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Absence of honesty – Towards Indyref2…

Absence of honesty

David Torrance’s assertion that he never wears a collar and tie is interesting for more than just the fact that it is patently untrue. The lie is less intriguing than the manner and circumstances in which it was told.

It is not the lie itself that is of any great import. It’s not as if he’s a female politician; in which case we would be expected to find huge significance in the individual’s sartorial choices. If Nicola Sturgeon wears tartan shoes this is reckoned by the meeja to tell us all we need to know about her politics and her character. Unless David Torrance turns up in a pink taffeta tutu and latex gimp-mask nobody is going to take much interest. Probably not even then.

Torrance isn’t being interrogated about whether he is now or has ever been a wearer of collars and ties. It was not a lie told to conceal a shameful addiction to cutaways and kippers. It was a casual lie. A lie told with the easy assurance of someone confident their word will not be challenged. At least, not by anybody that matters.

It was a lie told with thoughtless contempt for his audience, as well as a nonchalant disdain for truth. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t true. Truth was not a consideration.

It’s not only that it’s dishonest. It’s that honesty isn’t deemed necessary. Worse! It’s that honesty is deemed redundant. Not that it is actively rejected. Just that the question of a need for honesty never really arises. Something which, particularly for someone claiming to be a journalist, should be fundamental and essential and instinctual is just not there. It is lacking. As if it has been excised. It is absent.

A stupid lie about never wearing a collar and tie may seem trivial. And so it may be. It may tell us nothing more than that Torrance is an arrogant fool. But it may also be symptomatic of a more generalised absence of honesty in the mainstream media. And that surely matters.

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10 thoughts on “Absence of honesty

  1. David Bruce

    Is it a lie or an admission by self-denial? It’s possible, having been caught out on ‘his favourite, the gorilla channel’ that he knows the games up.

  2. Ken

    Let’s give Torrance the benefit of the doubt and look on this as an attempt at post-modern irony.

    For an attention seeker of his magnitude, he’ll be well pleased with the result.

  3. Dave McEwan Hill

    The fact that he thought it important or even sensible to remark indicates the infantile level of Torrance’s contribution to general. discourse

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  5. Elizabeth H. Scott

    I suppose anybody who lies with such ease over something so trivial, can be regarded as a compulsive liar. Maybe that is why his biographies on Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon were both unauthorised.

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