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The no-hopers – Towards Indyref2…

The no-hopers

While Paris Gourtsoyannis makes the same mistake as all too many commentators in assuming that a pact with the SNP is British Labour’s for the asking, it’s good to see somebody offering a realistic appraisal of Corbyn’s prospects in the 2020 UK election. Basically, British Labour needs to win scores of safe Tory seats. Some will insist glibly that ‘nothing’s impossible’. But, here in the real world, some things are as close to being impossible as makes no practical difference.

Ask yourself! Does British Labour look remotely like a party prepared for a task of this magnitude?

It’s far too big a gamble for Scotland. British Labour’s branch office will doubtless return to the tactic of portraying themselves as the only ‘party’ that can stop the Tories; despite this claim having long since been drained of the last dregs of credibility by repeated failure to even effectively oppose the Tories electorally or in terms of their economically destructive and socially corrosive policies.

We can’t afford to have yet another Tory government imposed on Scotland. We can’t afford the union. We certainly can’t rely on British Labour. So let’s not get carried away with the personality cult building around Jeremy Corbyn. He offers precious little hope to progressives in England. He holds out no hope whatever for Scotland.

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3 thoughts on “The no-hopers

  1. David

    UK, the crippled entity that overwhelmingly unites MPs, including deified socialists, who represent England constituencies at Westmister. Most of them,don’t know how loudly “Rule Britannia” plays in the background every time and every subject upon which they have something to say.

  2. Jockanese Wind Talker

    It is now obvious to anyone with an ounce of political nuance that:

    1. The political disenfranchised in England have no party like the SNP to believe in or turn to.

    2. The MSM will continue to demonise Corbyn as unelectable to further their own agenda. (remember how it was reported when Cameron said Corbyn was a threat to national security).

    3. A Soft Brexit will be seen as betraying the UKIPers, and other Neo-Facists who now feel empowered through the vote to leave the EU.

    The Tories will therefore either retain majority power at Westminster for at least the next 10 years (unless there is a Soft Brexit allowing for UKIP to take seats from them).

    This may result in a Tory/UKIP coalition which would be more damaging to Scotland than an outright Tory majority.

    Labour are finished in the UK for at least a generation (unless they split or the realities Hard Brexit wake the electorate up).

    I suspect Labour are finished in Scotland for longer than that.

  3. awkwardboy

    When was the last time a corinated PM won an electoral mandate? I can’t think of one, of course that doesn’t mean she can’t be the first.

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