Why won’t we listen to them?

massesThey should be in control.  They will determine the agenda.  They tell us what to think because only they have the intellectual competence to know what is important.

We are ordinary.  We are not them.  They are superior to us.  Our actions prove to them that they are indeed superior to us.

We are not sophisticated.  We must be warned of the consequences of our actions.  We do not appreciate the damage we will do to ourselves if we act without first consulting them.

They are protecting us from ourselves.  If we challenge them it is proof that we are not capable of tolerance.  We are dangerous.  We are a mob.  We are a cult.  We do not have the capability for rational thought.  Only they are free thinkers.

We are philistines.  They are artistic.  They are intellectuals.  They are writers.  We are ordinary.  They will save us.  We must let them.

They know what is best.  We must cede control to them.  They are gifted.  They have ideas.  They are radical.  We are ordinary.

Why won’t we listen to them?

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10 thoughts on “Why won’t we listen to them?

  1. Willie John

    It’s like living next to a busy road, a railway, or an airport. Eventually you get so used to the noise that it’s filtered out and you don’t hear it anymore!

  2. Scott Cameron

    Pretty much nail on head there. It’s intellectual snobbery & superiority of which the usual circle jerks contest to see who can use the most obscure word, in order to have the plebs reaching for the nearest dictionary or thesaurus.

  3. Clydebuilt

    Reading Hegarty’s article in the Sunday Heald reminded me of reading Alf Youngs pieces in the Herald decades ago……. Neither made the least bit of sense.

  4. Eddie

    Excellent post George. Why is it the Likes of Haggerty, Strickland and Torrance believe they are intellectually superior whilst demonstrating little of no ability to think logically.

    Are we witnessing the fabled link between arrogance and a lack of intelligence.

  5. Clydebuilt

    Check out The Rev. Stu’s latest “The Hungry Gamekeepers” over on Wings Over Scotland……. Subject: The Offensive Behaviour at Football Act……

    .The Daily Record lets labour and the SNP have their say…….. Commonspace interviews Labour only.

  6. Robin J Barclay

    From what I have just read on Wings, apparently the Common Space article is getting slaughtered!!!
    My opinion is – Good, I’m getting ever more convinced that there is a snobbery on that website that looks down its nose at the wider yes movement!!!

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