The ‘Yes2 Hub’ … A tool to keep Yessers informed

One of the things Yes voters did extremely well during the first independence campaign was our presence on social media. According to a study, those who voted Yes accounted for 73% of social media engagements regarding the referendum.

We embraced Twitter & Facebook as a way to share information and to organise events.  We debunked the lies of Better Together within minutes of a press release and successfully crowdfunded material to get the truth out there.

From the energy of 2014, Scotland’s “new/alternative” media started its attempt to reach further into the mainstream.  Independence may not yet be here and we may not see a referendum called for a year or two at the earliest, but none of us has been sitting on our hands.  We know there is work to be done to win over No/Don’t Know voters the next time by continuing to debunk the lies and share the truth.

To keep myself informed, soon after the No vote I worked on some simple Android apps. One for Wings Over Scotland & were publicly released. These apps sent you a notification whenever a new article was posted.  Privately, I created a few other apps.  One for Scot Goes Pop and another for Bella Caledonia.  These four were my go-to sites during the referendum.

These apps were great at notifying me of new content.  I no longer had to visit the individual sites to check for any updates.  I could rely on my phone or tablet to tell me.

Out of those four apps, the Yes2 Hub was born. Instead of separate apps for each website, the Hub has over 160 sites & groups ready for you to follow and receive notifications for.  Instead of spending your lunch hour at work opening a dozen tabs in your browser, you can instead spend that time sharing the content the Hub sent to your device.

The Hub attempts to filter content from groups.  There are areas for articles, media (livestreams, videos & podcasts) and events.

Your timeline shows content from groups and users you follow, but by entering these filtered areas, you will see content from ALL groups – even those that are against Scottish independence.

The Hub takes you outside the cosy bubble that Twitter created.  To win #indyref2 we need to know WHY people voted No.  We can’t do that by solely talking to each other.

Anyone who wishes to can start a group.  Each group can link their blog, Youtube account, livestream details and podcast links.  Local Yes groups can enter their address to find themselves listed in the “Nearby” filter, allowing people to find you and perhaps join and actively take part in campaigns.

The Hub will send notifications when a group you follow posts something on their timeline.  If they post a  Youtube video you’ll get an option to view it, for livestreams we’ll notify you about 5 minutes before the stream is due to start (you can watch it on the Hub).

For podcasts you can listen to it straight away and for events we include a clickable map that’ll plot the journey from your location to where the event is taking place (we’ll also notify you an hour before the event starts so you have enough time to arrive before it starts).

The Hub will also keep you informed of important events that you really wouldn’t want to miss.  It has the ability for any content to be pushed to EVERYONE – even if the person or group wasn’t being followed.

So for example, if there was a mass rally announced somewhere, maybe an incredibly important article is release, or perhaps Nicola Sturgeon just broke the news of a referendum being called, it can push that information onto everyone’s timeline and send a notification to their device.  The Hub means we don’t stumble across information.  We’re actively being kept updated at all times.

The Hub isn’t intended to be a Twitter or Facebook clone just so we can say Scotland has it’s own social media platform.  It’s here to give easy access to information and to give an easy way of sharing that information.  Even though I’m the creator, I can’t live without it.  And all those that have used it have commented on how invaluable it has become for them.

If you haven’t had a look around it, then perhaps these links will give you a taster:

Latest Articles –
Latest Media –
Upcoming Events –
Indyref2 Group Page –

You can get the Android app for free on the Play Store:

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This article was supplied by Dave from ‘Yes2 Hub’.

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8 thoughts on “The ‘Yes2 Hub’ … A tool to keep Yessers informed

  1. Alasdair Macdonald

    Can these be used for ‘rapid rebuttal’ purposes?

    Hardly a day passes without headlines about ‘crises’ in Scottish health, education or transport. Wings deals with some of these today. Pre 1997, ‘new’ Labour made pretty effective use of rapid rebuttal. As the unionist attacks on independence mount as ‘Brexit’ nears, then pro independence supporters need to be alerted to mendacious reports and of the responses to these.

    If the planned BBC ‘Timeline’ is to include much real time tweeting, etc, then there is, perhaps, an opportunity to respond quickly. Of course, they might well quickly develop an algorithm to identify cogent independence supporters and to block them.

  2. Iain

    As a social media hub I guess you are the guys to bring this to the attention of. I’ve been chasing this story from a few angles and this piece from the Italian Press covers the most ground in the most concise way.

    We were told after the last Tory election victory that it had been achieved with an expensive, targeted social media campaign but little more than that was said. If what SCL are saying towards the end of this article is true, then they have had a long time to gather the meta data. Referring to the US election

    “Their feeling is that a short term political campaign does not provide enough time for psychographic profiling and communicating on an emotionally level to really have an impact.”

    All the meta data for Scotland is available and internet campaigning is pretty much off books, so if this is for real (I’m still trying to debunk it) we have to be both aware and considering counter strategy.–190657.php?uuid=AEK0UyD

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