Vilification as validation

Martyr of martyrs

Martyr of martyrs – Courtesy of Mimi and Eunice

It may well be that, despite my natural scepticism, Blair will actually be brought before a court of law to answer for his conduct. I’m fine with that. I’m sure most of us would welcome seeing Blair in the dock. We would take great satisfaction from seeing him publicly humiliated.

But we should be aware that this may well play right into Tony Blair’s perception of himself as a noble defender of fundamental principles, misunderstood and unjustly condemned but “doing his duty” regardless of personal cost. Watching his performance as he responded to the damning Chilcot report, it seems clear that this is a man for whom vilification is validation.

Nail Blair to the cross if you will. But be conscious that, in doing so, you may well be gifting this grotesquely deformed ego the ecstasy of martyrdom.

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3 thoughts on “Vilification as validation

  1. Sandy

    I believe you’re right. However, I also believe he should still be prosecuted despite any personal satisfaction he may gain. Prosecuting war criminals serves the useful purpose of deterring others in future from doing the same.

  2. Al Buchanan

    It’s interesting that Blair has immediately restated his positions on Iraq. The man knows no shame & his sofa style of conductiong affairs of state, with few minutes taken and oral advice forming the basis for decisions such as the Iraq war. Both Bush & Blair precipitated war in Iraq without a second UN mandate & in the case of Bush he did not have specific Congressional approval for war on Iraq.

    Iraq was a disastrous incursion with fabricated pre invasion intelligence of Chemical Weapons & Weapons of Mass Destruction . This information came fron dubious sources and was the basis for the Iraq invasion.
    The main challenge against the existence of WMD & Chemical weapons was the UN expert Dr David Kelley who went public with his information on the BBC but shortly died thereafter in mysterious circumstances. Hans Bllix , the UN chief investigator, did not receive approval to revisit Iraq in pursuit of the mysterious WMD &’Chemical weapons.

    The late Charlie Kennedy & Robin Cook along with Alex Salmond each spoke out against the invasion, with Robin Cook resigning from Blair’s Government on a matter of principle.

    Iraq was a military disaster, especially for the UK . Undermanned, underfunded with unsuitable combat vehicles & lack of equipment further exacerbated by lack of plannig; this resulted in UK ground forces suffering an ignominious military retreat from Iraq with 179 KIA & countless 1000s with long term medical injuries.
    leaving behind a fractured & ruined country at war with itself & upwards of 500,000 dead or injured. An insurgent & emboldened Al Quadia supported by Iran & fighting in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lybia and exporting its terrorism activities to Egypt, Turkey and Continental Europe.

    OAn almighty Middle East shambles resulting from the original Blair Bush decision to invade Iraq. Chilcot to much surprise has clynically exposed the route to war and it makes for uncomfortable reading, but not for Bush or Blair. The former we are told declines to read the report or comment on it and the latter is now trying to justify his decision with the assistance of his former lieutenants Alistair Campbell and John McTernan.
    The Chilcot Report is a defining moment for Blair, the self appointed Middle East Peace Envoy, working for some very dubious pay masters. At present he seems to consider that attack is the best form of defence & Campbell & McTernan are his best bet in saving up face. The country has at last seen through the lies and mendacity of Tony Blair but it is doubtful whether this and the Chilcot report will provide the route to an International Court appearance.on some form of charges for War Crimes.

    Whatever, the names of Blair and Bush will go down in history as synonymous with failure, destruction, regime change, mendacious lies and deceit. Oh and his Congressional medals awarded by a gratefulness Bush for standing strong with the US should be returned as unearned. But he won’t, will he

  3. Breeks

    Prosecute Tony Blair and you prosecute one man.

    Prosecute a former British PM and the immoral recklessness of the British Establishment are put on trial.

    If we want justice and integrity in the world, then what is unjust and malevolent must be addressed, and no compromises or exceptions should be bargained.

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