About Us

Our aim is to be a credible, authoritative, interesting and entertaining source of news, analysis and commentary relating to Scotland’s political scene.

We are explicitly pro-independence. We support the peaceful, democratic campaign to bring Scotland’s government home; the better to address the needs, aspirations and priorities of Scotland’s people and build a better, fairer, greener nation.

We are committed to the campaign to defend Scotland’s right of self-determination. We fully support the effort to build demand for a fresh referendum, believing that only the people of Scotland have the legitimate authority to determine, define and delimit the powers of their parliament.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to being the positive, but honest, lens on Scottish society that the mainstream media in Scotland and the rest of the UK so lamentably fails to be. The old media has largely abandoned its role as an adjunct to the democratic process – there to inform and explain and illuminate. The new media must take up that role. With your support, we aim to play a part.

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