You must see London Calling!

I attended a screening of London Calling: How the BBC stole the Referendum in Dundee yesterday (Saturday 5 November). The documentary is a devastating indictment of the BBC and its role in the anti-independence campaign. It served to rekindle my anger at the despicable behaviour of Better Together/Project Fear during the first referendum campaign. It renewed my outrage at the manner in which the mainstream media failed in terms of its own professional standards, as well as in terms of its duty to the people of Scotland and to democracy itself. For the British media, the first referendum campaign was a disgraceful episode in a recent history which has brought the once proud profession of journalism into unprecedented disrepute. And nowhere is this more true than in the case of the British Broadcasting Corporation.

But we should be wary of focusing too intently or too exclusively on the BBC. We must bear in mind that the BBC was not acting in isolation as it presented its massively distorted coverage of the referendum campaign. The BBC’s shame is shared by the entire British establishment. For it is that establishment that the BBC serves. It’s prejudice reflects the prejudices of the British ruling elites. By defending in the scandalous manner it did the structures of power, privilege and patronage that define the British state, the BBC was holding up a mirror to the repugnant nature of that British state.

What is revealed in London Calling, based on the excellent book by GA Ponsonby, is a British state that is rotten to its core. The film exposes a British political elite riddled with corruption. A self-serving clique characterised by a towering sense of entitlement and a fundamentalist conviction that British exceptionalism justifies its every attitude and action regardless how reprehensible they might be in any other context.

The worst thing about what the BBC did, is that the BBC itself cannot see anything wrong in it. As it peddled the false prospectus of the anti-independence campaign, built on brazen lies, vacuous scaremongering and empty promises, there was never the slightest doubt in the minds of those responsible that they were doing the right thing. There was no more questioning of their own motives and conduct than there was scrutiny of the often risible claims and assertions made by the various agents and agencies of the British state.

The BBC’s duty is to the British state. It does not serve its audience. It does not serve the nations of the UK or their people. It serves only established power. As such, it is not to be trusted. We cannot possibly rely on any message mediated by the BBC. It has been proven to be false. It has shown itself to be unworthy of our trust.

What can be said of the BBC can equally be said of the rest of the mainstream British media. And of the British state that they serve. We must treat with the utmost scepticism everything that they tell us. We must not allow them to manipulate perceptions in the way that has been so effectively exposed by London Calling.

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16 thoughts on “You must see London Calling!

  1. Robin Stevenson

    “It served to rekindle my anger”… Surely not Peter? I hadn’t realised that your anger needed ‘rekindling’… [calm doon I’m joking!] 😉

  2. Clydebuilt

    If we could buy copies …… Can they be copied ….. Then distributed…….
    It’s a way of getting the message out……. Some folk would watch it in their home, whilst not be prepared to go to a screening…..

    Might not be what is wanted

    1. Robin J Barclay

      I have asked the Stonehaven & Mearns Branch SNP if they know of anywhere showing it in the local area. They hadn’t seen anything as yet but were open to the idea of trying to organise something.
      I will post in one of the threads if I hear anything.

  3. brian keane

    I went to a Screening of the film in Gourock, with Inverclyde for Independence.

    GA Ponsonby was there, giving a short talk on the film.. Wee Ginger Dug , one of the Prominent particapents in the film, Paul Kavanagh, will be here on November 14th, Another Key particapent. Craig Murry has Several times said he would go anywher, to talk about the film, and any other matters related.

    the intention was to have community showings, and talks, before it went to cinemas, then Online, then DvD’s

    it’s a great film, here is the Trailer

  4. bringiton

    There is only one reason the Tories haven’t privatised the BBC…..
    It’s value as a propaganda outlet at home and abroad.
    Time we described them in the same way as RT is by HM press,the British state sponsored broadcaster.

  5. Breastplate

    Well done G.A. Ponsonby and everyone else involved in the support and making of this film.
    Here’s hoping we don’t need a sequel.

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