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radio scotlandIt’s Saturday morning and I’ve just switched on the radio to listen to BBC Radio Scotland’s flagship programme Good Morning Scotland.  What I was presented with shocked me, such was the extent of the pro-Union bias the broadcast contained.

Co-presenter Bill Whiteford introduced two guests.  Both men then proceeded to discuss the issue of Scottish independence in the context of the Brexit vote.  The full recording is reproduced below.


The discussion is extraordinary.  It is openly biased against independence.  There is little or no attempt to pose counter arguments.  That though isn’t surprising given the background of the two guests who listeners are told are Ronald MacDonald and John McLaren.

ronald macdonald1

Ronald MacDonald was a key supporter of the pro-Union Better Together campaign during the last independence referendum.  But listeners are not told of this.

ronald macdonald2

McLaren’s political background, with links to the Labour party clear, can be seen below.


McLaren used to be part of the now defunct CPPR which regularly issued reports which challenged the Scottish Government figures relating to independence.

During the referendum campaign the CPPR sought funding for its referendum work from the UK Treasury and the Scotland Office.  I know this to be true because I have the response to the Freedom of Information request made to Glasgow University, which used to house the CPPR.  A section of the email communication is reproduced below.


Thus, on Saturday morning, BBC Radio Scotland presented as neutral, two pundits whose respective backgrounds indicated they were anything but.  Even host Bill Whiteford, in his own contribution, adopted a pro-Union stance.

It’s simply not possible to try to debunk all of the claims contained in the discussion.  There were just so many.  I’ve compiled a quick summary list.

1.    Scotland would have to have its own currency
2.    It would have to break with Sterling
3.    Would need separate currency to deal with oil shocks seen in recent days
4.    No way indy Scotland could fix its currency
5.    Friction with UK trade
6.    Joining euro inevitable
7.    Lots of unknown unknowns
8.    Extraordinary difficulties with tariff barriers
9.    Staying in the EU means losing trade with the UK
10.    Trading will become more difficult
11.    Euro is the natural currency zone
12.    Scotland gets “literally zero” from oil
13.    Oil income not likely to come back any time soon
14.    Eurozone may break
15.    Scotland will be like Greece without the sun
16.    Eurozone may not be there in a few years
17.    Change in oil price has had a “massive effect” on Scotland
18.    Indy Scotland would have a very large fiscal deficit
19.    Scottish economy would be in “very bad shape” had Yes won in 2014
20.    Be a similar story now
21.    Scotland would be very sensitive to change in oil price

The discussion wasn’t impartial in any way, shape or form.  Two guests were simply allowed to make assertions completely unchallenged.

Days ago I drafted an article that accused the BBC of effectively resurrecting the Better Together campaign in the wake of the Brexit vote.  The article has been read by over 23,000 people.  Project Fear Mk2 is up and running.

This was something I warned about fully one year ago.  In an article on the Ponsonby Post I wrote the following:

A party which won the General election in only one part of the UK – England – is imposing policies on Scotland that we reject.  It is refusing to implement policies we voted for.  The Tories are acting with impunity because the Scottish media’s intrinsic Unionism means it is unwilling to highlight what is going on for fear of stoking up resentment.

So my advice for anyone reading this article is simple.  Buckle up and get ready for Project Fear Mk2.  The scares and smears are coming back.  The Unionists own the media.  They still run the BBC in Scotland.

The BBC promoted the No campaign’s claims during the last independence referendum.  It’s happening again folks, and there’s not a damned thing we can do to prevent it.  But who’s going to expose it?  I’m doing my bit.

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[Notice – The documentary based on my book ‘London Calling: How the BBC stole the referendum‘ is nearing completion.  There have been some issues that have led to delays in the final production phase.  One of these has been caused by the Brexit vote and which may mean minor changes to the end of the documentary.  The producer is working to a very high production value that will be evident when the documentary is finally released.  Current date for release is now August.]

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21 thoughts on “You’re listening to Radio North Britain

  1. BillyjYES

    Just listened to this ,,, I thought u might have been egging it a bit ,but no ,nothing but unadulterated scares and not ONE iota of balance ,, simply “astonished” 😀

  2. Kevin Taylor

    I’m currently compiling all examples of BBC anti-indy broadcasting, to be sent to around 25 friends in my email address book. Most of these friends are not active on social media, none of them, to my knowledge, using Twitter.
    I’ve been emailing these same people with similar information, examples of msm Unionist negativity and bias and positivity from pro-indy voices since before indy Ref and, apart from one, they’ve all agreed to receive my information.

    I’d like to think each of these 25 friends have been well-informed and have even taken the time to forward the provided information, distributing it among their own family and friends. Apart from our always effective social media, the fledgling National and the ambiguity of 2 x Heralds, this is the only way we can counter the onslaught from the the BBC.

    I would urge everyone to learn how to use the ‘Snipping Tool’ (Start, All Programs, Accessories) and begin by copying whole tweets, pasting them into an email and sending it to your address book – we simply don’t have the valuable and constant stream of material available nationally that passes through our timeline. If a blatant lie or an outright injustice makes your blood boil, deal with it by informing as many of your friends as possible of it. Sometimes Retweeting or Liking to already like-minded followers isn’t quite enough. Get active.

    Thanks again, GA, absolutely essential work.

  3. Kevin Taylor

    Snipping Tool:

    Start, All Programs, Accessories

    ‘Capture’ the tweet or article by simply dragging the Snipping Tool around it
    Open the email to be sent to friends
    ‘Ctrl + V’ (or right-click and paste) will immediately paste that tweet onto your email. Simple.

    Snipping Tool also has a highlighter facility, enabling you to draw attention to important points, paras etc. Do it.

      1. Iain Davidson

        On a Mac use Shift-Cmd-3 to screenshot a whole screen or Shift-Cmd-4 to then select part of a screen to screen shot. By default the screenshots are created on the desktop.

  4. Valerie

    It’s so pathetic, I only feel disgust atm. We also have their BT cheerleaders, Severin Carrell and Alex Massie have now written pieces trashing Scottish independence, along the same ones.

    Too poor etc. It’s revolting, but at this stage they are just recycling.

    There has to be a really hard campaign up front by SNP to expose the lies.

  5. iain taylor

    I heard about 30 secs by accident (in car, and by mistake I’d left that channel as the one coming on when the engine starts).
    Whiteford touted that an indy Scotland in EU could face tariff barriers in trade with rUK AND with EU.
    Switched off and swore repeatedly.

  6. Hugh Wallace

    By way of contrast, I was listening to BBC R4 this morning (‘Our correspondent’?) & heard a really interesting piece from a Mark Doyle about the positive impact that journalists in Africa have had on the democratic process in various African nations (helping to overcome 40 years of corrupt single party state control, that sorry of thing) & couldn’t help think that the BBC is trying to do good work around the world while doing horrendous things here in Scotland.

  7. Jomry

    It was even worse than you describe. This ‘discussion’ was followed by an item on the disconnect between politicians and voters – contributors Iain Martin and failed politician Brian Wilson. Then a discussion re Corbyn – contributors Anne Begg and a Labour Party activist. Despite the political makeup of Scotland, there was not a single SNP voice heard over the 2 hour period I listened to it. The only mention of any pro independence content was a reference by Eamonn O’Neil of the Kevin McKenna article in the review of the papers.

    I do not know what listening figures are for GMS but I suspect They are higher on Saturday mornings when more people are off work (lying in). It would not surprise me therefore if this trend were more noticeable on Saturday mornings as opposed to mid week.

    1. GA Ponsonby

      Hi Jomry

      I switched off after the discussion. It was just appalling. I don’t doubt what you say for a minute. GMS is nothing more than a lazy stream of ‘reports’, newspaper headlines and interviews with so-called ‘experts’ who are often pro-Union in leaning.

      Few of the presenters appear interested in generating warmth. The programme lacks any kind of soul.

  8. Jas

    I remember Professor Nawbag from the referendum. He would appear regularly on the Sarah Smith Show and run down his own country with the kind of smug authority that comes with the narrow mindset of blinkered acedemia. I suppose he wants us now to leave Scotland’s future in the hands of that carnival of clowns down at Westminster?

  9. Neil Paterson

    But they have given us all the arguments they will use over and over again until they are debunked. Know how your enemy thinks and he can be defeated. Let’s get these points above answered and advertised across the country so we all have the facts.

  10. Born Optimist

    I love it when critics state ‘it’s the only country in the EU with oil and this is a bad thing’. How on earth can they present such an argument without acknowledging benefits over the long term regardless of how they perceive issue in the short term – it’s not as if any country in the world can do without the stuff.

    The only true base issue is could other countries produce the same type of oil at a cheaper price? Surely, regardless of fluctations in the price of oil, the existance of what is a necessary resource should be considered a potential benefit, even if one accepts short term problems and Green arguments that it needs to be phased out in favour of renewables – which Scotland has the potential to make use of in abundance.

    Such critics are clearly not unbiased in their judgements and Glasgow University should be ashamed to have someone such as Ronald MacDonald on its staff: good academics present balanced viewpoints, not propaganda.

    Fortunately, whenever I hear Ronald mentioned I conjure up an image of the clown mascot of a well known fast food chain. This puts his comments in their true context.

  11. Rae Jardine

    It’s time the SNP confronted the BBC on their biased reporting. We all know the BBC is a state sponsored organisation paid for by Joe Public. Why should the population of Scotland be forced to pay for a media organisation which is controlled by the Tories in London? This needs to be sorted now, before the next referendum,
    If not then Project Fear2 will hit Scotland harder than the last time.

  12. David McCann

    I recommend sharing this article on social menia as widely as possible. Lets remember we have a wider audience than Radio Scotland, so let the public know we are on to BBC bias big time.

  13. Cadogan Enright

    Please do an article on the so-called ‘right wing think tank’ that the BBC TV news Station ran a headline on their ticket tape at bottom of screen all day yesterday. “Scotland is Greece without the sunshine”

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