The insidious false narrative

I only got as far as the bit where Maurice Smith describes the 2017 UK general election result as a “short, sharp shock delivered to Nicola Sturgeon” before it became clear that this was just another tedious rehashing of the mainstream British media’s cosy consensus.

How can something totally anticipated be any kind of shock? Nobody with an ounce of wits expected the SNP landslide of 2015 to be repeated. Everybody with any awareness of politics in general realised that there was bound to be a correction. Only intellectually indolent ‘journalists’ looking for some easy sensationalism peddled the self-evidently daft notion the SNP had ambitions to retain all the seats gained in 2015. The party’s definition of a win was always to come out of the 2017 election with a majority of seats.

In the event, the SNP won more seats than all the British parties combined. Given the circumstances – a decade in office; a totally unexpected election; and, as ever, facing the full force of the British state’s propaganda machine – this was, by any rational analysis, a truly remarkable performance.

It was as close to being the opposite of a “short, sharp shock” as makes no difference.

And if there was any doubt that Maurice Smith doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about, that doubt must surely be eliminated on discovering that he imagines a new referendum has been ‘shelved’.

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25 thoughts on “The insidious false narrative

  1. William Ross


    You cannot actually be serious with this piece. Did anyone “anticipate” that Salmond would lose his seat, that the SNP would lose half a million votes and that vehemently anti-Indyref 2
    Unionists would get more than 60% of the votes with the SNP/Greens on 37%.

    Winning a majority of Scottish seats in a Westminster election means very little. It is total number of votes that win referenda!

    Yesterday, Sturgeon said something absolutely crazy to the New Statesman. According to her, the argument for a second EU referendum is now ” difficult to resist”. This from a party that regards a majority of one as being enough! She is now unsure when Indyref 2 will ever happen.

    She is leading a pro-EU party, not a Scottish nationalist party!


    1. grizebard

      Oh, the same old anti-SNP pish regurgitated once again. You have never respected the clear pro-EU vote in Scotland, and having failed to win the argument by the only fair and open way, you just can’t resist a backstabbing rearguard action instead. (Reminds me of that Japanese soldier in the jungle for decades fighting a lost cause that everyone else had ended long before.)

      The independence movement is getting scunnered of false friends who can only accept independence their way or not at all. There’s no indy à la carte.

      You lost the argument. And you would lose it again in an independent Scotland, as you know fine well. Which is why a bitter minority of people like you are now so desperately keen to get the UK government to do your anti-democratic heavy lifting for you before we are all free to choose for ourselves.

      1. Dan Huil

        The FM is being cleverly coy, methinks.

        Check out how British nationalists are desperate to deny any possibility of indyref2, yet at the same time are desperate for the FM to set a date for indyref2.

        Meanwhile the so-called united kingdom is a brexit laughing stock.

      2. G Allen

        So enjoyable to read through this comic occasionally and see the utter hypocrisy of sad little posts like “you never respected the clear pro-EU votein Scotland”

        Laughable statement really given that the sad little Yes voters and this pathetic little site with so few followers clearly will “Never respect the clear vote of over 2m Scots who said no to Indeoendece!

        Must be pretty difficult for this site and its tiny band of followers who, like a small child who stamps its foot and screams ‘It’s not fair’ when they don’t get there way, given that Sturgeon has now stated that she doesn’t know when – or if – she will call another Indyref!!!

        So perhaps, finally, the SNP have listened to the clear majority of Scots who voted democratically in the Indy ref and said NO.

        So to let me paraphrase parts of your little rant “You lost the vote. And you would lose it again, as you know fine well. And quite rightly, the majority who voted NO are ‘fair scunnered’ with the wee bitter minority’s of weans’ kicking up a fuss because they didn’t get their way.

    2. Robert Graham

      Wullie Ross – or Ruthie-Kezia-Whatever in disguise ?.

      Just another British Nationalist having trouble with the idea of a majority, is it + 1 , + 10 , + 20 etc , its really quite simple one side having more than the other, it doesn’t matter the margin,

      Just like Mayhems Brexit means Brexit,

      A Majority means a Majority can’t you figure that difficult statement out Wullie ?

  2. Geacher

    “…this was, by any rational analysis, a truly remarkable performance.” Yep, you got that right Peter. Losing 480,000 votes and 21 seats in two years was a remarkable performance of ineptitude and complacency.
    You don’t half write some nonsense.

  3. H Scott

    The SNP’s result in Westminster in 2017 was the same as that of the Conservatives in 2015: 37% of the vote and a majority of seats. Somehow that meant the Conservatives gaining a mandate to hold the Brexit referendum but the SNP losing a mandate to hold an independence referendum.

  4. William Ross

    H Scott

    The Conservatives in 2015 won a majority of UK MPs on a clear manifesto commitment.
    A majority in Westminster elections select a UK Government.

    The SNP did not lose a mandate to hold Indyref2 in 2017 but their weak 2016 mandate looked a lot weaker on 9 June 2017.


    1. Jockanese Wind Talker

      Nae as weak as the Gweat Bwitish Pouwd (£) @William Ross says:

      1 GBP (£) = 1.3904 EUR on 31/05/2015

      1 GBP (£) = 1.1369 EUR on 30/06/2017

      It has been bumping along around the 1 GBP (£) = 1.08 EUR for months now due to the UK Government buying it’s own bonds and keeping it artificially high from the actual 1:1 parity it really is.

      Hyperinflation due to the failure of Quantitate Easing, Brexit, Trade Tariffs is just round the corner.

      Lack of food due to Brexit (reduced imports and loss of UK based pickers and process workers) and a failure of local services due to staff shortages caused by EU Nationals leaving the UK is coming.

      What will the UKs Populous do when their bread runs out (or is too expensive) and the Circus doesn’t take their mind off the fact they were shafted by The Tories Parties infighting which resulted in Brexit, which Labour didn’t fight hard enough and which resulted in where they find themselves?

      At least you can Stand to Attention, Sing GSTQ, channel that “Blitz Spirit” and wrap yourself in the Union Flag to keep warm, eh William.

  5. Jockanese Wind Talker

    “In the event, the SNP won more seats than all the British parties combined. Given the circumstances – a decade in office; a totally unexpected election; and, as ever, facing the full force of the British state’s propaganda machine”

    The SNP also won MORE seats in the 2017 GE than ALL the British parties combined, in an election that ALL the British Parties fought on a “No to a 2nd Indy Ref” ticket.

    Their combined BritNat “NO Ref” was therefore democratically rejected by the Scottish Electorate.

    This is the same Referendum that the “intellectually indolent journalist” Maurice Smith now believes has been ‘shelved’?

    Maurice Smith is obviously another Westminster Bubble Heid.

  6. bringiton

    When unionists post comments on sites like this claiming ‘peak SNP’ and ‘you will have had your referendum’ then you know they are worried.
    The game has completely changed since 2014 and once Scots realise how much it is going to cost them just so that England’s Tories can try to settle internal squabbles,they will act.

  7. Big Jock

    The mistake by the SNP was to let events dictate indy ref 2. Being led by the media and Tory backlash in Scotland!

    It shows weakness because indy ref 2 is a point of principal not a popularity contest with media.

    We now know the shape of Brexit. We don’t need another year. It’s a dogs breakfast. So the SNP should have said we just won the election so let’s have indy ref 2. Backtracking suggests defeat even if the facts are the opposite.

    Base support for independence is 45%. We have Hollyroods consent, but alas the SNP are often afraid of their own shadow. I say that a current lifelong member.

    1. Jockanese Wind Talker

      Aye @Big Jock says:

      “We now know the shape of Brexit. We don’t need another year. It’s a dogs breakfast.”

      But politically and tactically the Scottish Government must wait until the Official UK Brexit Leaving Docs are with the EU 27.

      Then there is no time for a U Turn or a “Vow”.

      The undeniable facts of the post Brexit UKs relationship with the EU will then be there for all to see.

      Think Emperors new clothes 😉

      Then a short sharp Indy Ref 2 campaign and victory.

      1. Jon

        JWT. “Scot. Gov must wait until the official UK Brexit Leaving Dics are with the EU 27” When will that be. Is it at the end of the 2 yrear period for negotiations or during the 2 year transition period Mays going to suggest.

        Will there be time for the referendum during the current Holyrood parliament.

        1. Jockanese Wind Talker

          I’d expect the final detail to be formalised and with the EU by Autumn 2018 to allow for the 6 Month period of review etc. by EU Members prior to the formal withdrawal date of 1st April 2019.

          So a quick Indy Campaign and Ref before that date.

          This would allow for vote to be made prior to the official Brexit date and retain/maintain Scotlands EU continuing status.

      2. Hugh Wallace

        I think you are quite right about the timing of the next indyref but I really do wish the SNP would continually talk up the idea of independence rather than be coy about it. The unionists may go on about NS doing her day job but, as an SNP supporting voter (& member) I consider at least half of her day job to be striving to achieve independence. It could be argued that being too good in government might reduce the urge for independence amongst the population who can, quite rightly, feel that things aren’t too bad at the moment so why change anything. Those of us with a bit more foresight & who are watching political events unfold can easily be dismissed as prophets of doom.

        But then, I don’t know if my sense of urgency about this is simply because this is the calm before the storm & the SNP are genuinely on track & playing a subtle game or whether I have genuine cause for concern that they don’t have their eyes on the ball. I guess future hindsight is the only way we’ll know…

  8. Sandra

    Maurice Smith said the SNP lost ’21 of their 45 seats’. Surely they had 56 seats?

    You’re right, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

  9. Robert Graham

    Looks like the British Nationlists , not content with 99.99 % of all the media backing them, have turned their attention to all Indy supporting sites and are trying to disrupt any meaningful discussions, sometimes The Nationals comments section mirrors The Scotsmans bile filled letters page .

    This lot must be really concerned despite all their efforts Independence support has not been eradicated, hasn’t went away, it doesn’t matter what they do it hasn’t worked, oh shucks, didums , how sad, in a panic now boys ?

    All the Ammunition has been used, all the scare tactics employed, result NIL , please don’t interrupt them while they continue to make an arse of it, it’s fun watching the contortions and the knots they are tying themselves up in .

    Independence supporters will never give up – Live With It .

  10. bringiton

    Theresa May’s continuing suicide note.
    ‘This time we really mean it,we are serious,dont try to stop us,we will jump off the cliff but not for another 4 years (if you agree)’
    Arrogant delusion,the EU will tell her that she has already wasted more than a year and that in any case,they are bound by law to put an end to it all by April 2019.
    Go find someone else’s cliff to jump off.

  11. Big Jock

    My problem with the wait and see what kind of Brexit it is attitude. Is that it requires the SNP to sit and wait rather than press on with what is absolutely necessary. Lead the people and they may follow. Be led by your enemies and no one wants to follow you.

    The SNP are currently being led by events and by the media. They are not leading the people anymore. Salmond always led the people he had that knack. I worry about who is running our movement.

  12. Vestas

    Maurice Smith/Christopher Silver (same media company) regularly occupy “Newsnet Scotland” podcasts. Not surprising since Maurice Smith’s company owns it.

    A more clueless pair of SLAB fuckwits you’d be hard pressed to find. Yes I hear them say they are pro-indy but that’s a load of bollox. They’re SLAB diehards.

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