Vote No British!

A British Nationalist pseudo-Party

While the Scottish National Party offers genuine opposition to Tory austerity, what are the British parties in Scotland doing? They are all pursuing the same anti-SNP line. They are all obsessing about the ‘threat’ of a democratic referendum. They are all pushing the same frantic ‘stop the SNP!’ message.

None of the British parties in Scotland oppose Tory austerity. They don’t fight to end the imposition of these policies on Scotland by a party Scotland has repeatedly and decisively rejected at the polls. They demand that we accept these policies. They demand that we not only accept Tory austerity, but that we subsidise it through higher taxes or cuts to public services.

They set themselves against the only party that is providing effective opposition to the Tories whilst telling the people of Scotland that being part of the British state is such a privilege we should be happy to pay the ever increasing cost of mitigating the impact of the Tories’ socially corrosive and economically destructive policies.

It’s not Tory rule that’s the problem. It’s British rule. The British parties really are all in it together. Their election campaign in Scotland makes this obvious. Their speeches and their leaflets are entirely interchangeable. Their only concern is that Scotland should stop challenging the British state and get back in its box.

The choice facing voters in Scotland is not between the SNP and the Tories. It certainly isn’t between the Tories and Labour. We are being asked to choose between the SNP and a single British Nationalist pseudo-party. And if we get it wrong it may be the last real democratic choice we ever make. Because, make no mistake, the British parties in Scotland are far more opposed to democracy than to Tory austerity. That is the sole message of their election campaign.

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6 thoughts on “Vote No British!

  1. TheStrach

    Too many people still haven’t got the message. We need to keep plugging away, stay focused and watch the converts come across as the Brexit shambles unfolds.

  2. Jim O'Rourke

    Peter A bell is absolutely right. The tories. labour and the libdems have no distinctive policies for Scotland (or anywhere else really) they’re prepared to discuss with the electorate in Scotland. They have all based their approach to the general election on 8th June on the same platform which is essentially vote for any of the unionist parties and under no circumstances vote for an SNP candidate in the election.
    Actually, they’re not really even discussing their candidates much at all, other than that a vote for them will ‘Stop the SNP’.
    All of which brings us straight back to the question of why they are behaving like this. The harsh reality of the current situation and the history of Westminster is that the parties that govern there have totally refused to support anything or anyone, up to and including countries, that are loss making. Yet they are all in an obvious and increasingly more desperate state of panic at the though that Scotland will cut itself off rom Westminster.
    The reason is blindingly simple and obvious. Far from being a loss making part of the UK, Scotland actively subsidises the UK. We clearly contribute far more to the UK than we get out of it. This should come as no surprise to anyone.
    Right up to the mid 1920s the UK prepared and published accounts for Scotland. Each and every year showed that the UK Treasury received massively more in revenue from Scotland than was ever spent in or on Scotland. As the movement for independence became more robust and mature in the 20s the UK stopped publishing these accounts. Nothing has changed. Scotland still contributes significantly more to the UK than is ever spent in or on Scotland. The Unionist parties consciously and deliberately work top maintain he fiction that Scotland has to be subsidised by the rest of the UK. What they mean of course is that they want enough people to believe Scotland needs such a subsidy to survive that a referendum would result in a vote to remain part of the UK.
    The Unionist parties like to remind everyone that the result of the 2014 referendum was No to independence an pretend that this was an endorsement of the UK. The two things are not one and the same, of course. They also insist that a further referendum will not only return the same result but that it will crush the very idea of Scotland becoming independent for some unspecified period of time.
    Yet, they are twisting and turning every which way to stall a referendum. This begs the question of why are they not going with the obvious best option from a unionist perspective. The reality they are trying to avoid any voter not already committed to independence from seeing is that the absolute minimum level of support for independence is roughly equal to the level of opposition. In other words, they will not gamble on a referendum they know they might easily lose.
    They are determined to stall and evade until the UK laves the EU at least in part to ensure that EU nationals can’t vote in a referendum. The unionists are determined to hold off until they are able to change whatever laws and rules on a referendum they need ensure they can win by any means and at any cost. Then, or possibly even before, another referendum could be held they will change the constitution to prevent Scotland from being anything other than the northernmost part of Greater England. Which, oddly enough, is how they see us at present anyway.
    I agree with the Scottish Government position that the next referendum should be held in late summer /early autumn of 2018 when the terms of Brexit are clearer. If the tories refuse to provide the legal authority for holding the referendum, then we should go ahead and hold it anyway. The moral case is already made under the right of nations to self determination and the Scottish Parliament voted to proceed with a referendum.
    Clear and simple.

  3. m boyd

    We were all Unionists once. I was quietly reading Michael Fry’s book on the Union in my garden today. My German partner was somewhat surprised that the Union took place 310 years ago this year and that a significant Scot number of Scots are still opposed to it. As she said Germans would never question their union which took place in 1870, nor the Italians etc. To my mind that’s proof alone that the UK union has never forged a unitary identity and the Union is finished no matter how many Unionists can talk about a union of partners etc.

  4. bringiton

    Those of us who wish to see the government of our country elected by the people of our country are normal.
    Those who oppose this position are exceptionally abnormal and can only justify their position by claiming that Scotland is part of a political union which benefits us.
    Brexit has blown this idea out of the water since the other partner in our union has made clear that it has no wish to be part of any political union where they are not in charge.
    What sort of people are prepared to accept a subordinate position to another partner…..those who lack ambition and self confidence??
    We should pity these people and arrange for them to attend classes in self confidence so that they can play a full part in our global community.

  5. Jas

    The way I see it now, BliS and the Libdems are merely Tory facilitators. At all levels and at all costs they are always willing to protect and enable a Tory party that best represents the British establishment and right-wing aspirations of most little Englanders.

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