Video – Alex Salmond responds to political attacks on RT

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12 thoughts on “Video – Alex Salmond responds to political attacks on RT

  1. ScotsCanuck

    …. as usual, a reasoned & well articulated response from a true Statesman.

    Well said Alex Salmond.

  2. 100%Yes

    Well said Alex it’s a pity we don’t have anyone south of the border with the same intellect.

  3. m biyd

    Some muppit SNP Msp is vowing to Boycott the show… following the Establishment line again. At least Corbyn showed some spirit of defiance.

    We won’t get a vote on Independence from our overlords or repatriation of devolved powers on national security grounds now! Scottish fish banned from exporting to Russia as London’s trough -is awash with Russian money!

    1. CapnAndy.

      To be fair, the SNP is having to play the game and keep their heads down. If they were to to say anything in Mr Salmond’s defence, the whole weight of the MSM would descend upon them. It’s politics.

      1. Clydebuilt

        My take on the SNP’s position is they have enough on their hands dealing with Westminsters Propaganda Machine, and it’s not their fight.

  4. Kenneth mackay

    Well stated Alex, as always, much respect man.
    Never give up the good fight.
    What is mayhem planning while all the hysteria she created is going on?

  5. mbiyd

    Funny piece on BBC Scotland this morning about a Scots Regiment returning from patrolling the UN border in Cyprus. I couldn’t really see what it was relevant to : A sense of Britishness or border disputes but I was surprised that all of the officers who spoke were either English or English sounding Scots. Have the Scottish regiments now reached the stage of the Indian regiments of the Empire?

    1. Clydebuilt

      Not too long ago some English Wag made some fun pointing out the Officers of Scots Regiments are English.
      Similarly Scots regiments are primarily garrisoned outwith Scotland same with the other subsidiary parts of the UK. Is that I case they have to put down the locals?

  6. gregor

    Kremlin funded foreign agent useful idiot RT’s ethos: ‘Question everything’.

    Shady State Broadcaster BBC’s ethos: ‘How dare you question us’.

  7. Clydebuilt

    Were Cambridge Analytica used by the Unionist side in the 2014 Referendum.
    Have they been used in Scottish politics since Indy Ref.

    1. Jockanese Wind Talker

      Almost certainly

      But it will be Trimp bad, Putin bad

      The BritNat Media and BBC will not ask or tell.

      It’s the UKOK way.

      Britannia waives the rules.

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