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The scandal factory – Towards Indyref2…

The scandal factory

It would be interesting to see some comparison with previous practice so as to illuminate The Herald’s claims of an SNP “power grab”. Something a conscientious journalist would do as a matter of course. If one takes the relatively small trouble to check the information on the Scottish Parliament website it quickly becomes clear that ministers in SNP administrations have always chosen their parliamentary liaison officers from among SNP back-benchers.

While previous administrations were less forthcoming about such matters, it appears that ruling parties appointing ministerial aides from among their own back-benchers has been established practice since the Scottish Parliament was reconvened in 1999. Which is hardly surprising. Why would they choose to have someone from another party working in such close proximity. How would that work?

More interesting is the fact that being a ministerial aide does not appear to ever have been an impediment to serving on committees or vice versa. Even the cursory research that is all I have time for reveals that the current Presiding Officer, Ken Macintosh, was an aide to First Minister Jack McConnell while serving on at least one committee (Education, Lifelong Learning and Culture).

It really only takes one example such as the above to puncture The Herald’s pretence that the SNP is doing something exceptional and dubious. This looks very much like just another instance of the malicious British media taking something totally mundane and spinning it as a ‘scandal’. It’s all part of the totally vacuous #SNPBAD propaganda campaign.

The British media is lying to the people of Scotland.

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7 thoughts on “The scandal factory

  1. Kate

    “The British media is lying to the people of Scotland.”

    How does one respond to that statement, other than, how right you are.

    The shameful thing is, they are doing it deliberately..honest gov they are!

  2. Lisa Robertson

    We all know what Magnus Gardham from the daily Herald was capable of last time round, he was so good at the lies, distortions, scaremongering and propaganda that he has been awarded by the UK Government via Scotland Office…..he now works for them to undermine SNP and Independence. All people in Scotland should know that the daily Herald is a state controlled propaganda machine. Please share this recent article far and wide so people are well warned this is no freedom of press but UK government controlled by Englishman Gardham who’s loyalty is with Tories and Westminster yet he is paid to feed lies to Scots.

  3. Dan Huil

    Don’t buy britnat newspapers and don’t use their websites either. Let the lying britnat publications go under.

  4. Cliff Purvis

    At best the journalist and or paper is just being very poor at his/their profession at worst he/they are trying to undermine the true course of democracy.

  5. Jeanette McCrimmon

    This is nothing new. The British establishment are masters of deceit and guile. They’ve used the same, dishonest techniques, for hundreds of years.

    Keep Scotland is the the most popular game in Whitehall. Hiding wealth, distorting figures, peddling propaganda – this is all in the unionist rule book.

    Politicians, civil servants, spads, ministers, media moguls, broadcasters, all the unionists, who play by the rules and help to Keep Scotland, are greatly rewarded by whomever is in charge at Westminster.

    We now have to show our fellow Scots what they will LOSE if they don’t support Indy2.

  6. Sam Mitchell

    In reply to Dan Huil…

    it is a good idea to boycott the msm & especially bbc BUT… it is more important to boycott their advertisers & explain why you are doing so by contacting them via their web pages. They mostly give you a standardised reply… which in turn tells you that you are not alone in boycotting their product as they have prepared a generalised reply..
    The msm continually explain that the changing face of print journalism is down to advertising revenue falling… so the power to an extent lies with you…

  7. Jas

    I fully understand people wanting to boycott MSM. It has been that way for many a long year. I’ve been supporting the SNP since the early 70s, and have never voted for any other party. So I’ve lived with this situation for a long, long time – knowing full well that we are unfortunately situated within the UK and are therefore bombarded with all kinds of Unionist guff. But you learn to read against the grain. So this is not something that has just happened post-Referendum, at which point it seems a great many Labour-for-Lifers converted to the independence cause. Now it seems to be these very converts who are demanding all kinds of mad boycotts, everything from biscuits to ice-cream. I can’t remember the SNP issuing any diktat about boycotts? In today’s Daily ‘the Vow’ Record, Joan McAlpine has a full page of pro-Indy opinion. Should someone tell her she’s a collaborator?

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