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Throwing slime – Towards Indyref2…

Throwing slime

Sillars: Sturgeon should hand over to “someone better”

Of course he said that! If Jim Sillars wasn’t prepared to say such things then he wouldn’t be afforded a platform by the British media. It doesn’t matter that the things he says are increasingly perplexing and detached from reality, In fact, it is only by disregarding reality in favour of the British Nationalist narrative that Sillars can get the attention he so obviously craves.

The problem with such attention-seeking behaviour is that it must become ever more extreme. The attention-seeker has to go that wee bit further every time. When screaming and foot-stamping is no longer effective, the theatrics must be turned up a notch or two. When the British media’s mercenary lackeys turn up their noses at mere criticism of the SNP, it’s time to ramp up the rhetoric and start casting aspersions on the “intellectual capability” of the party leader.

It ill behoves anyone to question the political acuity of a politician with Nicola Sturgeon’s record of success. When the comments come from someone who has so enthusiastically embraced the role of the British establishment’s favourite useful idiot then the irony is heavy enough to affect the tides.

The fact is that Nicola Sturgeon made a quite superb speech to the SNP Conference last week. And that is what prompted the British media’s smear-mongering scavengers to go raking about in the rank dustbin of history hoping to scrape up some slime to throw at her.

They found Jim Sillars.

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11 thoughts on “Throwing slime

  1. Jon

    Somebody better, Jimbo probably has in mind the likes of Cat Boyd, HaggertyDugdale, Lamont, Baillie or Gray, a late addition to the better people will be MacAskill, he played a blinder on radio Scotland Sunday morning.

  2. John Thomson

    I watched him in utter disbelief and to think that he supports and independent Scotland. It is truly sad to think that they could prolong this struggle, god help us if they live to be 100 years old or god forbid longer.

  3. Bibbit

    English dictionary definition of ‘narcissism’: – the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes.

    Scots dictionary definition of ‘narcissim’ : – Jim Sillars

  4. Big Jock

    Jim Sillars voted for Brexit. Jim Sillars naively thinks that handing EU power back to the most corrupt parliament in Europe outside Madrid will help independence!

    This man like may other indy supporting Brexiteers thinks London and WM are preferable to the EU. It’s almost like throwing your lot in with the enemy and expecting something good to come out of it.

    Brexit is a disaster for Scotland and it’s because Little England will try and close the door on us.

  5. Simon

    Personally, I think Nicola is doing a grand job, no need for another and talk of such a thing is just put out there to destable!

  6. Brian Powell

    Sillars rolled out to try to counter the brilliant collection of speeches and appearances at the Conference is the correct interpretation.
    The next big question who at the BBC is doing this? Which individual or group of individuals are putting this together? How much input is there from the UK government either at Scottish Office or Westminster?
    I would guess Magnus Gardham is in there somewhere.

  7. Geejay

    Nail on head, Brian. BBC impartiality is laughable. GAP’s previous article clearly shows that they deliberately choose commenters who are known to be critical of the SNP, even when, like Sillars or MacAskill they had strong connections with the SNP. Not a single, unequivocally pro-SNP person was invited. (why don’t they invite Bell, or Kavanagh, or Bateman, or GAP or any one of numerous articulate, intelligent online commentators to give a truly balanced view against the likes of Curran, Clegg and Boyd – or have I missed it)

    As for the Propaganda Review with Clegg and Curran – (polite) words fail me. That’s why I never listen to politics on the BBC and I haven’t had TV for 40 years.

    The BBC is beyond any kind of democratic accountability.

    But when you hear what Sillars has been saying about NS then you begin to wonder about his state of mind.

  8. Robert Graham

    maybe just as well the bbc are not attracting the audiences they used to , and only a few anoraks would have seen this , but the papers will run with this and so the cycle continues , the drip drip drip is incessant a daily bloody propaganda exercise , its getting a bit boring , then maybe thats the whole point , turn people off engaging in anything .

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