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Alternative media? – Towards Indyref2…

Alternative media?

I see CommonSpace is persisting in the lie it promulgated previously by insisting that the SNP “voted against” a similar resolution on under-18 military recruitment last year. Here’s what I wrote in response to the lie when it was first published,

“The headline on this article is as dishonest as any you’ll find in the Herald or Scotsman. The resolution on raising the age of military recruitment was not blocked by MPs. It was not blocked at all. It was remitted back for further consideration on the vote of delegates to National Council, only a handful of whom were MPs.

This decision was taken, moreover, after a thorough debate in which both sides had every opportunity to put their case to the 300 or so delegates and observers gathered in Perth. It is as ‘misleading’ to imply that there was no explanation for this action as it is to claim that the action was taken by MPs.”

We were led to believe that CommonSpace was going to be different from the mainstream media. All I am seeing hear is more of the same.

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5 thoughts on “Alternative media?

  1. Jon

    Common Spaced Out . Whatever they are, they are not Pro- Independence. That’s why they get on the BBC, STV and the Sunday Herald

  2. 100%YES

    Who cares the SNP have sorted it, me personally I would have made the age 21. As for common Space I have found one or two comments they have made a bit WTF I don’t read or donate to them. The YES movement is on its own social media is or site like this one or wings, gingerdug. I gave up on Bella and common space long ago.

  3. Robert Graham

    I seem to remember the confusion caused at the last Holyrood elections , by them and others leading to a lost majority , Remember lend us your vote you are going to win by a landslide , aye that worked out just fine didn’t it .

    Always a bit suspicious of so called independence supporters , who vote Labour whats that about , totally baffling .

    1. KennyM

      Robert Graham I’m baffled as to why you think it’s baffling that cp come out with this crap. They’re british nationalists, albeit closet ones. Simple.

  4. Karenkel

    I never was very sure of Common Space, having read a few articles I came to the conclusion that they were not alternative media at all. They were/are very much mainstream and if I wanted that, I would buy the Daily Record, etc.

    I buy the National and tend to read Wings, Wee ginger dug, and of course here. And now, there’s the indycar, Gordon Ross. He is a good source of information. And yes, I cannot for the life of me see what is so great about Labour. And why those in the independence movement would vote for them.

    I voted Labour for years, they let me down, lied to me, and have the audacity to blame the SNP for their demise. It’s the Bliarites in their party that have brought about their demise in Scotland. That and standing shoulder to shoulder with the Tories during the independence campaign.

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