They’re weaponising child abuse now

Did you know that the Scottish government is coming under pressure over the issue of historic child abuse in football?  I do.  I know because I heard it on Good Morning Scotland.

Listen to the clip below.


Listeners are told ‘pressure is growing’.  This apparent ‘pressure’ is being exerted by a leading human rights lawyer named Raju Bhatt.

So let’s listen to what Mr Bhatt had to say when asked very specifically if the current child abuse inquiry be widened to include historic abuse at football.


Raju Bhatt says to attempt to widen the ongoing inquiry into historic child abuse would “cripple it”.  In that moment he exposes the claims being broadcast by Good Morning Scotland as fabrication.  There is no pressure being exerted on Scottish ministers to widen the scope of their ongoing child abuse inquiry.  On the contrary, Raju Bhatt backs Nicola Sturgeon’s decision.

So what’s going on?  Good Morning Scotland is pushing a Scottish Labour inspired line.  Kezia Dugdale has demanded the inquiry be widened.  But that isn’t pressure.  It’s just Scottish Labour trying to weaponise the football child abuse issue that’s currently hit the headlines.

BBC Scotland needed to create an impression of pressure.  So it used a leading human rights lawyer to do it.  The impression was created that Nicola Sturgeon was standing in the way of calls from a leading rights lawyer, and others, who were asking for an inquiry into historic child abuse at football.

Using child abuse to craft an SNP Bad narrative is about as low as it gets.

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20 thoughts on “They’re weaponising child abuse now

  1. Arthur Martin

    A shower of lousy low life scum that show no hesitation in scraping the bottom of the most toxic barrel to fabricate an SNP Baaddd story.
    They are so predictably shameless in their desperation to smear the Scottish Government and the first minister, that they seem blind to the damage they are doing to themselves.

    We are impervious to your constant drivel you bunch of cretins, away and find some good news stories about our great wee nation.

  2. Dan Huil

    It is sickening to hear the bbc using its warped britnat narrative in an attempt to do down Scotland. The bbc is the enemy of Scotland.

  3. Olive

    Let’s talk about the part SNP have played in the dIsmise of our Scottish education system which used to be valued highly.

    1. Bill Hunt

      Olive the subject is child abuse not education. No distracted please. PS it was on the way down long before SNP took over, so if you wish to apportion blame phone up BLIS.

    2. Sam

      Olive sounds as if you’re an example of someone failed by their education system.

      a) Should have put “the” before SNP .
      b) The word you were trying to use was demise not “dismise”

      Perhaps your lack of ability to put your thoughts down on text are an indicator of your ability to think clearly and logically on the subject of Scottish politics.

    3. shane

      i would say it’s down to apathy caused by disillusionment after indy and eu referenda results. how can they be expected to perform well when they feel betrayed by their elders.

    4. Graham White

      Ah a teacher all I can say is Eh? HOW exactly is that? The previous system was flawed. Children could pass “o” grades with a band 7. Basically rhat meant that they attended. I had the pleasure of teaching kids who had “passed” their standard grade “maths” – basically arithmetic. Of a class of 12 (yes only 12) fifth years not one student could calculate 10% of 100. That was before the educational reforms. I dont agree with the reforms at all but they are trying to change and they havent fot it right by all meams. The issue is that they are listening and trying to make positive reforms and I believe that they will eventually manage. Its got to be better than sticking your head in he sand

  4. Jockanese Wind Talker

    BLiS will fight to the last man/women and the last bullet to keep their place at the trough.

    Those bullets include historic child abuse investigations.

    BLiS are only kept alive by their life support machine that is the BBC/MSM in Scotland.

    As Eldridge Cleaver said. ‘There is no more neutrality in the world. You either have to be part of the solution, or you’re going to be part of the problem.’

    TheBLiS & the MSM/BBC are not neutral in Scotland.

    They are part of the problem.

    The solution is Independence.

  5. Neil lepick

    Why don’t we see the same outrage from the media about the paedophilia that was rife in the BBC and Westminster the silence is deafening. At least we have an investigation going on at the moment. And as was explained the police are carrying an investigation into the football abuse.

  6. Andy McKirdy

    Re BBC, same as before X a million.
    They really need to be sued!!!(crowd fund anybody)
    Oh, and Olive pet, don’t comment if you know nowt, go and read “clydebuilt’s” comment re PISA from the 8/12/16 and learn stuff that you didn’t know before. That’s what the Scottish enlightenment is all about, jump aboard you’ll love it.

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