Theresa’s world

What does Theresa May see when she looks out the windows of No.10 Downing Street? What does the world look like to her? I’m pretty sure it’s not the world most of us behold.

Let’s assume that May is not so detached from reality as to have forgotten the Fixed Term Parliaments Act – a measure introduced by the Tories precisely to prevent what May is doing. Let’s assume she has considered the matter and thinks she has the two-thirds majority needed to repeal the legislation in the bag. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and suppose that she didn’t announce a UK General Election on June 8 imagining she has the absolute power to do so.

Having got this less than trivial issue out of the way, let us now try to put ourselves behind May’s eyes and see if, taking her words and actions as our guide, we can discern the political environment as she sees it.

She obviously sees a situation in which she is assured of some kind of advantage by calling a snap election. One could well imagine she might hope to lose, and dump the whole Brexit/constitutional mess in Jeremy Corbyn’s hapless lap. But that doesn’t seem to accord with her character. So what does she expect to gain from an election at this time? How does this all play out in the world she inhabits?

She surely can’t be hoping for electoral gains. In our world, that looks like being as close to an impossibility as makes no difference. At UK level, we have something akin to ‘peak Tory’ at present, with little indication of any serious challenge to their supremacy. British Labour is all but reduced to its safest seats. As are the LibDems. If anything, the Tories might just lose the odd seat to the LibDems as people register a protest vote against Brexit.

But Theresa may cannot see things this way. If she did, she would never have called an election. In the world as she sees it, there must be the promise of some kind of electoral surge in favour of the Tories. In her world, the Tories are so respected in the country, and May herself enjoys such personal popularity, that the people flock to them and Labour suffers a complete wipe-out.

The gain that May envisages is power. Executive power. The power to command the House of Commons completely. The power to marginalise the House of Lords.

The power to finally slap down those pestilential Scots.

May envisages a world in which she reigns supreme at the head of a Tory party whose increasing tendency to right wing extremism and rabid British nationalism she thinks she can control; ramping it up or down as circumstances require.

In this world of hers, May strides into Brussels flexing new muscle and demanding all manner of concessions. In this world of hers, the EU caves in before the power of her personality and the might of her popular mandate.

In this world of hers, society is reshaped in the mould of neo-liberal economic rigour and British nationalist ideology.

In this world of hers, there is no protest. All dissent is suppressed by a combination of repressive legislation and abysmal apathy.

In this world of hers, Scotland’s independence movement is crushed under the weight of an avalanche of ‘One Nation’ fervour. In this world of hers, the SNP collapse; Nicola Sturgeon is humiliated; and the Scottish parliament is returned to the ‘safe hands’ of the British parties.

In this world of hers, the Union Flag flies from every building. In this world of hers, she is loved by ‘her’ people as a great leader and admired as an international stateswoman.

The world that Theresa May sees as she gazes out the windows of No. 10 doesn’t exist. I desperately hope it never does.

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12 thoughts on “Theresa’s world

  1. TheStrach

    This is our opportunity.We need to run on a policy of declaring independence if a majority of pro-independence MPs are returned. Ideally all the pro-independence parties would get behind the SNP as our vehicle to independence.

  2. Abulhaq

    This will be the Great Patriotic election, the ‘Empire’ intends to strike back. Expect merchandise, flags, mugs, badges and tees and possibly a theme tune. Huzzzah!

  3. Big Jock

    I think most indy supporters would be happy using the GE as an independence mandate. However I suspect the SNP will not. I could be proven wrong but the language seems to be continue with the timetable set out for indi 2 which May has stuck two fingers at.

    Are the SNP happy to wait two years while more damage can be done and the will there won’t there be a referendum?

    1. bringiton

      Independence is a matter for the Scottish parliament and not Westminster.
      Depending on the route decided by Holyrood,there may have to be some engagement with London but that would seem to be pointless now and probably forever more.
      This is about Brexit and nothing more.

    2. Heidstaethefire

      Time to keep the heid, Jock. Remember the new cliche about not interrupting your opponents when they’re making a mistake. The Westminster/Whitehall bubble haven’t realised it, but they’re narrowing the decision to Brexit Britain v independence. With labour about to leave the stage, that in effect is Brexit TORY Britain v independence.
      The trick is not yo go off at half cock.

  4. Bill McDermott

    For those who want to treat the GE as a mandate for Independence, then you will have to see Nicola row back on her words in today’s interview, where she clearly stated that the route to independence will be as already laid out by the Scottish Government.

    That means that she will see the election as a backing of the Scottish electorate (the SG already has a mandate) for an Indyref on the terms and timescale of the Scottish Parliament’s choosing.

    1. TheStrach

      That’s why she’s the politician and not me.

      Nicola is the leader and I’ll support her whatever she decides. She would only be sticking to what she has already said, that the people of Scotland should vote when we know what Brexit means. It’s people like me who are getting excited and champing at the bit.

      Time will tell and as Brexit unfolds Nicola is surely correct that more Scots will see the stark choice we face. Brexit hasn’t happened and when it does many more people will see that independence is the only option.

  5. Jas

    Something that struck me today was how the TV channels were creating a narrative, based around dodgy voxpops, that somehow the public were totally scunneredwith elections and referendums.

    As if it were some huge imposition on their lives rather than a democratic privilege. It seemed to suggest that the public can’t be arsed with the democratic franchise and would gladly opt for some kind of dictatorship. Perhaps such apathy would tie in well with May’s big powergrab?

    1. Robert Graham

      agreed it’s not as if they were going down a bloody mine , how much effort does it need to put a cross in a box , at least people south of the border get a result when they vote we just get ignored per usual .

  6. Robert Graham

    why dosnt Corbyn refuse to back Mayhems call for an election when his party look as if they might be wiped out , Mayhem Is facing the prospect of at least 20 of her mps being charged with electoral fraud and the result of the previous election being questioned .

  7. Charles P. Kearney

    I had to go back to the Top of this Article to check that we were not indeed talking about Turkey’s President Erdogan and to check that Protestors were not being arrested and Newspapers closed down!

    I’m sure we have that to look forward to!

  8. Samuel Harding

    I think May is doing a fantastic job (what else could she be expected to do given the vote) I for one will be voting conservative, come on Scotland Lets keep the United Kingdom together!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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