Your enemies’ enemy

Whatever else you may think of it, the fact that all the British parties are consumed by the same visceral hatred should  convince you of just how crucial the SNP is to the realisation of Scotland’s aspirations.

A good rule of thumb is that whatever the British establishment fears and detests is likely to be a good thing for the independence movement and for progressive politics in general.

We must defend Scotland’s right of self-determination against the anti-democratic forces of rampant British nationalism. Anyone who doubts that the SNP is our best ally and most effective instrument in this effort needs to wake up and ask themselves why the British establishment is so frantically determined to “thwart” it.

This is constitutional conflict in the guise of a party political contest. None but the most credulous could possibly believe that the intent of the British parties is merely to oust the SNP as the party of government. Anyone with a modicum of political awareness must realise that the purpose of this British nationalist alliance is to eliminate one of the essential elements of the independence project.

The SNP puts effective political power at the disposal of the Yes campaign. It is the lever by which we will prise Scotland out of the Union. The Scottish Parliament is the fulcrum on which that lever rests. The Yes Movement is the force that will move the lever. Take out any one of these, and the independence campaign is crippled.

The British political elite is aware of all this. It’s time the whole Yes Movement got to grips with the situation.

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6 thoughts on “Your enemies’ enemy

  1. Lorna Campbell (LC)

    Well said, and absolutely spot on. I would go further and say that it is actually racist – against independence-seeking Scots, never mind the fact that many of the adherents are themselves Scots. This is a political war that has been declared on Scotland because many of her people are determined to achieve self-determination. That it has been said at a conference south of the border makes it even more racist, and that is yet another line of attack that independence-seeking Scots can get behind. So many anomalies were thrown up before, during and after 2014 and none were explored. You can put that down to shock and deeply-felt disappointment leading to inertia and depression. Three years on, there is no such excuse.

    1. David Tolmie

      Blair and Dewar both Scottish to appease the Establishment ceded miles of our coastline to allow England some of our oil fields in the Event of a Yes vote, why I would never vote Labour Again also in office not 1 tory anti union workers rights laws repealed

  2. bringiton

    England’s political parties operating in Scotland under the guise of Britishness which in reality means following orders from head office.

  3. Dan Huil

    And over us all hangs the retching reek of britnat media propaganda. God knows how we made it this far. One more push, when the mess of brexit can’t be denied, even by said media, and we’ll do it.

  4. Tom Crozier

    In his conference speech today it was significant that Vince Cable referred to “our Country” and that he would look for an alliance with like minded Conservatives, Labourites and Greens to support holding a second Brexit referendum ( though of course he does not consider it a second referendum).

    No mention of the SNP in this context so obviously his country is England. I hope he explained this to Willie Rennie

  5. Iain MacLaren

    Would you care, please, Peter, to expand upon your assertion of “visceral hatred” from your political opponents? Not ‘disagreement’, not ‘opposition to a particular party’s policies’, not a ‘difference of opinion’, but a “visceral hatred”.

    Are you quite sure about that?

    As a wordsmith you are quite capable of putting together well-worded, sophisticated arguments (the fact I may disagree with them is irrelevant here) in multi-clause, complex sentences, and here you have carefully selected the phrase “visceral hatred”.

    I am attempting to understand what inspires you to choose such a phrase, or what would justify or excuse its use.

    Is it the case that you wish to give, or perpetuate, the impression that you are somehow “punching up”, and therefore that such language is acceptable and proportionate?

    If that is so, it may give pause for thought to those who would grant you the opportunity to “punch down”.

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