The puppeteer

Theresa May’s outbursts are so predictable one might almost believe Nicola Sturgeon was scripting them.

Not that the British PM is necessarily unaware of the situation. Even if she lacks the wits to realise that Sturgeon is playing her like an old fiddle, surely she has advisers who can tell her. Or has she got rid of all those ‘troublesome’ voices that impinge on her delusions of British exceptionalism with talk of Realpolitik? Is it possible that Theresa May is genuinely unaware she’s being danced into a corner by Scotland’s sure-footed First Minister?

It’s all rather reminiscent of Alex Salmond manipulating David Cameron into rejecting a ‘devo-max’ option on the ballot paper for the first independence referendum. Recognising that achieving a Yes vote would be a big enough challenge without splitting the constitutional reform vote, but realising that the Scottish Government couldn’t be seen to rule out what was potentially the most popular option, he simply got Cameron to do it for him. It wasn’t difficult. All Salmond had to do was drop a carefully phrased comment that the media would be bound to spin as him looking for a ‘second prize’ and the Pavlovian reaction from the British political establishment was all but guaranteed.

Salmond’s successor is playing a similar game. And, it must be said, the student may well outshine the master. Sturgeon’s Brexit ‘demands’ are carefully calculated to reflect the democratic will of Scotland’s people while also seeming reasonable to a broad swathe of Leave voters who nonetheless recognise the value of the single market. With the bonus that it all plays rather well in the EU.

The fact that these demands are almost certainly impossible to deliver suits the FM’s purposes just fine. After all, as we are constantly being reminded, she has no power to deliver a bespoke deal that preserves Scotland’s relationship with the EU. Theresa May has taken great delight in trumpeting the fact that only she has the authority to negotiate such a deal. So, when no such deal materialises, it is entirely her responsibility. She has either failed to secure the deal, or she has refused to even try. Either of which plays right into Nicola Sturgeon’s hands.

Day by day, the groundwork is being laid for #indyref2. (Or #indyrefB. But that’s another discussion.) It doesn’t really matter whether Theresa May is aware of what is happening or not. She is powerless to do anything about it. She has no options. Sturgeon, meanwhile, is rich in options. Think about it! Unlikely as it was that Cameron would not refuse to countenance a ‘devo-max’ option on the ballot, supposing he had, who would have got credit for including the option likely to win? Alex Salmond, of course! Having made such a fuss about it being his idea, the British establishment could not credibly claim the option was being included despite his demands.

Likewise, if Theresa May did somehow get a special deal for Scotland, it would be a case of Nicola Sturgeon standing up for Scotland’s interests and getting her way.

This is politics as art and science. And Sturgeon is showing herself to be a master of both.

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6 thoughts on “The puppeteer

  1. Clydebuilt

    Hey Peter …..don’t do May’s thinking for her……. Btw May’s recent uttering’s aimed at Nicola have brought about a further fall in the Pound……

  2. twathater

    Hey Peter gonnae no dae that ,

    stop edumacatin these twats , I’ve had nightmares that they will see the avalanche of shit coming their way and they will come up with VOW2 at the last minute, and the usual britnats will swallow it whole , look at kez the mess coming up with the mega federalism pish and still the usual britnat cringers grab it and hing on as if it’s a lifejaicket, only they don’t realise the arse is ripped oot it .
    I sincerely hope the Mayhem is so narcissistic that she believes Nicola is bluffing and that she totally ignores any and all suggestions put to her by Nicola and the SG and continues on her merry red white and blue way.

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  4. puzzle fan

    If the Tory Government had the courage of their convictions they would concede the need for a second indyref for Scots to either accept or reject leaving the EU along with the rest of the UK. If it’s true, as unionists claim, that Scotland still wishes to stay in the UK post Brexit then it should be put to the test.

    A No vote 2 years before the UK Brexit choice cannot be used to justify Scotland having to go along with a decision which represents the minority view north of the border. If unionists are convinced that Scotland values it’s UK membership more than it’s EU membership then the only democratic way to confirm that is to have a fresh indyref.

    If the unionists are so sure of their case why are they so reluctant for another vote? The nature of the UK has changed substantially since 2014 and Scotland needs and has the right to reassess it’s position in the union. A fresh vote is required and the stale one of 2014 cannot be continually trotted out any more to justify Scotland being taken out the EU against the wishes of the majority of her people.

  5. Robert Graham

    Ha Ha a few comments regarding not assisting the Loony brigade ,who think they are in full charge of events at the moment, everyone and their dog knows of the mounting unattended problems that will only get worse if decisive action is not taken immediately it appears this bunch of nutters are unable to react to the simplest problem , Treesa by being so predictable , Nicola proposes one thing she Treesa immediately does the opposite gee-wizz is it really that easy ha ha , can they really be so dumb ? .

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