Time to call out the uber-Unionists

Ruth Davidson would have refused to accept Nicola Sturgeon had a mandate to call an independence referendum even if the SNP had won a clear majority in the Holyrood election.  She had no intention of recognising any mandate regardless of the result..

Suggestions from the Scottish Conservatives that the party would recognise such a majority as a mandate for a second referendum are bogus … unless their leader has changed her mind.

How do I know this?  Because the Scottish Tory leader said as much during the 2016 Scottish election campaign.

“She [Nicola Sturgeon] will not have a mandate on the manifesto she’s published, even if she gets a majority.”

“Even if she gets a majority”.  Ruth Davidson made the defiant comment during an interview on STV in the run-up to last year’s Holyrood election.  She added that she would advise then Prime Minister David Cameron to tell the First Minister to “take a hike” should Scotland be dragged out of the EU against our will and a second independence referendum be requested.

This is uber-Unionism in all its ugly glory.  It’s a hard-line Unionism that our media has to soften in order to make it palatable.

Davidson’s comments were echoed later by her mini-me clone Kezia Dugdale who, when asked if she would respect a mandate for a second referendum, replied “No”.

Today [Tuesday] there’s a debate in the Scottish Parliament over whether to allow the Scottish Government to request a Section 30 order from the UK Government.  The Greens will back Nicola Sturgeon’s motion which will pass, not because the SNP needs Green support but because there aren’t enough Unionist MSPs to defeat the SNP even without Green support.

The media of course is portraying the objections from Unionists like Davidson and Dugdale as one based on the failure of Nicola Sturgeon’s party to gain a majority in last year’s Holyrood election.  The narrative being pushed by the BBC and others is that without the Greens, there is no mandate to call Indyref2.

The whole debate over their refusal to accept the SNP administration’s mandate is dishonest, as the clips above prove.  Davidson and Dugdale were fighting for the Scottish Unionist vote.  They were never going to accept any mandate under any condition.  Nicola Sturgeon’s party could have won every single seat in Scotland last year and these two would still have argued there was no mandate.

But that reality has been hidden by a media intent on portraying Davidson and Dugdale as ‘defenders’ of democracy.  The narrative is that these two would of course have respected a mandate from a majority SNP led administration.  But Nicola fell short … and … well.

By the time you read this you may have already watched a debate on Reporting Scotland between SNP MSP Fiona Hyslop and Tory MSP Adam Tomkins.  The latter may try to portray his party as objecting to a second referendum only on the basis that the SNP did not win a majority.

Such a stance will seem reasonable to a large number of viewers.  What though will these same viewers think of Tomkins and his ilk if the clip of Ruth Davidson is played and it becomes evident that the Scottish Tories were never going to accept a mandate under any circumstances – majority or not?

I’d hazard a great many of them will re-evaluate their views on Ruth Davidson and her band of uber-Unionists.  I’d hazard more than a few will resent having been played by these people.  I’ll also predict that this uncomfortable reality will not find its way onto the debate, unless prompted by Fiona Hyslop.


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9 thoughts on “Time to call out the uber-Unionists

  1. Andy McKirdy

    The British Nationalist establishment, politicians, media, business and uber Yoon voters are now in full blown panic mode. It’s the last days of Saigon for them.
    They will be unable to stop a referendum which won’t happen for a while yet, when the full ramifications of a hard brexit will there for all to see and as the worst effects of it will manifest firstly in England, the MSM won’t be able to dismiss it as easily as they do with events in Scotchland.
    At this point their complete lack of anything positive to say about their beloved Union will be there for all to see, and all but the Queens 11 won’t be able to deny what they are witnessing.
    All the crap we are seeing, hearing and reading now, all the fake news and the poles will mean diddly shit at that point.
    It will as many have said be a clear choice, to anyone with half a brain, between a progressive Independent prosperous Scotland and a mad, Tory, little englander, empire 2 waste land, that will be our time.
    Have patience, trust in Nicola and sit back enjoying the sight of the entire Union bricking it.

  2. TheStrach

    Completely agree. I hope we do have a few Poles and other European friends actively helping us to get out the Yes vote when required. I do feel that assistance from our European friends resident in Scotland and across the EU will be a potential game changer this time.

  3. Bibbit

    I’ve decided not to watch these ‘debates’ for at least another year. It’s all so much background noise.

    The real show is about to begin. The big picture is just about to start. Get the popcorn. Settle down at the back.

    Over the next 12 months, the UK financial service industry, is quietly going to shut up shop. Quietly – because they don’t want to panic the markets until they are safely out.

    As the UK economy gets flushed down the toilet and goes into recession.

    What I found most interesting in today’s debate is that say the UK has a change of heart and in 5 years applied to rejoin the EU, under new laws, it could not be re-admitted to the EU, as its unelected, unaccountable, ‘there-for-life’ 800 House of Lords peers breaches EU rules on what constitutes a democracy!

    1. diabloandco

      Not so quietly – Goldman Sachs in the Guardian !

      I wonder how the debate got its audience last night ? I know of one young fella who was on a QT not so long ago and he was on last night and it was a fairly ‘sudden’ debate.

  4. Macart

    No, they never were and Ms May might even chance her arm by refusing to recognise the result of today’s vote. She has the media to rewrite fact or history and cosmetically gloss over such an appalling move to be sure. How and ever, I’m also sure she is aware that there is more than one democratic route to either a referendum or independence. It’s a quandry and a gamble.

    She needs Scotland’s assets to bargain with at that negotiating table and soften the economic blow of brexit beyond the negotiation process. Without us or them, her hand is drastically weakened both materially and morally and she knows it. Is she the gambler that Cameron was? Would she dare steamroller her way through any pretence of democracy in full public glare? Does she believe that the narrative of anti Scottish and anti Scottish Government rhetoric has been effective enough to dull the public’s responses to such an assault on human rights?

    Next few days should tell people quite a lot about just how far gone the union actually is and that for PM May is the real problem. If she does consider the gamble worthwhile and the Scottish Government proceed with say a consultative ballot, the actions she takes now could well decide and define the outcome.

  5. bringiton

    What would the reaction of these stooges have been had the result been to remain and Scottish votes had narrowly kept England in the EU?
    Would they be demanding that Scotland be kicked out of their union for thwarting the democratic legitimacy of a Leave vote south of the border?
    All that they have made clear,even to the staunchest unionist,is that there is only one nation that counts and it certainly isn’t Scotland.
    No more family of nations or pretences of equal partnerships,only do as you are told….or else.

  6. Geejay

    Talking of mandates, what mandate did the Tories have in coalition with the (I’ve forgotten who it was) after Brown was kicked out? And what is May’s mandate? After all, she criticised Brown for stepping seamlessly in Blair’s shoes.

  7. Clydebuilt

    O / T Last night Scotland’s international football team played Canada ( a dull 1:1 draw). STV aired a friendly between England and Georgia. Our state broadcaster covered the Scotland game on Radio. Football is Scotland’s national sport.
    Does this happen in Wales or Northern Ireland. Does this happen in any other Country.
    What opportunities are there for young Scots to see their nation playing its national sport, if their parents do not have the correct sports package, or any sports package. What are the implications of this for our game and our nation.

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