Theresa May accused of breaking campaign rules with ‘Child party’ ruse

Conservative leader Theresa May has been accused of breaking electoral rules by disguising a campaign event as a children’s party.

Mrs May, who is in Scotland as part of her general election campaign, appeared at a private event in Crathes Village Hall which is near Aberdeen.

The event was billed as a “rally” for party activists and received considerable coverage on the BBC.

However the Tory leader is facing allegations that her party may have broken rules governing election campaigns after it emerged that the event was in fact booked as a children’s party.

Images posted on social media show the hall booked to hold a childrens party at the time of the rally.

A booking for ‘Child party’ appears under the name ‘Burnett’ for Saturday 29th April between 10:00 and 17:00.

SNP deputy leader Angus Robertson posted the following message on social media:

“So PM May has braved the Scottish electorate with a closed meeting in a forest, booked as a children party, apparently breaching the rules.”

If true, it will be embarrassing for the Conservative leader who has been accused of hiding away from the public.  Mrs May has already refused to appear in any TV debates with her political rivals and has instead spent much of her campaign taking part in photo-ops and rallies in deserted and closed factories.

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9 thoughts on “Theresa May accused of breaking campaign rules with ‘Child party’ ruse

  1. Mo

    Sadly she/they may even get away with it…..’child party’ is probably a fair description of what happened……I wonder if the invited guests got goody bags 😉

  2. Henri

    I also wonder if they have broken fire regulations – 200 party members plus press – does anyone know if this is also a broken rule?

    1. Bruce Findlay

      Room was only 19 m x 6 m so I’m sure they were standing on each others shoulders

  3. Jill Webster

    236 seated, 168 for a dance. They weren’t seated so no idea if it would be the dance number. Shocking she chose such a small place, even worse it booked a child’s party given some of the past Tory supporters like Jimmy Saville and the stories you hear about Ted Heath.

  4. Tom Brush

    Description of childrens party could be correct bur I am sure May would want it classified as a political event. In this case it breaks the rules. Would the trustees of this hall specify what is the punishment for someone who makes a booking for one event and runs something different.

  5. commonoldworkinchap




  6. ScotsCanuck

    Doubtless it will be labelled be the Unionist Press as “SNP bad” as the Nationalists try to expose the ‘double standards’ of Unionist Politicians …… can be summed up as “same old, same old”

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