The Ruth Davidson Fan Club

Did you see Reporting Scotland last night? One of the items on the programme was about Ruth Davidson.

Had the Scottish Tory leader been answering questions about the DUP deal, the party’s suspended councillors or the looming Brexit catastrophe and the damage it’s expected to do to Scotland?

Sadly none of the above. The item was based on an opinion piece Ruth had written for the Telegraph newspaper.

So important was this ‘news’ that it was plastered over the BBC Scotland online news page.

According to the article:

The leader of the Scottish Conservatives has questioned the government’s goal of reducing net migration below 100,000.  In the Daily Telegraph, Ruth Davidson said “we have to ask whether the target continues to be the right one”.

“The time for easy slogans is over,” she added.

[…] But Ms Davidson said most Britons did not think international students should be treated as migrants, adding: “So let’s start there.

“If people don’t think that students should be included in the net migration numbers, let’s take them out.”

Here is how it was presented on Reporting Scotland.

We’re told that Ruth Davidson is “trying to spark a debate” on immigration. That she is questioning the Tory Govt’s 100,000 immigration target. That she is questioning whether international students should be included in net migration figures.

A Tory MSP appears and attacks what he describes as “those who want to divide us” which is a clear reference to pro-independence parties, the SNP and Greens.  No SNP or Green MSPs are invited to respond to the thinly veiled attack.

The best bit is at the end though when Andrew Kerr adopts a toadying, sycophantic tone in an over the top praise of Davidson.  Here it is in isolation.

The item was essentially a puff piece for Davidson who is seeking to distance herself from the calamitous and badly weakened Theresa May. But that wasn’t my main gripe with the report.

Few viewers will recall what Ruth Davidson said about immigration during the general election debate. Below are a couple of reminders.



During the general election Ruth Davidson was repeatedly asked about the immigration target set by her party. She repeatedly defended those targets. Indeed she went as far as to suggest that the target was sound but that Scotland was not attracting enough migrants into the UK because we were unattractive.


And who can forget the absolute car crash interview Ruth gave to Radio 5 Live when she was confronted, not by the velvet glove of BBC Scotland, but a rather more stubborn interviewer.


If BBC Scotland wanted to report the newsworthy aspect of Ruth Davidson’s Telegraph column it would have described it as a U-turn. Because it was a U-turn. One of the many Ruth Davidson is noted for [Free prescriptions, Single Market, APD etc].

BBC Scotland bosses should have had someone confront the Scottish Tory leader in the same way Nicola Sturgeon was confronted on Monday and quizzed on the Michelle Thomson issue.

Failing that they should have confronted David Mundell when he was in Dumfriesshire with the Conservative Foreign Secretary Priti Patel on the same day as Ruth’s article appeared [see image].

Reporting Scotland covered Patel’s visit in a lengthy item.

Ruth wasn’t confronted because there’s no appetite to confront her. The Scottish Tory leader’s image needed a bit of burnishing and that was what BBC Scotland provided.

We witnessed the same promotional drivel last month when Ruth decided to write an opinion piece on an unknown website.  That too merited coverage on Reporting Scotland and the website received a bit of free promotion.

BBC Scotland has turned into a fan club for Ruth Davidson.  Andrew Kerr is her biggest fan.

Kerr’s sycophancy isn’t the first time the BBC Scotland reporter has adopted a gushing tone when it comes to the Scottish Conservatives.  Listen to this short clip as he describes the the Scottish Tory local manifesto back in April this year on the day it was launched.


Kerr does though have some stiff competition in the ‘biggest fan’ stakes.


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19 thoughts on “The Ruth Davidson Fan Club

  1. Ottomanboi

    This quarter the production of razor blades, false teeth and tin openers has exceeded planning forecast. Citizeness Davidson, aka Big Sister Ruthie, truly is a wonder worker. Look! her eyes follow you round the room.

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    No real surprise regarding him being her #1 Fan.

    Like the Alexander Twins and Gordzilla young Andrew is a son of the manse.

    Church and State.

      1. Alasdair Macdonald

        Sadly, the answer is possibly enough to stop the YES side exceeding 50%. Such people are seeking ‘confirmation bias’ and what RS and GMS are doing is providing this. It is essentially a defensive strategy to prevent any shift from NO to YES and, it might also shift some shaky ‘YESSES’ to ‘NOES’ or abstentions.

        This is the kind of thing Lyndon Baines Johnson called ‘nickel and dime’. Collect enough nickels and dimes and you have a dollar.

  3. bowanarrow

    How many time have we got to read this type of puff piece detailing, EVERYTHING THAT WE ALREADY KNOW. The bbc support the tories, REALLY? I AM TAKEN ABACK IN SHOCK. Come on for gods sake, stop telling us the bleeding obvious and start getting the news we don’t know. Tick Tock……..TICK TOCK!!! (and I already KNOW WHAT KERR IS…..!!)

  4. Baroness

    I feel that this may be the beginning of the Tories and meeja’s next attack In the battle for stopping indyref2… removing international students “let’s take them out” … all the trappings of making sure young internationalists will not get to vote in indyref2.
    Just my humble opinion. 😉

  5. Lochside

    Watching your forensic editing Mr P showing wan Kerr in this clip or that clip ,highlights just what disgusting and obvious propaganda we are being force fed, or rather the gullible and the wannabe guilible are fed. Like some parody of some 8os eastern bloc english language tv broadcast we are given ludicrously false and dishonest appraisals of an ex(?) BBC puppet masquerading as a politician.

    Twisting and turning until she disappears up her own fundament, we are expected to believe that her u turns week after week are plausible and not really all part of the charade of the Colonel Ruth Blimp as next Tory leader bogus meme. Truly MI5 are running the BBC in Scotland.

    1. Alasdair Macdonald

      Let’s see if it reports on the graffiti-ing of a sculpture in the Poetry Garden in Queen’s Park in Glasgow with a proLabour slogan.

  6. Barbara Reid

    According to Ruth, Scotland does not attract immigrants perhaps due to it being the highest taxed area of the UK but if the SG want to reduce the number of children living in poverty they can raise taxes. Also she is in favour of capping child tax credits to two children which presumably will reduce the population but we need to increase the population. Talk about going round in circles!

  7. Robert Graham

    I doubt if there is another country on the planet where 99.99% of the media and state broadcaster , continually attempts to undermine the freely elected government , there is a well known phrase for this type of action , in other countries long jail terms rectify this situation .

    The BBC in scotland are fighting for their existence , because on the day independence is finally declared they will cease to exist , the plug will be pulled on them and every presenter and they bloody well know it , no longer do they pretend to be impartial , it’s now total propaganda

  8. Jt1

    This is a bit more mundane than political bias. People shouldn’t forget that Ruth was a BBC Scotland employee for several years before entering politics. She still has many friends there. I know one or two of them.

  9. Iain Crosbie

    Given BBC Scotland’s previous love affair with Scottish Labour, now that the latter and the Scottish Tories have cuddled up together, we now have to endure the spectacle of a gruesome threesome.

  10. Clapper57

    Apparently Ruth is one to watch…..agreed…..she IS one to watch……for example pre GE when she was touting the now debunked hokum about Scotland being on the verge of a recession…….oh dear she got that wrong didn’t she…..she….the rising star……..quelle surprise……Not….that’s what happens when you rely more on wishful thinking and a desperation to win more seats at a GE………… than actual facts.

    In fact, one must monitor VERY carefully what she says and retain for future reference….. as she does have a tendency to promise much and then actually deliver …..nada… does her partner in crimes against Scotland…Mundell.

    Her newly elected Scots Tory warriors are off to fight for Scotland at WM and apparently will take orders directly from her…… if they fail to deliver as well……. then at least we will all know that once again she has broken yet another promise….or rather failed to deliver…….or perhaps be honest and admit she talks the talk but certainly does not walk the walk… least where Scotland’s concerned.

    Actions supposedly speak louder than words….unfortunately the opposite is the case where Ruth and her party are concerned……..yes she is ALL mouth…..and she has but one job and one job only….to crush the rebellious Scots and bring them to heel…….and that is the only reason she receives kudos….because she is but another useful idiot willing to sacrifice her own country ….and her reward will be ………..a safe seat at WM ?……or a seat in the HOL ? ….FM ?…..nah…..that job will definitely expose her hypocrisy and ineptitude.

    No amount of media praise can or will convince me that she is the saviour of anything other than her own skin and her own party……the media in Scotland do know what is happening with Brexit do they not ?…….time they stopped promoting the Ruth fan club and actually REPORTED facts and REAL news …….if I want to read or watch fantasy there are books and films I can read and watch…..not so much a fan of hearing , reading or seeing fantasy via MSM outlets……still it does occasionally cross over into comedy too does it not………actually horror too when you think of who it is they are promoting…….well at least the reality of it invalidates the myth that she is anything other than a useless blawbag revered beyond her true capabilities……in fact a prerequisite of being a Tory is it not. ….of any nationality within UKOK.

  11. David JF Halliday

    This is such utter bollocks. You have no clue about editorial, structure or basic broadcasting. Nor copyright infringement. Best of all, some of you are slagging off SNP chums in broadcast; they think you are certifiable.

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