Making a stand

angry_villagersI’m sure Humza Yousaf was well aware when he took on the transport portfolio that he would immediately be targeted by the usual shrill mob of British Labour in Scotland (BLiS) loyalists and assorted British nationalist fanatics. Resentful at being deprived of the political power that they took for granted over a period of decades, BLiS now wields the only power that is left to it. Power that derives, not from any kind of democratic mandate, but from the uncritical support of the British media.

It matters nothing to these Angry Villagers that Yousaf may be one of the nation’s most dedicated public servants; or that Scotland’s governance would be seriously diminished by being deprived of the contribution he makes. For BLiS, it is all about venting their bitter resentment of the SNP. For British nationalists in general, it is entirely about returning the Scottish Parliament to the control of the British parties. For the entire slavering mob, it’s a matter of ‘The Union At Any Cost’.

The First Minister must not pander to the Angry Villagers. Nicola Sturgeon has to take a stand against those who would inflict any damage on Scotland just for the sake of scoring points against the SNP. She must defy the mindless rabble demanding Humza Yousaf’s head. She must face down the Angry Villagers. and those of us who put Scotland first should stand with her as she does so.

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2 thoughts on “Making a stand

  1. Jockanese Wind Talker

    When the new rolling stock arrives BLiS et al will claim this only happened due to their pressure on Yousaf and it will be faithfully reported as such.

    BLiS are dead and only kept alive by the BBC and MSM (their life support machine).

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