The tinsel lining

The most notable thing about the latest piece of #SNPBAD drivel in The Herald is the fact that not even the ‘usual suspects’ are picking up on it. The comments section is remarkably free of the customary contributions for British nationalism’s little rag-tag band of amateur propagandists, who can normally be relied upon to dutifully take their cues from any headline belittling or denigrating Scottish institutions. Invariably having read no more than the headline.

Not that it would make much difference supposing they had read the whole thing, including the comments from Police Scotland’s head of resource management, Peter Blair, tucked away at the bottom of the page well beyond the attention span of the average Britnat. Comments which clearly illustrate the idiocy of the claims about Police Scotland “losing “swathes” of experienced officers”.

The article is basically just a rehash of a Tory press release based on a Freedom of Information (FoI) fishing expedition. Which itself is curious because it doesn’t seem to offer any information which isn’t already freely available. But using the term ‘FoI request’ does have the benefit of making it look as if the British Tories in Scotland actually had to put some effort into uncovering something.

It may be worth noting that the Daily Mail has also run with the same press release. As you would expect, it ramps up the sensationalism to 11 on the dial. I can’t say whether the British nationalists have similarly forsaken that piece as, wishing to retain at least some semblance of seasonal spirit, I didn’t go there.

What do we know? What has been exposed by this pathetic apology for investigative journalism? Only that wastage through retirement in Police Scotland is at normal levels. It’s around 5.8%. To put that into some kind of context – as a real journalist would do as a matter of course – the comparable figure for police services in England and Wales is 5.5%. (The difference is easily accounted for by normal fluctuations.) The rate across the workforce in all sectors of the UK economy is around 15%.

How does this get to be bad news for Police Scotland and hence the SNP administration? How does this get to be news at all? Those are more difficult questions to answer. To even attempt to answer them one would have to put oneself in the mind of a British nationalist fanatic. I’m not going there either.

Instead, let’s stick with that seasonal spirit and look for a tinsel lining. The fact that the usual spittle-flecked suspects are not piling in may be significant. Maybe we’ve reached peak #SNPBAD!

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One thought on “The tinsel lining

  1. Robert Graham

    well its either a civil service holiday at present , or more likely they are all oot huntin shootin and fishing , this more or less covers those who inhabit the comments section of this rag .
    oh hold that i forgot Skiing .

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