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Youtube takes down Wings Over Scotland channel – Towards Indyref2…

Youtube takes down Wings Over Scotland channel

The Wings Over Scotland youtube channel has been taken down by the host, it has emerged.

Stuart Campbell, who runs the site, tweeted the news today saying Youtube was claiming multiple copyright breaches.

Anyone visiting the blogger’s Youtube channel were confronted with a message which said: “This account has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.”

However the ‘copyright infringement’ claim was denied by Campbell who insisted the account was free of any copyright issues.

In a series of tweets he said: “The latest assault on Wings: our @YouTube channel has been deleted, without warning, ‘for copyright breaches’ despite *0* copyright strikes.

“The channel is a huge repository of political evidence, much of it not recorded elsewhere. It complies completely with copyright law.

“We’ve received a *very* small number of copyright complaints over the years, all of which were resolved. The account was in good standing.

“Not only was there no warning, there hasn’t even been an official notification of the termination. It’s extremely suspicious.

“It now appears that the BBC are behind this. Gosh, whyever would they want to do such a thing?”

The news came just days after another pro-independence blogger suffered the same fate.  Peter Curran’s site was taken down for similar copyright breaches.

In a tweet, Curran said: “My #YouTube channel has been disabled due to ‘multiple copyright strikes’ claim by #BBC. I won’t be contesting them or trying to re-activate the channel, #TAofMoridura. A 9-year archive of independence clips now lost. A certain irony, since I often defend #BBC against bias claims.”

The news prompted anger on social media, with many attacking the BBC. One poster said: “Makes you think that only the state will broadcast what it wants the people to see and hear. Big brother days are here sadly.”

Another added: “Looks like a targeted attack against the indy movement. Fight it!”

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9 thoughts on “Youtube takes down Wings Over Scotland channel

  1. John

    Watch out Indyfef2 , orders from Whitehall via the State Broadcaster will be targeting you and your followers next .

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Said it before but:

    The BBC in Scotland are complying with the Royal Charter of the BritNat Broadcasting Corporation:

    6. The Public Purpose

    (4) “….help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.”

    They are just following orders folks.

    WoS is contributing to the unraveling of the ‘precious Union’ and is in the crosshairs today.

    Who of us tomorrow?

    Don’t pay the propaganda tax.

    British Nationalist Broadcasting (Scotland Division) is our equivalent of the Rwandan radio station of the 1990s called Radio-Television Libre des Milles Collines.

    It exists to undermine the Scots Government, foster division and sectarianism and is backed by powerful people in business and Government of the UK and Opposition on Scotland.


    Can AUOB arrange an Anti Censorship March on PQ and could it be the centre piece of a “Don’t pay the BritNat Propaganda Tax” Campaign?

    Will Anti Brexit and BBC Bias Lord Andrew Adonis come out in defence of Stu and Wings?

    Can we hit YouTube in the pocket (highlight it’s anti free speech activities to those who advertise on its platform and explain their products will be boycotted until they stop advertising)?

    Remember “If you tolerate this then your children will be next”.

  3. Jason Smoothpiece

    The BBC are just doing their job.

    The BBC are the propaganda arm of the English Nationalist regime they are merely complying with a direction to act.

    The regime is under sustained pressure due to the mess they have made of Brexit.

    The slow but steady progress of the Scottish Independence movement has no doubt added to the pressure.

    I recommend the book the BBC Myth of a Public Service by Tom Mills.

    I would suggest the Regime will take further steps some legislation to weaken the right to criticise the Regime, more control over the intrrnet is a cert.

  4. bringiton

    News management and subsequent control of the message has always been important to the British state but is more important than ever now it is under threat from within.
    We live in a pretendy democracy with pretendy democratic values run by a pretendy democratic parliament (British state that is).
    One thing is certain,relying on companies in thrall to the British state is not a sensible idea and their behaviour towards Scottish self determination entirely predictable.
    Perhaps Catalonia could help us out?

  5. Wendy B

    The same thing has happened to the Forward As One account (Martin Keatings).
    I really don’t know what good the BBC think this is going to do – they really are pushing us towards independence now!

  6. Big Jock

    I wonder if a general election is is imminent. What with this and the Tories targeting fake news. They will decide what is fake!

  7. Robert Graham

    The u/tube take down was a test to gauge public reaction, and a warning not to push or challenge their total control of the media,

    All the fools celebrating this strike by the people who are actually in control not the front presented to hide the fact there is no democracy in this country, the fools don’t realise this power to silence can and will be turned on them ,

    Who will come to the aid of those celebrating today ? Who knows if protesting will be allowed in this new world they themselves are helping to build, where only permitted voices are heard, Careful what you wish for comes to mind .

  8. S Hunter

    I see today that Stu says the video declared copyright is Sunday Politics Scotland interviewing Stu!

    I would very much like to know if the Advocate General, in Mundell’s new UK Government in Scotland, was advising the BBC on taking the steps they have against Wings Over Scotland in this instance.

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