Westminster ‘Power Grab’ too boring for Daily Record says paper’s political reporter

The row over Westminster’s bid to seize powers that are already devolved to the Scottish parliament is too boring a story for the Daily Record, its political correspondent has claimed.

Speaking on Radio Scotland, Torcuil Crichton was asked where the issue left Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Responding, the Daily Record reporter said: “The row or the fight she’s had, or the Scottish government has had, with Whitehall over where these powers should rest is constitutionally interesting but publicly boring.

“It’s difficult to get a story like that to sing in the Daily Record for example, so it doesn’t pass that test.”


The remarks echo recent statements from several high-profile reporters and broadcasters that appear to play down the significance of what the SNP and Welsh Labour both insist is a significant threat to devolution.  Speaking on Good Morning Scotland last weekend, BBC Scotland reporter Andrew Kerr told listeners the ‘power grab’ issue hadn’t grabbed the public’s attention.

Kerr, who is BBC Scotland’s Political Correspondent, said: “It maybe speaks to SNP supporters but it perhaps doesn’t speak to the general public.

“You know, who’s maybe worried about food-labelling, who’s maybe worried about some of the common frameworks that are actually being discussed.”

He added: “I think that’s what the UK government are kind of hoping for, that this doesn’t really grab the public’s attention.”


Claims that the public is not interested in what both the Scottish and Welsh governments have dubbed a ‘power grab’ have been aired by other media commentators. Politics Scotland host Gordon Brewer recently made similar claims as did his studio guest, Herald journalist David Torrance.

These latest comments from the chief political correspondent at the Daily Record will fuel speculation amongst pro-Independence supporters that the pro-Union media is deliberately trying to play down the signifinance of the ‘Power Grab’ issue.

The claim that the issue is too boring for the paper contradicts key elements of the Daily Record inspired ‘Vow’ that proved pivotal in the last weeks of the 2014 indyref campaign.  The document, allegedly signed by the then leaders of the three main pro-Union parties, pledged to protect the Scottish parliament and guaranteed that the people of Scotland “will be engaged directly”.

Speaking on Radio Scotland last January, Torcuil Crichton claimed ‘The Vow’ had been delivered.  He also aimed a thinly disguised jibe at the SNP by suggesting the party now had nothing to complain about.


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3 thoughts on “Westminster ‘Power Grab’ too boring for Daily Record says paper’s political reporter

  1. AAD

    So the Daily Record believes that its readership has the collective attention span of a mushroom.
    That might be true of the readers who are left but given the fall in circulation of this newspaper in recent years perhaps the editor would be better looking at the sort of stories being read and paid for by the ever-increasing on-line news and comment sites.
    I always thought the job of newspapers was to inform and entertain readers. Informing readers need not be dull. Leave out the ‘inform’ part and you are left with the ever-decreasing circulations of such newspapers as the Daily Record.

  2. Robert Graham

    Oh so just like all the other Scottish media we get what they want , not News just what they want the plebs digest , this tug of war is not trivial as the Record presents its about Fracking – GM adulterated food – Beef from cattle that have been injected with Hormones .

    If the above are insignificant boring items that would not interest Record Readers well that really sums up the intelligence of the readership.

    All this from the paper who front paged the VOW another fairy tale that was immediately orphaned and disowned when proved worthless .

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