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Under pressure Ruth Davidson refuses *again* to be interviewed over ‘Dark Money’ – Towards Indyref2…

Under pressure Ruth Davidson refuses *again* to be interviewed over ‘Dark Money’

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has refused to face questions over the so-called Dark Money scandal for the second time this month.

Yesterday on Good Morning Scotland, presenter Gary Robertson revealed the MSP had again refused to be interviewed, despite mounting questions over donations made to her party by the secretive Scottish Unionist Association Trust.

Robertson said: “We did ask again to speak to the Conservative leader [sic] Ruth Davidson, but once again she was unavailable this morning.”


The refusal is the second time in less than a month Davidson has refused to be interviewed on the subject.

The MSP refused to be interviewed just over three weeks ago on July 5th.


The Dark Money issue surrounds donations totalling £319,000 made to Conservative branches throughout Scotland by the Scottish Unionist Association Trust [SUAT].  Investigative website The Ferret revealed that the unincorporated organisation had no apparent address and no information on membership.  The information has since been made available.

Davidson’s reluctance to face interviews on controversial issues is not isolated to Dark Money.  In May this year she refused to answer questions or face interview at a speech making event in Glasgow.

In a tweet, C4 reporter Ciaran Jenkins said: “Ruth Davidson is outlining her vision for the economy later in a speech at Glasgow Univeristy. I’ve been told I can’t interview or question her about it. Regrettable but important you know we tried.”

The refusal on the part of the Scottish Conservative leader to be interviewed follows a similar pattern going back over a year.  The MSP has ducked several interviews on BBC Scotland on a range of controversial issues.


Despite repeated refusals to face questions, BBC Scotland refuses to doorstep the Scottish Conservative leader who enjoys a remarkable degree of protection from Scotland’s media.

Many pro-independence critics have contrasted the refusal to pursue Davidson over Dark Money with the doorstepping of her SNP rival Nicola Sturgeon who is repeatedly confronted by BBC Scotland camera crews, regardless of a lack of evidence of wrongdoing.

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15 thoughts on “Under pressure Ruth Davidson refuses *again* to be interviewed over ‘Dark Money’

  1. Karen Torley

    Imagine if this was about Nicola Sturgeon. Roothie would be on TV 24/7 it would be the main news. She would be on radio and in every newspaper yapping. She does that already for minor things she makes up. You can run Roothie but there is nowhere to hide. Even some of the media are beginning to cotton on to your silences.

  2. Independent Woman

    This campaign of silence is not confined to Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland. I wrote to the Secretary of State for Scotland in the UK on 4th June this year about the closure of Young’s. I asked him to detail what action he had taken to save the fctory. I have had no reply. Do I take his total silence as an indication of what he has done for the people about to lose their jobs? Although he and his son did make a public demand that the Scottish Government save the factory despite his party having the sold the jobs to Grimsby,I believe.

    1. Indy dude

      I have been told that David Mundell was at a meeting at Pinneys last year, when the decision was taken to move the jobs to Grimsby. So being photographed outside the factory is at best dishonest and at worst immoral!

  3. Iain T

    How dare journalists ask a pregnant woman questions? Especially a woman who shuns publicity as midgies shun light.

  4. Jockanese Wind Talker

    This is a simple tactic employed for over a year by Colonel Yadaftie.

    Don’t go on record.

    If you do the public can lift audio and/or video which can later be used to show you are a hypocrite or liar.

    That way don’t need to go full Mccarthyism like has recently happened to Wings.

  5. scrandoonyeah

    best name yet for oor wee cowardly hero……..

    ‘Colonel Yadaftie’

    Hope you don’t mind me using it when we really get into the swing of things

  6. Big Jock

    So Gary Robertson repeats verbatim that :”Ruth is unavailable for comment”!

    Has he been told to say this by her press secretary? Yes I think he has and then the matter is dropped. The whole thing stinks. I don’t buy the crap that Gary is a good journalist. There have been too many instances of him being caught out feeding lines for the Tories.

    I don’t trust any of the current BBC journalists. There are two exceptions. Stuart Cosgrove and John Beattie.

    1. Clydebuilt

      BIg Jock , I understand where you’re coming from re Cosgrove, . . .,. But I rember several years ago, before 2014, he was being interviewed on the telly on a politics show and . . . . “I’m supposed to take this line” ie. a pro Indy line

      Then on the weekend of Gordon Strachan’s last double header over a weekend. .,. Radio Shortbread, the pundits were changing their opinion of Gordon Strachan from day to day . . . . Then on the Saturday the BBC decided to have one last go at getting rid of Gordon, they Held a special witches coven which included Archie McPherson, and some unionist Lawyer. Chaired by Cosgrove he really turned up the spite that afternoon. Perhaps his nice little earner with Tam Cowan was threatened. All this happened after a good result at home, undermining the manager before the final game.

  7. Robert Graham

    Just shows the power of the media and the broadcast media in particular , does anyone actually believe the BBC in Scotland are making real efforts to have some really serious questions answered , you wouldnt harrang your friends now would you now .

    The very first thing any invading army does is to secure any and all means of communication it is vital to have control over what people hear or read .

    Scotland has been occupied without the use of weapons it is far more subtle than that ,recruit a few willing locals in positions of authority promise them anything in order to influence the organisation they are involved with , a quick look at the ones who right now are running our institutions will show a distinct lack of anyone who would if asked support a free Scotland , if asked to be interviewed what are the chances of a Scottish accent being heard .

    This union supporting infiltration runs very deep , every civil servant answers in the first instance to Westminster not the voting public in Scotland , every word uttered by Nicola Sturgeon or her canbinate is instantly related to westminster .

    Indy ref 2 is going to be a real herculean effort with so much and so many working against it , the English are not the problem as usual fellow Scots are the real enemy .

    1. Willie John

      Civil servants are answerable to their employer in the same way that every other employee in the land is answerable to whoever pays their wages, but in the voting booth they are answerable only to themselves.

      Just because they are government employees does not make them the enemy.

  8. gregor

    Any genuine public serving journalist would be questioning Ruth Davidson’s evasiveness and lack of public accountability over such an important and potentially serious issue.

    Corrupt state broadcaster BBC is a ‘Dark Money’ incentive and a disgrace.

  9. Jason Smoothpiece

    If fairness to Ruth she doesn’t answer questions on the dark money or other outrages going on within and by her party.

    Put yourself in her shoes would you, could you defend anything the Tories have been doing recently.

    Best to hide and only pop out when friendly journalists come to visit after all plenty of friends in the MSM for the Tories.

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