theresa_may dirty work on.”

The resignation of Amber Rudd leaves the current Prime Minister exposed and vulnerable to attack as anger over Windrush increases.  It was May herself, when Home Secretary, who allegedly drove through the so-called ‘hostile environment’ policy that was the catalyst for the Windrush scandal which has led to UK citizens being forced to leave their home of over fifty years.

Responding to news of Rudd’s resignation, Joanna Cherry MP tweeted: “PM @theresa_may should be very worried now she’s lost her human shield. I’ve no doubt there will be more concerning revelations to come about the results of her toxic #immigration policies & this time there will be no hiding behind.”

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4 thoughts on “Amber Rudd, said to be Ruth Davidson’s ‘pick of the Cabinet’, resigns as Home Secretary

  1. Big Jock

    Now how are thon unionist papers going to frame this so that Sturgeon is to blame. :”Blow for Snp”

  2. Cubby

    British Nationalists lie and their media lie all the time.

    The stupid ones who are politicians get so used to lying all the time they forget to stop lying when in Parliament. Resignation/ scandal is the result.

    BAIRNS not bombs.

  3. bringiton

    How are they going to sell Brexit Britain as open for business when they have a policy of deporting as many foreigners as possible.
    India for one will not be impressed.
    They can’t blame Windrush on the EU,as with so much else,the buck stops with Westminster.

  4. Robert Graham

    Rudd tossed under Boris’s NHS bus , everyone and the dogs in the street knows it should have been Mrs Mayhem , is there anything the worst PM in living memory touches that dosnt fall apart after she has finished with it , has she ever done anything right , that was rhetorical.

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