‘We didn’t want Brexit’ First Minister tells Dublin Chambers of Commerce

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon delivered the keynote address at the Dublin Chambers of Commerce annual dinner.

Focussing on the effects of Brexit and the shared Scottish and Irish interest in ensuring that the growth of a global economy is matched by a focus on inclusion, the First Minister addressed an audience of more than 1,500 Dublin Chamber members.

Emphasising the social and economic links between Scotland and Ireland the First Minister said:

“In Scotland – and this is contrary to a point the Prime Minister made in Florence two weeks ago – many people in recent decades have felt absolutely at home in Europe.

“The fact that the UK Government is committed to leaving the EU means that that Scotland – like Ireland, and like Northern Ireland – now faces a dilemma which is not of our choosing. We want to remain a full member of the EU but face being taken out against our will.

“We deeply regret that. However we believe that if the UK is determined to leave the European Union, it should remain a member of the single market and the customs union.

“In my view, that is the obvious compromise solution. It’s democratically justified – the vote to leave was a very narrow one across the UK, and two of the four nations of the UK chose to remain.

“It’s also clearly economically desirable. Leaving the single market will be deeply damaging for Scotland’s businesses, for our universities, for trade and for jobs.

“In addition, the difficulty of attempting to find solutions outside the single market is becoming clearer by the month.

“On virtually every issue of substance relating to Brexit, the Irish Government – and the Irish business community as a whole – has an ally in Scotland.

“Like you, we didn’t want Brexit. Like you, we support single market and Customs Union membership. And like you, we know that Ireland’s circumstances require particular attention, and we will argue strongly for an open border. We believe that those positions are in the best interests of Scotland, of Ireland, and of everybody on these islands.

“Political developments around the world have posed a challenge for those of us who support free trade, who welcome immigration and who believe that the benefits of globalisation, if properly managed, should outweigh the costs. They challenge us to do even more to build a fair and inclusive society. It is the best, and perhaps the only, way to sustain support for a dynamic and open economy.

“In Scotland, inclusive growth is already a key part of our economic strategy. One element of that is that we recognise that there is a strong economic imperative behind many of our key social policies – such as expanding childcare, and improving attainment in education.

“Scotland certainly hasn’t got everything right, but – like Ireland – I think that we are at least facing up to the right issues. That’s important from a political, social and moral perspective – and it’s also crucial to ensuring that our economic policies are successful and sustainable.”

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7 thoughts on “‘We didn’t want Brexit’ First Minister tells Dublin Chambers of Commerce

  1. Brian Powell

    Imagine living in a country where the Government is pro-EU and the people voted by a huge margin to stay in the EU, where the First Minister speaks to the EU about staying in the EU, speaks to other countries about staying in the EU and the press and TV broadcasters say hardly a positive word or even a word, about that. And the population do not fill the streets, saying we wanted to stay in the EU, this is our message, you need to listen.

    Scotland is that shameful, cringing lazy country.

    1. Alex M

      Sadly we have a huge number of Uncle Toms and (Aunt Jemimas?) who would rather do what they are told by the confident English, than think for themselves. We are deluged by English media, and are losing our identity.

    2. Simon


      It appears that people are either scared or deluded, maybe a bit of both. They certainly wouldn’t admit to being duped by the not so hidden media agendas and defend the lies as if it’s theirs to defend. i find it truly unbelievable that people can’t see what’s been happening. The illness (Westminster) can easily be cured with the correct vote but it’s like they want to continue with the sickness!

      Many people are just to busy thinking about their morgage, cars, all the trappings and their self importance to question the corruption and corruption it is, it’s a racket! Sadly, it’s like there is two or more species of man and woman, I mean, some people actually consider Ruth D a serious politician and can’t see that she’s truly out for her self only and then there’s Boris! It really is unbelievable, I mean, truly unbelievable.

      What to do though? I guess nothing like we always do, back to worrying about the things in life that matter very little, but think they do and complain about the BBC! I believe it will take a HUGE drama before the masses flock to Scottish independence as an option and that is so sad! It’s clearly the right thing to do now and for all the right reasons. Again, we are choosing a sickness over health and a bed of nails,

      Strange times we live in, strange times.
      Best to you all…

      1. Alex Beveridge

        Aye Simon, your first sentence is spot on. After going around the doors for years, it’s obvious that many of our countrymen, and women, have been “taken in” by the daily brainwashing that has been going on since time immemorial.
        It’s a grind, but we are getting through, at least to some people. Others of course, are a lost cause for various reasons I don’t need to spell out.
        However, another meeting this week of our Yes group who are all determined to be ready for the inevitable second Scottish Independence Referendum when it comes.
        All the best to you.

  2. Clydebuilt

    Right now Stuart and Tam BBC radio . . . Are doing their best to turn Scots against Gordon Strachan. . . I can’t think of a non swear word to describe these two PUKES.

    When the anthems were being played , Richard Gordon talked over the entirety of “Flower of Scotland” immediately followed by the Slovenian anthem when he was silent.

    1. Alex Beveridge

      It’s non-stop. Lorna Gordon on B.B.C this morning telling us how Scotland “lost” the game yesterday. Must be from the same B.B.C crib sheet that tells the “presenters” the S.N.P “lost” the last election.

      1. Clydebuilt

        I can understand people not being fans of Strachan. Either to do with the way he interacts with journalists, or his running of the Scotland team. As for his interacting with Journos, this morning my postie said that was one of the best bits about G. S. Remember who he’s dealing with the MSM Unionist organisations.

        Yes he lost it in the last campaign and at the beginning of this one, but the Team have just gone 7 games unbeaten, I read this morning it’s the best run in 20 years. He’s a manager who knows the players and has an I depth knowledge of what’s available. Aand has the team playing for him. If Scot Brown and Stuart Armstrong had been available maybe we’d now be looking forward to a play off (however it has to be said, Darren Fletcher played very well last night)

        In recent years the SFA selection process has served up Bertie Voigts and Craig Levine.

        So should we do as the BBC hacks want and get rid of GS. Then get involved in the roulette of bringing in a new manager, or stick with the man who has got the team performing.

        Finally success at football has an enormously beneficial effect on the nations moral. Does anybody seriously think that is something the BBC wants.

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