Trust in BBC Scotland sinks further after broadcaster runs Ruth Davidson promo

Trust in BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs department has plummeted further after Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson was provided with a platform to call for backing for Theresa May.

The Tory MSP appeared on prime time news bulletins urging critics of the Prime Minister to back off.

Davidson appeared in a set-piece interview with BBC Scotland reporter Andrew Kerr.  The BBC Scotland film crew had been despatched from Glasgow to Davidson’s Holyrood office in order to film the item.

However aside from a token question on so-called ‘Dark Money’ the Tory MSP avoided difficult questions on a range of subjects.

The interview took place only days after Davidson’s latest snub to the BBC’s flagship morning news programme Good Morning Scotland [GMS]. Host Gary Robertson revealed the Scottish Conservative leader had again refused an invitation to appear on the programme to be interviewed.


The refusal to appear on GMS coincided with revelations that Davidson and her MSPs are preparing to vote against a policy they themselves demanded.  The P1 assessment stunt was revealed by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon during this week’s First Minister’s Questions.

Despite Nicola Sturgeon highlighting Scottish Conservative hypocrisy, the issue was not raised during Andrew Kerr’s interview.

Davidson has repeatedly refused to face questions on a string of controversial issues which have included bizarre U-turns on tax rises and broken pledges on frigates.

BBC Scotland has come under fire over its own refusal to door-step the hard-line Unionist politician and to treat her repeated refusals for live interviews as news.  Davidson has refused requests for interviews on multiple occasions since 2017.


The Kerr interview comes less than a week after a puff-piece appeared on BBC Scotland online.  The article, Ruth Davidson: Pregancy is ‘joyous and hopeful’ was prompted by an article written by the MSP for the Sunday Times in order to plug her new book.

Davidson, often touted as a PM in waiting, has benefited from a string of soft interviews and promotional set-pieces on both the UK BBC and its Scottish branch.

Her pregnancy announcement earlier this year resulted in another promotional set-piece for the Scottish Conservative leader.

BBC Scotland reporters portrayed the Scottish Conservative leader as the winner in th 2017 snap general election – despite Davidson returning 13 MPs to Nicola Sturgeon’s 35.

This latest attempt by the BBC to raise the profile of Davidson has caused fury on social media with some calling the interview ‘blatant progaganda’.

One twitter user, Colin Dunn, said: “Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Davidson is refusing to be interviewed, but us always ready to provide Olympian statements. Her lack of accountability is now the story. Report it.”

Trust in the BBC amongst independence supporting viewers is now at an all-time low.  The broadcaster though refuses to admit it operates a pro-Union agenda.


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11 thoughts on “Trust in BBC Scotland sinks further after broadcaster runs Ruth Davidson promo

  1. John

    All this pro-active endorsement from the BBC for Ruth Davidson is happening at a time when we are all talking and worrying about a disastrous Brexit , brought on by a Tory party that can’t even agree on the day of the week never mind what is best for the country . Davidson should be grilled as Opposition Leader of the Tories at Holyrood on what her position and plan is in a post Brexit Scotland . She should be telling the people of Scotland the truth of what Brexit will do for Scotland . Unfortunately there is no one at the BBC of the calibre to take her on , there is no journalist there unafraid to quiz her . Davidson has no credibility , she a runner , a hider , what she is not is FM material ! .

  2. millie

    The Brian Taylor one seems to be wishful thinking by the BBC.

    The Marr interview in October had a purpose – it was given during the SNP Conference to up her profile.

    The sudden announcement of her pregnancy on 26/4/18 came a couple of hours after a particularly gruelling FMQs- ‘which should have been the ‘headline’ that night. –

    The Newsnight PR piece on the 18th June was broadcast at a time when (in Scotland) she was under huge pressure to discuss Dark Money.

    And last night’s BBC Sotland piece was more of the same.

    The BBC has questions to answer.

  3. Bibbit

    Every time the First Minister & every other SNP politician is on the BBC they should be asking the BBC when they intend to doorstep Ruth Davidson and ask her to answer. After all 75% of powers are still reserved to Westminster so it is still the Tories who are running Scotland despite a small, brainwashed by the BBC section of society voting Tory

  4. Lochside

    Only cretins or sufferers of cognitive dissonance can continue to believe that the BBC is neutral and dispassionate in regard to Scottish Self Determination.

    Ruth Davidson is BBC ‘s anointed representative to lead the tory/neo fascists in England and will pull every dirty trick to ensure her coronation as leader of the nasty party at all costs..particularly at the cost of the truth

  5. John Armstrong

    Brexit is looming.
    A “No Deal” is clearly what the Tories have been after since day 1.
    It’s been about 2 years of treading water, trying not to look incompetent as they flatly refused to put forward any meaningful propositions to the EU.
    This also explains why no real discussion with the devolved administrations ever happened. Scotland would have completely screwed up the plan by insisting we engage with the EU in a responsible, grown-up way.
    Now the crunch is coming.
    Theresa is under fire.
    Her Chequers Plan is designed to fail – how else will they manage to thwart EU participation.
    Trouble is, everyone else can see just how obviously wide of the mark her plan is. Even folk like me are successfully joining up the dots.
    Cue the State broadcaster…
    Quell the fears of the masses by a well-crafted bit of propaganda.
    Spotlight Ruthie, the darling of the Tory party. Get her to throw her considerable bulk behind Mrs May. Have her announce she has no desire to become PM – ever, the job is just too demanding, best left to an individual who, although built like a stick insect, has the determination and stamina to see the job through.
    Then, with perfect timing, get Nasty Nick, the Ultra-Tory BBC frontman to give May an exclusive one-to-one interview to bullshit about the big plan for the EU negotiations.
    This would be the same Mrs May who runs like Diarrhoea from any chance of an unscripted encounter with the media (remember that fleeting visit to a Scottish shed, somewhere in the highlands).
    We are guaranteed a polished, measured, completely pointless interview on prime time telly (Panorama, Monday night).
    Good old BBC impartiality – thank goodness we don’t have to contend with a corrupt state broadcaster – like RT (according to our very own state broadcaster, the BBC).
    The sooner we get away from this Union, the better, but time is running out.
    Brexit will cripple the UK, but if Scotland is allowed to leave, it will implode.
    In true Establishment fashion, as we fret over Brexit (remember, a done deal from the start) the powers that be have been obsessing with the removal of any legal chance of Scottish independence.
    That’s the ball we need to keep our eye on, not the speculations of a Brexit nightmare we have absolutely no control over.

  6. Daniel Watson

    BBC News Scotland know that the Tory Govt has their back covered.
    This allows them them the luxury of broadcasting pro Davidson propaganda and anti SNP content, without having to be concerned about viewing figures.

  7. Iain Taylor

    The BBC are only doing their job which is to stand up for the UK and act as its state broadcaster. I’m not sure why people are outraged or surprised by this. I admit it’s galling to have to pay the TV tax to have the crass propaganda beamed into our homes, but there’s an easy enough way to stop that. Don’t pay it.

  8. Clapper57

    Book to sell ? Why not allow us, the BBC, to help you with your PR.

    Get to know the REAL her story…see her human side..a side she has had to hide and suppress thanks to the policies endorsed and promoted by both her and her party. The anguish and suffering she has endured in the past enabled her to conclude that the Tory party were THE only party that would be most appropriate given her tortured past …AND ………the Tory party was a natural progression after her employment at the BBC.

    We here at the BBC look after our own …..that is ex employees and those with right wing, mostly Tory, sympathies….. a political party of which our employees have past and current allegiance to… why would we not promote them and their members .

    Of course as we are a BRITISH broadcasting cooperation we have an allegiance to only those parties who seek to maintain the union thus our policy is mainly to undermine the nationalists while endorsing and promoting unionist , mostly Tory, political parties.

    Ruth is the chosen one , chosen by us and our colleagues in London, to destroy or diminish the rise or indeed the worrying and divisive surge in nationalism..or as we like to call them, those from the ‘separatists’ movement…As Ruth is our chosen champion for the Union we will endeavour to ensure she is only presented in a positive manner and will try our utmost to never compromise her position, both personal or political.

    By the end of our promotion of Ruth we hope a majority of Scots will be sufficiently manipulated into forming the opinion that she has far more substance and ability than the separatist leader that currently has the position of FM…..which hopefully thanks to our efforts of marketing Ruth, aka the FM in waiting, will result in enough Scots being persuaded to vote for her party in both Holyrood and next GE.

    We strive to put independence on the back burner and the Union at the forefront with as much positive coverage given to Ruth and also to the benefits , as contrived by us and other unionists sympathisers, of remaining a part of the Union while simultaneously undermining Sturgeon and , what we are desperate to convey , the flawed argument for independence.

    Job will be done…is being done……but will only be complete when we convince enough Scots to our way of thinking … for the Ruth Davidson party…..this should result in her party hopefully making more gains and stem the flow of those tempted by independence , which might…if lucky enough pay off ….if we don’t manager to achieve a majority for Ruth’s party then perhaps this will allow another political pact with the party who are always keen to align themselves with the Tories for a small taste of power ….the Lib Dems…..the party that is never too proud to abandon principles , policies and respect… they know it is a sure fire way to get to wear the ermine .

    Note to BBC political editors ….must push idea of knighthood for Vince as he has done his bit in trying to maintain the union and has come up with super idea to try to deny the Nats independence. What a guy ….just like Ruth …one of us…not one of them.


    This fiction above is the reality of what has happened in the past and is happening now with the media and that’s a reality and not fiction !

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