Tories “better placed” to defeat SNP says Dugdale

The Tories are better placed to defeat the SNP in some areas of Scotland according Kezia Dugdale.  The Scottish Labour leader made the extraordinary claim during a live TV interview.

Speaking on SKY News, Dugdale was asked who voters should back in order to defeat the SNP.  Responding, the MSP said: “The reality is that in the vast majority of seats across Scotland it’s only the Labour party that can beat the SNP.”

However in what appeared to be a signal to some Labour voters that they should give their support to the Conservatives, Ms Dugdale added: “There are a few differences, in the Borders and Highlands, where the Tories might be better placed.”

The comments from the Scottish Labour leader come only days after her party was plunged into a civil war after councillors in Aberdeen were suspended from the party after entering a coalition with the Conservatives.  The pact meant the SNP, who emerged the largest party after the council elections, remained in opposition.

The party has been plunged into chaos with some Tory pacts being ruled out but others apparently deemed acceptable.  In North Lanarkshire the Labour party is reported to have regained control of the local authority after securing the backing of the Conservative group.

North Lanarkshire SNP MSP Clare Adamson said: “Labour have sold-out to the Tories in a desperate bid to retain power, despite losing the election to the SNP. I shudder to think what concessions Scottish Labour have made to the Tories in respect of vital local services in order to seal this desperate deal.”

The general election is witnessing an increase in so-called tactical voting with pro-Union parties vying for the support of local pro-Union voters in target constituencies.  The SNP, which won 56 of the 59 available seats in the 2015 general election, is expected to lose some seats to its pro-Union rivals.  However Nicola Sturgeon’s party is still expected to win the Scottish branch of the general election comfortably.

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13 thoughts on “Tories “better placed” to defeat SNP says Dugdale

  1. TheStrach

    As we knew all the BritNat parties are together in trying to subvert Scottish democracy. They won’t succeed.

    Remaining Labour voters in Scotland should take heed and move their allegiance to the SNP. They are the only party at the General Election who can effectively oppose Tory policies.

  2. Allan

    How can Kez survive an investigation by her exec committee after they refused LabTory coalitions. This is tantamount to a call for a Nationwide coalition. Time to say Bye Bye.

  3. Moureen

    Well there you have it! Advise from the Labour leader in Scotland to vote Tory to defeat the SNP!
    Is this what they are reduced too! It just goes to show that they do not give a damn about Scotland and the effects of Tory austerity and Brexit will have on us! They would rather sacrifice us in order to see the SNP lose seats than fight for the Scottish people, who by the way always supported them, than to support the SNP and bring about our Independence and a brighter future!
    Well I hope that people will teach both the Tories and Labour a lesson on the 8th June 17.
    We WILL gain our Independence with or without you but one thing to remember; You Have Done Yourself No Favours! People have long memories!

  4. twathater

    This is just showing the TRUE nature of today’s LIEBOUR party , throw any vestiges of socialist policies in the dustbin to align themselves with rapeclause tRuthless , anything to maintain any semblance of power.

    If I were a labour voter I would feel disgusted and BETRAYED at this blatant usurpation of my vote , Keir Hardy your legacy is corrupted

  5. bringiton

    If their cunning plan is to back the Tories in the hope of destroying the SNP and thereby being able to regain the pretence of being a social democratic party,then they have seriously miscalculated.
    Those who have deserted them for the SNP will never return,given their recent behaviour and those who have gone back to the Tories will not want to give their support to a pretendy Tory party when they can have the real thing.
    They should have learned from the fate of the limo chasing party that when you sup with the devil…..

  6. Clydebuilt

    From a post on another pro Indy site Dugdale goes on to say Scotland dhould be denied the right to hold another independence referendum for ever.

    can anyone verify this?

  7. Dennis Bartholomew

    how can Dugdale ask her loyal labour supporters to vote tory she must think these people are stupid how can they after what the tories done to Scotland under Thatcher it was a disgrace and disgusting and hill will happen again if we allow the tories to get a big majority this is one of the reasons i support snp they are a Scottish party and they dont answer to anyone except the people of Scotland the so called scottish labour answer to the uk lab and the so called scottish tories answer to the uk party in london idont want my kids and grand kids to go through what my genration wnt through with thatcher SOAR ALBA

  8. Mik

    Vote Labour get Tory, and in the Scottish council elections all 133 Labour seats lost, went to the Tories, What does Kezia Do ? takes the huff pretends the SNP have lost the elections, says well done to the tories for taking their seats then lays in to the SNP again.
    Psychiatric help for K. Dugdale please

  9. M Adamson

    I felt compelled to comment on this mad policy of the Labour Party under Scottish Leadership. She tells party members and supporters not to vote for their own party and not to vote for other left of centre parties.
    Instead she tells them to vote for a party so far to the right of even Blair policies that Keir Hardie described as venom and condemned as anathema to ordinary people. The calibre of labour leadership is dire and the integrity of any conviction to do the best for ordinary people and trade union members has been sold to a party that is red orange and blue who have hammered in the last nail in their own coffin.

  10. Jimmy Glass

    The Tories are better placed to defeat the SNP in some areas of Scotland according Kezia Dugdale. The Scottish Labour leader made the extraordinary claim during a live TV interview.

    Extraordinary!! I mean.. it’s true! In some areas of Scotland the Labour Party have never been in with a shout. What’s the problem here?

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