Tory disrespect for Scottish parliament will never be forgotten warns Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon has warned the Conservatives that their lack of respect for the Scottish parliament will never be forgotten.

The First Minister was responding to what some of her own MPs had called a disgrace after they were denied the opportunity to defend the devolution settlement against the Westminster Power Grab.

The House of Commons witnessed angry scenes when it emerged only fifteen minutes was being allowed to debate the effects of the UK government’s Withdrawal Bill on devolution.  Anger became fury when a Tory minister used up all of the alloted time, thus ensuring no Scottish MP could be heard.

The result of the extraordinary episode means that the UK government will now seize control of powers controlled by Holyrood and legislate without the Scottish parliament’s consent.

Responding, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “The Tories couldn’t have made it any clearer today that they have no respect for @ScotParl. Never again will the line that Scotland is an equal partner in Westminster system be believed. The decision to act without our consent, and the manner of doing it, will not be forgotten.”

The SNP leader at Westminster complained that Scotland’s voice had been “no adequate time for debate”.  Ian Blackford, who faced attempts by Tory MPs to shout him down, said that “Scotland’s voice has been shut out”.

Following the proceedings, several SNP MPs reacted furiously.

Stewart Hosie MP tweeted: “There is less than one minute to go in the “debate” on #Brexit and devolved powers. The only speech that will be heard is from the Tory minister. Disgrace.”

Colleague Hannah Bardell MP tweeted: “A democratic outrage and exactly why the Westminster system is so desperately broken.”

The Scottish government’s Brexit Minister Michael Russell posted a scathing tweet: “No one who believes in democracy can do anything other than recoil with horror from a system which does not permit any debate at all on the devolved consequences of #Brexit. @GovUK is a travesty and a disgrace. How can any meaningful negotiation take place after that?”

Commenting later, Michael Russell said devolution was “being treated with contempt by the UK government”.  The Scottish government Brexit Minister said things now had to change.

He added: “The reality is that we can’t carry on with devolution as it is now, because devolution is being treated with contempt by the UK government.

“All the systems that are meant to work are clearly of no importance to them. So over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at ways in which we can say, look, we’ve got to find a new arrangement here because this present arrangement does not work.”


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28 thoughts on “Tory disrespect for Scottish parliament will never be forgotten warns Sturgeon

  1. millie

    Oh my goodness, have you seen Andrew Kerr’s report on this on the 10.30 pm news. – I’m speechless.

    No mention that there was a vote- no mention of Labour abstaining. Just a report about the SNP being ‘angry’.

    The majority of the general public who don’t use the internet and who didn’t follow the proceedings at Westminster today have no idea what happened today and what is at stake.

    The BBC is ensuring that this remains the case.

    I’m honestly astounded. Something ‘has’ to be done to expose what is going on.

    1. stewartb

      Today has to be taken as a step change in the relationship between Scotland and the UK, and between our Holyrood Parliament and Westminster. And this has to be reflected in a ‘ginormous’ step change in the way that the SNP, as a party and as the government of Scotland, communicates with the Scottish electorate and deals with the Scottish media.

      The media coverage you describe is simply not appropriate and can no longer be tolerated in our democracy.

  2. Ricky

    The question I would ask the First Minister is this , ” just what are you going to do about this , tweets won’t change a damn thing , are you going to step up and do what’s needed ” .

    The time has come to end the union , legally dissolve it , now .

  3. Jason Smoothpiece

    Er sorry Stewart mate we dont actually live in a democracy.

    Nothing will change now unless the Scottish people actually make their voices heard, action must come soon or we are defeated.

  4. John

    Don’t expect any of the state media propagandists to spend much time on this , if they do it will be made to look like the SNP is just mischief making . With the Tory’s in Scotland voting with their Tory government to the derogation of their own country , Labour in Scotland abstaining , Lib-dems in Scotland abstaining , this country of Scotland has only one champion fighting for it’s very survival and that is the SNP . Fight they did , the only voices of reason to be heard in that corrupted place . I am now thinking the time has come for us to leave that place , bring our MP’s home to work on the streets with mass rallies to get the whole country into knowing completely that running Scotland ourselves is the only way the Scots are ever going to get prosper to get justice for our country !

    1. Marydoll

      I agree.No more cooperation /respect we go alone. First of all i would kick all of the Tories from holyrood . Not surprised at ebc reporting .

    2. Me Bungo Pony

      In respect of the Lib Dems, it is worse than just “abstaining”. Jo Swinson tweeted she didn’t vote against it because it might have denied the Welsh parliament what they voted for! She actually admits to putting Welsh interests before her own constituents and country. It is incredible and, naturally, it goes unreported in the Scottish media.

  5. Clydebuilt

    Scots aren’t being told why the power grab matters. They need to be informed about what difference these powers have made!

    Here’s a clear powerful example ( there will be many more)

    The Scottish beef herd have been declared BSE free at least THREE years ahead of England’s due to the actions of tge Scottish Government

  6. Robert Graham

    A bit of vindictive Spite on all the unionist tractors in Holyrood dissolve all and every committee install independence supporting MSPs , I believe the SNP tried to be fair by allowing unionist MSPs on every committee no more get them to f/k off every one .

    Stop giving long detailed answers to their petty bloody Questions most of which are better suited to a Council Chamber , treat them with the respect our MPs are given in the English Parliament .

    The BBC in Scotland News was on in the background , not one reference or mention of last nights assault on devolution , a total news blackout , people who cant be bothered or dont follow politics are this morning blissfully unaware of whats going on , Well done the Propaganda channel , A National Bloody Disgrace .

  7. Vestas

    I don’t expect the ScotGov/SNP to do anything at all, they’re far too comfortably ensconced in the privileges/perks of govt.

    Leave indyref2 or a ScotParl election until after Brexit day & the chances of independence being largely peaceful decline significantly.

    Time to pull the trigger on indyref2 or its game over for any sort of peaceful outcome – Scotland will have to extricate itself from being a colony the same way most other English colonies did. Nobody sane wants that.

    England has gone mad – they’ve lost their minds, I’m convinced of it. They’ve had so much right-wing hate shoved down their throats over the last 50 years its just normal to them now.

  8. bringiton

    Westminster have openly claimed absolute sovereignty over the people of Scotland.
    They will now do whatever they like in our country unless we stop them.
    Have Scots forgotten how hard won restoring our parliament was and the many good things that have come about as a result?
    England’s Tories are determined to put the future back to the past,resurrecting might is right and completely ignoring the wishes of anyone else except their own.
    None of the British political parties stood up for the rights of Scots expressed through their democratic parliament,they call it abstaining.
    The limited facade of democracy in Scotland has now been torn down and we either accept this situation or act.
    There is no point now in trying to defend devolution which was at best remote control from London and can only be seen as a body whose purpose is simply to enact Westminter’s rule.
    Dissent will not be permitted.
    Rule Britannia.

  9. William Ross

    I cannot believe that Nicola Sturgeon is peddling the vacuous and dishonest line that ” Scotland is an equal partner in the Union”. She knows that is untrue and so does everyone else, no matter who kicked it off the idiotic concept. If Scotland was an equal partner in the Union we would have the same number of MPs as the English and be ran as a confederation. The UK is a unitary state, always has been.

    The purpose of HAVING an SNP is that we are not and cannot be an equal partner in the Union!

    The power grab nonsense excites absolutely no one. Give it a rest. How can a transfer of more than 100 powers TO Holyrood constitute a “power grab”?

    1. Robert Graham

      Wullie piss off why did you waste your time posting ? at a loose end , nothing much to do , away for a walk and annoy yer neighbors.

    2. bringiton

      One problem with part of this argument is Scots law.
      If the treaty which bound Scotland and England together was intended to produce a unitary state,why was Scotland “allowed” to keep it’s own legal system?
      Was it just the usual deceit and lies from the London establishment,pretending to do one thing but actually the exact opposite.
      Deceitful Blair and his colleagues set up their Supreme Court as a belt and braces process to ensure Scots law would be subject to Westminster approval but the Separate legal system still exists and in theory,accountable to Holyrood and not Westminster.
      Scotland’s state representation is currently with Westminster but only by agreement with the people of Scotland.
      Greater England is not a unitary state but a multi national/country entity.

    1. Me Bungo Pony

      The point being, William, that Nicola Sturgeon did NOT say that Scotland was an equal partner in the Union. She said the lie of that has been exposed and will no longer be believed.

  10. Clydebuilt

    Westminster Tories only care about writing the terms of Brexit. Jock Tories are expendable for the greater greed.

    What does it matter to England’s Tories how we vote, by the next election they will have smashed Hollyrood. That and Brexit are the big prizes.

  11. William Ross


    The Treaty of Union is very much a document of its times. It carves out a variety of special rights for ” that part of the United Kingdom called Scotland” You rightly mention Scots law, but you could have added our Presbyterian church ( much. much more important then) and things like heritable jurisdictions ( abolished after 1745). You can find more. But none of these is inconsistent with the unitary state theory. Scottish MPs were to have the same voting rights as English MPs and there were many more of the latter. There is no exit clause like Lisbon Article 50.

    Do not misunderstand me. I am myself a nationalist and YES voter. Scotland is obviously not dead. ( as the Treaty might formally suggest} In fact, both nationalists and unionists agree that Scotland is a country which is currently part of a larger country called the UK. It is clear UK constitutional convention that Scotland has the right to secede, and we saw this operating in 2014.

    Your problem is that you do not see that presently Scotland, England and the UK ALL exist, but only the latter as a legally sovereign entity. ( let me not speak to the EU) Scotland and England ( and Wales and NI) are the shareholders in the UK “company”. Scotland is a minority shareholder and cannot be an equal partner.

    Scots know this. What Nicola is saying is that the “power grab” makes it clear that we are not an equal partner in Union when we all know that anyway! It is a whining grievance which is not helpful and not respected.

    The power grab nonsense will take us nowhere. Who cares about it?


  12. William Ross


    The people of Scotland have a right to secede from the Union and are in that sense sovereign. I call it sovereignty within the Union. Other than that the Union is sovereign. Sorry


  13. Lochside

    The people of Scotland are sovereign, as all nations are, and as the Declaration of Arbroath stated 700 years ago.. Our MPs represent our sovereignty and our ‘equal status’ in the Union. Predictably, over the three centuries of enforced ‘Union’, that equal status never actually happened. The advent of English political parties and their Scottish branch acolytes meant that our sovereignty became subsumed into the Greater England political arena.

    For the past half century, half the time that the Scottish people have been able to vote, we have begun toassert ourselves and elect our real representatives, the SNP. They are now demonstrating the willingness to re-assert our sovereignty in and hopefully out of Westminster, and the English don’t like it.

    The inherent contradictions of a Union of two disparate nations such as ours and England are now working their way to the surface. Destiny awaits. Let Scotland be Brave again.

  14. William Ross


    There are currently 59 Scottish MPs out of a total of 650. Our MPs have no special voting rights. All MPs have ( absent EVEL) the same voting rights. Not sure how our 59 could ever establish an “equal partnership” which everybody ( except you) knows does not exist.


  15. Lochside

    William appear to be unable to understand .my point….jt was supposed to be an ‘equal ‘ union. As I stated ‘it never actually happened’. Please read and reflect before making nonsensical observations.

  16. William Ross


    Two posts ago you wrote: ” Our MPs represent our sovereignty and our “equal status” in the Union” That was what I wrote my last post on. Perhaps you should reflect on what you actually write?

    It was never supposed to be an equal union and never could have been so. It was a tensioned deal which saw us getting reimbursed for Darien and gain access to the English colonies. What articles in the Treaty imply “equality”? It is a pure fiction.

  17. Lochside

    William Ross: ‘equal status’ in inverted commas implied irony,which obviously as a troll, you neither understand nor care about.

    BTW ‘we’ never got ‘reimbursed’ for Darien, our corrupt aristocratic rulers did, all £398,000 of it.’We’ got truly shafted ( no irony).

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