Who’s *really* obsessing about independence?

david_mundellHave you ever watched Scottish Questions?  It’s the name given to the half hour that Westminster allocates MPs to question the Secretary of State for Scotland.  He is supposed to address areas of concern to the people of Scotland.

The session is a joke, more so since Scotland’s de-facto opposition party – the SNP – doesn’t steer the proceedings.  The SNP, despite returning 56 of Scotland’s 59 MPs at the last general election, has to watch from the sidelines as nominally English MPs hi-jack the proceedings.

So blatant is the corruption of Scottish Questions that one has to wonder why the scandal hasn’t attracted the attention of Scotland’s media.  Well, maybe not.

This week was particularly bad.  David Mundell, a ‘Proud Scot’ who long since abandoned any pretence of standing up for Scotland, served as a patsy for a string of Conservative MPs who were intent on attacking the idea of Scottish independence and the SNP.  Mundell did so whilst accusing the SNP, whose MPs are forced to spectate silently through most of the proceedings, of obsessing over independence.

The edited clip below demonstrates the extent to which Mundell and a band of English-constituency MPs used what is supposed to be a half hour in which Scottish concerns can be raised, as an opportunity to bash the SNP and independence.  It was also used in order to push the ridiculous idea that Brexit [and the collapsing pound] will present opportunities to Scotland.

After watching the clip, ask yourself who the real independence obsessives are?

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17 thoughts on “Who’s *really* obsessing about independence?

  1. Sandy

    In what other country in the world would this contemptuous treatment of our elected representatives not be a national scandal in the media?

  2. Ian

    I’d be laughing tears at these jokers if it were not such a sick joke. Wow. Just..Wow.
    On another note…I think we have found where all the scarey clowns are coming from….

  3. stewartb

    And seemingly BBC Reporting Scotland regards by far the largest number of MPs from Scottish constituencies as irrelevant in Westminster.

    According to tonight Reporting Scotland’s closing remarks, the protests in the Commons against the UK Government’s position on Brexit only came from Labour and some Tory MPs. SNP airbrushed out of the coverage.

  4. Norman

    Mundell is Scotlands governor general and the BBC is Westminsters Pravda. As for Scottish questions, it serves a dual purpose. Firstly, to dupe people into thinking Scotlands concerns ars being addressed, and secondly, to propagate the case for their rotten union.

  5. Philip Maughan

    Perhaps the SNP should refuse to attend Scottish Questions to advertise the fact that Scottish based MPs have little say in the affairs of their own country

  6. Bruce Moglia

    It’s an English parliament for English laws and Scottish Questions is an utter farce attended overwhelmingly by brass-necked English MP’s who use it as an opportunity to express their contempt for the people of Scotland and its vast majority of MP’s. The fact that the whole proceedings is chaired by a Scottish Secretary who is the only elected represented of his party in Scotland is an absolute disgrace. It should be chaired by the leader of the party holding a majority of Scottish seats or be done away with altogether, because as currently constituted it’s an English nationalist talking shop and of no benefit whatsoever to the people of Scotland.

  7. Andy McKirdy

    Totally agree with Sandy and Phillip, the whole contingent of SNP MP’s should refuse to attend this charade and instead call a news conference in its place, where the all attend and debate Scotland’s concerns. That would get the media’s attention. Do on every occasion of Scottish Questions.
    It’s well past time to be putting up with the English parliament’s pish!!!!!

  8. Robert Munro

    Conservatives asking the Scottish secretary do you agree with me? Of course he will agree with them. Its Scottish question time, the bulk of the questions should come from the other 58 Scottish MPs. Don’t want to be like them and keep talking about Independence but the quicker we are away from those Westmonster conservatives the better.

  9. millie

    BBC Scotland told us there was very little oil left- and what is left, is of little value to the UK. The Scots are paupers they say. I don’t think the rest of the world agrees with this.

    This is a small clip from Radio 4, World at One today (a must listen)- I think someone on social media has a longer clip. It paints a very dark picture. People ‘must’ be made aware of this.


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